After Prayers… Iranian Protesters Attack British Embassy!

It must have been a hell of a sermon!

Iranian Fars News is reporting this from Tehran:

Following increased tensions between Tehran and London over the detention of 15 British marines who entered Iranian waters illegally and likely gatherings by protestors in front of the embassy compound, the police increased security measures and arrangements around the embassy here in Tehran on Friday.

According to FNA dispatches, different units of the Iranian law enforcement police have stationed in the northern and eastern sides of the British embassy while several police squads are guarding walls of the embassy building.

Thousands of protestors staged a rally following Tehran’s Friday Prayers at Tehran University Campus to cry out their protest against the trespassing of Iranian waters by the British troops. Protestors called for the trial of the trespassers.

Actually, here is a bit of the sermon given in Tehran before the attacks:

Addressing a large crowd of woshippers at his sermon, he (Friday Prayers Leader Hojatoleslam Seyed Ahmad Khatami) said that the issue is quite clear, given that two British vessels trespassing Iran’s borders and territorial waters were stopped by Iranian marine guards and the servicemen aboard were arrested.

“Based on firm documents, the British sailors have already violated Iran’s borders several times and in some cases they have apologized and vowed not to repeat such measures.

“Based on the information obtained from the British Global Positioning System (GPS), the arrested British servicemen themselves admitted to trespassing Iran’s territorial waters,” he added.

He certainly sounds like a man filled with the spirit!


Kamangir also describes the scene at the soccer match today where the crowd shouted “Death to the UK” before the big game.

These “after prayer” actions do seem a bit odd on the day that the UNHRC passes a resolution not “to identify Islam with terrorism, violence and human rights violations.”

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