Reports From Inside the Regime: Fake Video & Uprising in Iran!

Aryamehr originally reported the news on Thursday that there was an uprising in Central Iran against the regime.
now, Anti-Mullah reports this:

Just this morning I had a phone conversation with some people inside the city of Esfahan itself. Obviously they couldn’t say very much since phone calls to/from the outside world are monitored by the regime.

The only thing they could tell me was that clashes have also taken place within the city itself, including gun fire. They also said: “Please pray for us!”

Here is the latest news on the uprising in Iran including news that the regime is using dated video footage in its reports to describe the violence in Esfahan (Isfahan) Province from late last week!

Esfahan Province:
Anti-Mullah is getting word from inside the regime after talking to a source in Esfahan Province:


Islamic Regime agents and supporters claim this is all “drug smugglers” battling each other and the Regime! Not an uprising of any kind at all. Absolutely not!

The Regime has now distributed archive scenes of previously shown footage of a drug cache seized (months ago) to Iranian media and insists the clash was simply a matter that happened after FOUR people in one vehicle were stopped by authorities on a road in the area and fled.

They were then pursued into the snowy mountains of the Bakhtiari region where they ended up being killed after killing some 14 Regime Soldiers. Just a bunch of four smugglers.

The Regime story then ends up that the populace across the region (where all this – actually the tribal revolt – happened) have gone into a THREE DAY mourning period(?)

Sad about FOUR drug smugglers they did not even know but who happened to flee into their territory? Also, the stock video footage shows hot weather not the snow and cold of Iran’s mountaneous Bakhtiari region right now.

This article also from Anti-Mullah is just shocking:

Armed revolt by Bakhtiari, Lor and Ghashghai tribes against the Islamic Regime has reportedly flared up.

Yesterday, freedom seeking tribal fighters in the Isfahan and surrounding provinces and region began fighting local Islamic Regime forces and freeing their villages and townships from the Islamic Regime’s control.

The Semirom area, which is on the Ghashghai tribal migrations route, apparently saw heavy fighting and more clashes occurred in between Isfahan Province and Yassooj further south, which is the center of the Boyer-Ahmadi tribal territory.

Local fighters from the various tribes, confronted Islamic Regime paramilitary forces – the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and the Bassij (suppression forces consisting today mostly of Arab mercenaries though originally using naïve, susceptible provincials to swell their ranks).

Heavy ground battles between the tribal fighters and Islamic Regime forces reportedly resulted in heavy casualties left behind by the government troops. Specially at a point around Yassooj and in the Province of Fars which was labeled the Red Line which was not to crossed by the Regime forces.

In hand to hand combat, the local combatants managed to put to flight the government forces who were armed to the teeth, but had to retreat. Thousands of tribesmen took part and managed to free several villages and townships of the Isfahan Province and surrounding areas from the Islamic Regime’s control.

There is more at Anti-Mullah and Aryamehr has more on these clashes from last week.

There is also a report from the weekend that several members of the Iranian military were killed in Zahedan in eastern Iran.
ADN Kronos reported:

Jondallah, the main armed separatist group of Iranian Baluchistan, has claimed responsibility Friday for an attack the previous night in Zahedan, the capital of Iranian Baluchistan, which killed four security officials . “The commando of martyr Ahmad Dehmordeh wanted to remind the regime of the Islamic Republic, which is now celebration its birth (the 28th anniversary of the 1979 revolution) that it is not supported by the people of Baluchistan and it must not feel safe there,” the group said in a statement delivered to Adnkronos International (AKI).

Celebrations for the 28th anniversary of the Iranian revolution began on Thursday and will end on 11 February.

Since the Jondallah militant group led by Abdol Malek Righi was set up two years ago, at least 34 people have died in attacks carried out by its members against officials of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the Pasdaran, and Iranian police.

This is not the first time the regime has faced violence in this region…
Earlier this year, after two bombs exploded at elections in December, authorities arrested a number of suspects in the southeastern city of Zahedan.

There were rumors last year that Iran had killed the leader of the Jondallah (Jund Allah) Abdel Malek Righi.

Reports: Armed Clashes Against Iranian Regime in Isfahan Province!
Group Takes Credit for Attacks Against Iranian Regime

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