Pakistan Keeping an Eye on Corpseless Funerals

The Daily Times reports that authorities are keeping their eye on corpseless funerals due to the recent surge in suicide attacks:

PESHAWAR: The recent surge in suicide attacks has put security agencies’ focus on funeral prayers, especially the ones offered in the absence of dead bodies – ghaibana namaz-e-janaza – in their efforts to identify the bombers that have carried out attacks and to determine which group they were attached to, sources told Daily Times.

The sources said that funeral prayers in the absence of dead bodies were suspected of being offered for suicide bombers, and one such gathering in Mulazai village on the outskirts of Peshawar on Wednesday was under security agencies’ scrutiny.

With suicide bombers leaving little evidence behind, such gatherings are seen as one of the few ways for investigators to reach the perpetrators of the crime.

“We are investigating whether the funeral prayers in Mulazai village were offered for the bomber who blew himself up in Islamabad on January 26,” said the sources.

Undercover agents from all security services were among hundreds present at Wednesday’s funeral prayers for Muhammad Amin (29) – a resident of Mulazai village who was associated with Al-Rashid Trust – in the absence of his body.

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