More on Democratic Copperheads & Republican White Flag Wavers

FOX News: Deaths are down 80% in Baghdad according to some sources.
(Geraldo Rivera in Iraq is kicking ass!)
Democrats lost their senate vote today to condemn the War in Iraq 56-34

A Jacksonian finds the solution to the worn out equipment problem that the dems keep talking about.

“The most disgraceful Congressional action since the Democratic party united to defend slavery.”
Ralph Peters at the New York Post via Lucianne:


PROVIDING aid and comfort to the enemy in wartime is treason. It’s not “just politics.” It’s treason.

And signaling our enemies that Congress wants them to win isn’t “supporting our troops.”

The “nonbinding resolution” telling the world that we intend to surrender to terrorism and abandon Iraq may be the most disgraceful congressional action since the Democratic Party united to defend slavery.

Bruce Kesler offers this story about his week:

Today I visited the used book store I’ve patronized for years in my beach town that is full of aging hippies. Aside from pleasantries, I’ve never had a serious discussion with the middle-aged proprietress. I’d presumed from appearances and other liberal comments she’d made that she was one of those aging hippies. Today she started a discussion, while I was looking at a WWII history book.

“I heard you were in Vietnam. What do you think is similar now?” I replied that both presidents Johnson and Bush failed to follow tried and true military advice to apply overwhelming forces and deny the enemy sanctuaries, leading to enfeebled results, but other presidents made grave errors in our other wars.

What was different in Vietnam and today is that those opposed to American values exploited public wariness and weariness so they could grasp political power for its privileges and for their own domestic Leftist agendas, and they placed that objective above national security.

She teared up, saying she would find it difficult to again have confidence in Republicans, since she read that some are going along with such undermining.

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