Lost in Translation… The Threats of the Mullahs

The mullahs are threatening to destroy Israel, burn the White House and kidnap Americans.

But, for some reason their fiery rhetoric is lost in the translation from Farsi to English(?)

Here are a few of the latest threats coming from the mullacracy in the last couple of days…
Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Mohammad Hassan Akhtari

From the Iranian News website- English version:


Syrian Foreign Minister Valid al-Mualem and Iranian Ambassador to Damascus Mohammad Hassan Akhtari conferred here Sunday on the latest regional developments. At the meeting, the current crisis in Lebanon was also on the agenda.

And, now from Iranian News – Farsi version, translated by Iranian blogger Winston at The Spirit of Man:

Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, the Iranian ambassador to Syria said, we hope that Palestinians win over the Israelis in the near future so that all Palestinian refugees can go back to their own country. He also added that he personally hopes that next year Palestinians present in the meeting can invite their Iranian counterparts to a freed Palestinian land for the 29th anniversary of the Islamic revolution. Iranian envoy to Syria Hassan Akhtari quoted as saying that the destruction of Israel is a possibility and it will happen in the near future and all evidences point to that direction.

More at ADN Kronos.

Defence and Armed Forces Logistics Minister General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar

From Iranian News– English version:

Defence and Armed Forces Logistics Minister General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said, “Iran’s armed forces are strongly controlling everything in the region and would not allow any aggression by enemies with full readiness.”

And, Iranian Aftab News– Farsi version translated by Iranian blogger Kamangir:

If Washington starts the fire of war, flames of this fire will burn the White House more than anyone else.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Husseini

A report from the Iranian Students News Agency– English version:

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman gave news that the Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Baghdad’s second secretary was kidnapped by a group of armed men. “The Islamic Republic of Iraq strongly condemns such actions which are completely against international regulations, laws and the Vienna convention and urges the Iraqi government to release the kidnapped diplomat and punish those who are responsible,” Mohammad Ali Husseini emphasized. “The U.S. through such actions is clearly threading on all international regulations, which this will have a negative impact on international diplomatic relationships,” he added.

And, here’s the report from Alef Iran– Farsi version, translated again by Kamangir:

America must release the Iranian diplomats [the recently kidnapped diplomat plus those kidnapped in Arbil] and follow the international regulations. Otherwise, kidnapping diplomats may become a common trend and thus American diplomats in Baghdad may be kidnapped.

This is not the first time that the mullahs have threatened to abduct Americans. Last week Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, the Pasdaran, also threatened to abduct US troops if Washington does not release five Iranian officials kidnapped in the northern Iraqi town of Erbil

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