Blogger Call With Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

“If you solve the Iranian problem, you will solve the Palestinian problem.”

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
February 8, 2007

One Jerusalem scheduled a call today with Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He discussed the ongoing efforts to stop Iran (that he is currently involved with) as well as the recent Hamas/Palestinian uprising in Jerusalem.

Other bloggers on the call included: The American Thinker, Boker Tov Boulder, Jewish Current Issues, Wizbang, Israpundit, The Muqata, Liberally Conservative, Mere Rhetoric, Iris Blog, Treppenwitz, and Atlas Shrugs.

** The audio to the call is now posted at One Jerusalem.
Iran could be the first country with a mad vision of a new Islamic World.


Atlas was able to transcribe a good chunk of his incredible talk and I am posting a piece of it here:

Netanyahu: “Iran could be the first non-deterable nuclear power. Fueled and motivated by a hate filled ideology, a satanic apocalyptic cult that is willing to sacrifice millions of its own people for the bad, twisted vision of a reconstituted Islamic empire under Iranian rule.”

For this purpose they want to get nuclear weapons that will help them complete what they are already doing which is seeking to topple Lebanon and turn it into a shite republic. They’ve already taken control of the Palestinian regime with their Hamas proxies. They are seeking to throw out the United States out of Iraq and make it part of the Shite crescent.

But if they get nuclear weapons they would get control of the oil supplies and the Arabian Peninsula and topple many other regimes and then be armed in such a way that they could foster terror on an unimaginable scale.

But equally what they seek to do as they openly say is to destroy my country while denying one holocaust as they are preparing another….If they start with Israel they’ll only start with Israel. Because Just like the [unintelligible] apocalyptic creed, it’s starts with Jew hatred then it spreads like wildfire to the rest of humanity. Stopping Iran is in the interest of civilization.

Atlas has more.
Also, from my notes:

* If Iran gets nuclear weapons they will take control of all of the oil in the region. If they start with Israel that will just be the start.

How do you stop them?

* The UN is acting on sanctions against Iran.
* Iran is very vulnerable. I propose that the free world make it even more vulnerable. The most effective pressure is to get Western countries to divest from Iran. The Missouri legislature has done this already. (Actually, Missouri’s pension system, meanwhile, has moved to divest on its own, without waiting for legislators to change the law.) Obviously, if we could get all of the states retirement funds to divest from Iran it would be very effective.
Divest against genocide.
There is no better moral purpose.

Jerusalem under attack?

The Hamas leader recently returned from Iran and claimed Iran was their religious backbone. The recent protests on the Temple Mount are actually an old technique. This is meant to stir up religious fervor. It is old -a couple of centuries old.

The former prime minister then took several questions:

* Regime change? Everyone would like to see a more sober leadership in Iran. You need to talk to the people. The government is trying to wash their brains. The government is killing the opposition. But, the people have to know that the economic disaster they are suffering from is because of their leadership. They have to know that there is an alternative.

What about your past policies of giving in to the Palestinians?

* If there is a choice between giving up 2% or 100%, I will give 2%.
* There is a huge wedge between Iran and Arab World. We got a picture of that at the beginning of the Israeli-Lebanon War last yer. Through their silence, the Arab countries were almost rooting for Israel out of fear for their own regime’s survival.

This was an exceptional call. If you have some time, please listen to the audio.

And… Don’t miss the video of Dore Gold discussing the “Fight for Jerusalem”.

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