A Big Bold Day for "Death to Israel" Fanatics

It was a big day for “Death to Israel” fanatics in the Iranian regime.

Their calls came with an assurance that the end is near for the Zionist regime.

Parliamentarian Eshrat Shayeq says that only a part of the Muslim power, wealth and population is needed to bring the demise of the Israel.

Eshrat Shayeq
She also called on the Muslim world to pay attention to the growing hazards of the racist Zionists.
Iranian Fars News reported:


TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- This is the United States’ support which has given the Zionist regime of Israel the courage to destroy the wall of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, an Iranian MP said here on Tuesday.

Speaking to FNA, member of the majority fraction at the Islamic Consultative Assembly Eshrat Shayeq reminded Israel’s disbelief in human values, and called on the Muslim world, specially political leaders, to pay due attention to the growing hazards of the racist regime in Tel Aviv and extend more support to the Palestinian people.

“Using the Muslim world’s power, wealth and population is the only way to confront the threats and measures of the occupiers of the holy Qods,” she said, adding that even if a part of these potentials is taken into use, Israel’s demise would, then, be imminent.

The lawmaker further criticized the silence and indifference of the international bodies and western countries towards the provocative measures taken by the Zionists

The legislative official said Muslims will never allow Zionists to impose their aspirations on Islamic nations because Muslims have realized that Israeli occupiers are not at all able to stand a long-term confrontation.

Earlier in the day the Iranian Ambassador to Syria, Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, bragged that all evidence points to the destruction of Israel in the very near future.

Mohammad Hassan Akhtari
For some reason this was lost in the translation from Farsi to English.
Winston translated the hate piece from the Iranian news service.
All in all, a big day for the Zionist-haters.

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