Turkey & Iran Mobilizing Troops at Iraqi Border

It was just rumors a couple of days ago…
But, today ADN Kronos is reporting that Iranian troops are mobilizing at the Iraqi border:

Iran is ammassing troops along its border with Iraq’s Kurdistan region near the Bashamagh crossing, Kurdish sources have told Adnkronos International (AKI). The fresh deployment consists mainly of special forces from the Basij unit of Iran’s hardline revolutionary guards, said the sources who asked not to be identified.

Iran has repeatedly alleged that Iranian Kurdish separatists operate from bases in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region to launch attacks in Iran.

Iran has also stepped up security controls at Bashamagh, the crossing used daily by traders and other travellers.

But that’s not all, Kurdish Media is reporting that Turkey is massing troops on the Western border of Iraq:

The Turkish army have gathered and intensified its forces on the Kurdistan’s boarder ready for attack, reported local sources on Tuesday.

While Turkey is holding a conference on Kirkuk without the participation of the Kurdistan Regional Government or any Kurdish political party, Turkey has intensified its forces on the Kurdistan’s border. Some Turkmens, Arabs and a high number of Turkish MP’s have participated in the conference. It was revealed by local sources that only Turkish flag displayed in the conference.

Radio Nawa stated that the Turkish army ready for zero o’clock to attack Kurdistan.

The speaker of Kurdistan Parliament, Adnan Mufti, condemned the meeting and dismissed it as the interferences on Kurdistan’s affairs.

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