Protesters Meet Pelosi at Mass for Katrina Child Victims

The Gulf Times(?) reported Thursday that Speaker Pelosi was greeted at a “Catholic Mass of Remembrance” for child victims of Katrina and Darfur by several abortion protesters.

ANTI-ABORTION PROTEST: Pro-life activists demonstrate outside Trinity University in Washington, DC, yesterday. The group was protesting incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) attendance at a Catholic mass for the children of Darfur and Katrina, and asking her to end the violence against women and children caused by abortion. (Gulf Times)

Speaker Pelosi, who has a very long history of supporting any and all abortion legislation including partial-birth abortion, attended the Catholic mass with her two grandchildren amid controversy.

Congressman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Center, departs Notre Dame Chapel after participating in a Mass of Remembrance of the Children of Darfur and Katrina at the chapel at Trinity University in Washington, January 3, 2007. Pelosi is accompanied by her grandsons, Alexander Prowda (L-Front) and Ryan Kenneally (R-Front) as well as Patricia McGuire, President of Trinity (Washington) University (C-Rear) and Rabbi David Saperstein (R), Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and her husband, Paul Pelosi (R-Rear). (REUTERS)

It should also be pointed out…

Although, the genocide in Darfur is real and tragic…
There were only two children under 10 lost during Katrina. There were 20 times as many 90 year-olds who passed away during Katrina than children.
It is interesting how the Left groups Darfur and Katrina together.

New Orleans and Iraq would be a better comparison, although the death rate in New Orleans is higher.

** Out of the blocks… Speaker Pelosi and democrats are pushing for more federal funding for abortion and cloning in their first 100 hours of majority rule.

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