As Bush Explains New Direction, US Troops Raid Iranian Consulate

Payback!… US Raids Iranian Consulate in Erbil!
5 Iranians detained! Computers seized!

As President George W. Bush was laying out the new direction in Iraq, US troops were laying out a few employees at the Iranian Consulate in Erbil…
So much for negotiations!

The Iranian News Service is outraged at attack on their consulate and Iran is demanding the release of their employees:


Based on reliable sources, the American forces disarmed the guard of Iran’s representative office around 5:00 am and then broke the door and entered into the building.

Upon entering the office, they arrested five employees, smashed the furniture and took away the detainees along with some computers and administrative documents to an unidentified destination without making any explanation.

In objection to such an illegal measure by the American troops, Iran’s embassy in Baghdad dispatched a note of protest to Iraq’s Foreign Ministry.

In its note, the Iranian embassy called on the Iraqi government for the immediate release of the detained staff of the country’s representative office in Arbil.

The Fars News Service added:

…The US is trying to cover its wrong policies in Iraq through projecting its problems and accusing other countries of practicing interventionist policies and measures in Iraq.

Stressing that the immediate withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq constitutes the only way for the US to get rid of its frequent problems.

The Guardian is reporting that 6 employees were detained.

STACLU has a roundup of reaction to the raid.

Could this be described as “The correct degree of aggression?”

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