Ahmadinejad, You've Got Mail

Ahmadinejad heard back from his people this week… One million of them!

President Ahamdinejad wants to wipe out Israel but can’t wipe out massive unemployment.
Iran Focus reports:

Amman, Jordan, Jan. 10 – Some one million Iranians living in Khuzestan, south-west Iran, wrote letters of complaint to hard-line Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his visit to the poverty-stricken province, a Kuwaiti daily reported on Tuesday.

The daily al-Qabas quoted media sources as saying that the presidential office had so far opened 300,000 of the letters.

Most of the letters focused on the issue of unemployment, the report said.


Ahwaz, the Arab-dominated provincial capital of oil-rich Khuzestan Province, has been the scene of unremitting anti-government protests since early 2005.

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