US Soldiers Serving in Iraq Blast John F. Kerry (Video)

Sean Hannity traveled to Iraq over the weekend with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. This was Rumsfeld’s last trip to Iraq to thank the troops for their service and sacrifice. While at a stop in Mosul, Sean Hannity held a candid interview with the US troops serving there.

The US troops explain why they are there serving in Iraq for their country.

This video HERE played on Hannity and Colmes on Monday December 11, 2006:

US Soldier in Iraq: Also, Sean make sure that the American public know that these soldiers have not been duped. We knew exactly what we got ourselves into when we got into the military. We have a much more intellectual, smarter force today. These are soldiers that think on their feet. They have much more responsibility than the average American.

Sean Hannity: Do you say that because of somebody like John Kerry’s comments? You’ve heard those comments.

US Soldier: Absolutely, yeah. That’s why you saw that depiction from those soldiers from that guard unit… For these soldiers, that’s an insult. That’s an absolute insult to sit there and say to these young men and women and their leaders and commanders… That’s totally an insult. (They are) very, very educated. Some of the most highly educated…

Sean Hannity: So you know the danger. You know that America is at war.

US Soldier: Sure.

Sean Hannity: And, we had the worst attack in history. And, many of you signed up for this duty. So then the question is why?

US Soldier: I’m going to say this right now. This is an old adage but… We love our country.

It’s that simple. WE LOVE our country.

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