Now It's Official: Dems Knew About Foley- Waited Until Election

Now it is official…
Foleygate was planned.

The Blotter reports:

The House Ethics Committee Report includes new information that top Democrats were also aware in 2005 of Mark Foley’s inappropriate e-mails to congressional pages at about the same time as outgoing Speaker Dennis Hastert’s office was informed.

While the report is critical of Hastert and his staff for not taking sufficient action, nowhere is there any evidence that the Democrats followed up.

Of course, many of us knew this already.
We also figured the media would not report this until after the midterm election.
We were right.


The media continues the spin.

AllahPundit has more.

A reader sends the link to the PDF of the Foley report and adds this:

Read the whole thing and the attachments.

Confirms Foley email were shared by Ms. Savoy and ended up in Democratic Operative hands.

Confirms exactly who leaked the emails to the papers ‘Matt Miller’ who was Communications Director of the Democratic Caucus.

The attached exibits has the full (but redacted) exchange of emails between the page and Foley (both sides of the conversation)

Also has the email exchanges between the page and Savoy.

Trails the email spread to the DCCC which of course we know is also the contact point for Blogactive in the whole mess.

Very little mention of the IM’s and no identity of who dumped them to Ross, but says that over a dozen former pages knew of the IM’s

Gives the impression they were dumped by a third party holder not the original party , even states the reason they never did anything with them is they left up that choice to the original IM participant……unleast untill it became useful cannonfodder.

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