Those Tax and Spend Democrats Sure Duped America

A Second Hand Conjecture, a libertarian, takes a look at what we can look forward to in the next two years as far as taxes and government spending:

Maybe we should start by quantifying how large is the difference between the two major parties on spending, regulation and taxes…

When looking at that (National Taxpayers Unions examination of 2005) for our Senate as a whole we get an average rating of 44% and a median score of 50%. Pretty damn poor from the perspective of those of us who desire a smaller less intrusive government. So why so low?

Was Senator Schumer a positive, or at least not a big negative? In fact his score was 13%! Let that sink in, whenever it came down to spend more, regulate more or tax more the vote was to increase all three over the available alternative at a rate that amounted to 87%. His votes would have the opposite effect with the weighted result being only 13%. Okay, but Schumer is a liberal Democrat from New York. What about the party as a whole? Well, the average Democrat came in at 12% and the median rating was 10%. The Republicans? 69% and 70% respectively. What about the House? Democrats 17% and 16% and Republicans 60% and 59%.

I think that lets us know how much worse the Democrats can be and the answer is much much worse.

More on the sin of profligracy.

Buyer’s remorse is already setting in for at least a few libertarians.

This news yesterday about “tax breaks on the chopping blocks” will not help alleviate any fears about democrats raising taxes.

It’s too bad libertarians helped push the votes over for democratic candidates in Missouri and Montana.

Business related… Meanwhile, Target and WalMart rediscover “Christmas”.

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