Iranian Sleeper Cells Active in Kuwait

Hat Tip to Serendip!

Middle East News is reporting that Kuwait is finding Iranian-trained sleeper cells in the sheikdom:

ABU DHABI [MENL] — Kuwait has determined that Iran has been financing sleeper cells in the sheikdom.

Officials said Iranian agents have established sleeper cells within Kuwait’s huge Shi’ite community, estimated to comprise nearly half of the sheikdom’s population. They said the agents have been quietly providing financing and instructions to Kuwaiti Shi’ites, some of whom were brought to Iran for indoctrination.

“It’s not a new phenomenon,” a Western diplomatic source said. “Kuwait has been increasingly concerned by Iranian infiltration of the Shi’ite community.”

The Kuwaiti daily Al Watan reported that security forces have increased monitoring of what the newspaper termed “non-Al Qaida sleeping cells.” The newspaper said Kuwait has received assistance from the United States and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

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