Foleygate! Altered Images! What's Going On Here?

Same email…

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Or, not?

What’s going on here?

Wild Bill explains the differences between these altered images.
Just Barking Mad came to the same conclusion.
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this story is looking very strange right about now.

RedState reports that these news organizations knew about the Foley emails in 2005:

We have ascertained that the list of media organizations that knew of this information as early as November of 2005 include:

Washington Post
Roll Call
ABC News
St. Petersburg Times
Palm Beach Post

It’s starting to look like the only ones who didn’t know about the extent of the scandal were Republicans. Is this just democrat desperation?

Does anyone else smell something fishy?
How did ABC get all of that followup information before the story broke? How long were they holding on to this information? How many democrats knew about this but, rather than protecting the Congressional pages from a suspected predator by reporting the information, sat on it until election time? What was the collaboration between the democrats and the media, this time?

We also know that there are different Congressional pages involved here. One is the page who worked in Representative Alexander’s office. Another page exchanged instant messages in 2003 with Foley and these messages are just now being reported.

Flopping Aces has much more.

Ray Robison compares and contrasts coverage of democrat vs. republican scandal.

American Thinker asks the questions.
Pajamas has a roundup of reaction.

The Foley Fallout
Foley Fallout: What We Know Now

Update 1: The Blotter put up their latest Foley messages. It sounds like Foley was in a relationship with this page:

The FBI says it has opened a “preliminary investigation” of Foley’s e-mails. Federal law enforcement officials say attempts by Foley to meet in person could constitute the necessary evidence for a federal charge of “soliciting for sex” with a minor on the Internet.

In another message, Foley, using the screen name Maf54, appears to describe having been together with the teen in San Diego.

Maf54: I miss you lots since san diego.
Teen: ya I cant wait til dc
Maf54: :)
Teen: did you pick a night for dinner
Maf54: not yet… but likely Friday
Teen: ok… ill plan for Friday then
Maf54: that will be fun

So, is the Blotter saying that meeting for dinner is “soliciting sex”? Surely, that is not the case.

Update: Foleygate: What Stunk Like a Rat, Was a Democ-Rat!

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