Harvard Students Will Protest Khatami for Release of Ahmed Batebi

A Bi-partison Group of Harvard Students will hold a Protest Rally Tonight to stand up for their Iranian counterparts who have been arrested and tortured on Mr. Khatami’s orders!

Ahmad Batebi is no Che Guevara!

Ahmad (Ahmed) Batebi, Iran’s most noted political student activist, was re-arrested in Tehran in late July.

His family was told that he will be held at Evin Prison for 9 more years.


He has been on a hunger strike and is in poor health since his re-arrest.

From IranFreedomConcert.com:

Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami is coming to Harvard on Sunday, September 10, to lecture on “The Ethics of Tolerance in the Age of Violence.”

Yet President Khatami himself presided over a brutal crackdown against Iranian students, with security forces murdering dozens of students, maiming hundreds, and imprisoning hundreds more. Under Khatami’s rule newspapers were shut down, dissidents were silenced, and students like you were imprisoned for exercising their basic right to protest.

We will exercise our rights to do what our counterparts in Iran have
been imprisoned for: Real dialogue means holding Khatami accountable for the horrendous treatment of students that occurred under his rule. We will stand up for Civil Rights in Iran by demanding the release from imprisoned student activist Ahmed Batebi and all prisoners of conscience in Iran.

Please help spread the word!

Stand in solidarity with fellow students in Iran and hold Khatami accountable for his human rights abuses:

WHO: Leading Iranain activists Ala Khaki and Lily Mazahery, representatives from the Harvard College Democrats and Republicans, and members of the Iran Freedom Concert Coalition.

WHAT: Non-violent student rally outside of the hall where Khatami is speaking.

WHERE: John F. Kennedy Park (next to the Kennedy School of
Government, 79 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, MA, 02138)

WHEN: This Sunday, September 10, at 3:00 p.m

WHY: Students in America, and around the world, have an obligation to stand up for their Iranian counterparts who have been arrested and tortured on Mr. Khatami’s orders.

BRING: Signs (both English and Farsi encouraged). Examples include:

“Promote ‘dialogue’ at home before you lecture us at Harvard”
“Release Ahmed Batebi”
“Civil Rights for All in Iran!”
Bring friends, too!

-Iran Freedom Concert-
Right on, Charles Johnson!

On Friday, Khatami got served over charges that he is responsible for the kidnapping and torture of missing family members of Jewish Americans who were living in Iraq during his presidency.

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Update: Robert Mayer has pictures from the protest!

Miss Kelly also has more pictures.

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