What a Difference 4 Years Makes for Bill Clinton

Betsy and The Anchoress remind us of what Bill Clinton promised Israel in 2002:

Former US President Bill Clinton, July 31, 2002:

“The Israelis know that if the Iraqi or the Iranian army came across the Jordan River, I would personally grab a rifle, get in a ditch, and fight and die.

But, this week, after Iranian C801’s blasted an Israeli naval ship and Syrian made missiles killed 9 in Haifa, President Clinton left his tough talk back in Harlem:

Former US President Bill Clinton, July 16, 2006:

Former President Bill Clinton has joined the critics of Israel by saying Israel has overreacted to the abductions of soldiers and terrorist attacks by mounting a “disproportionate” military operation against Hezbollah and Hamas.

Clinton, who attempted to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians but failed, called for the world community to pressure the Lebanese, Syrians and Israel to cease fire and allow intermediaries from the United Nations to discuss these nations’ differences.

During the time he was working to broker a peace deal, in 1996 President Clinton assigned the Central Intelligence Agency to train Palestinian security forces, but many graduates used their newfound skills to attack Israel, according to Mike Rubin of the Heritage Institute.

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