"Waiting to Get Blown Up" in Iraq Would Be a Long Wait

In an utterly tasteless and deliberately misleading report on Iraq today, the Washington Post offers you –

Waiting to Get Blown Up

Here is a sample:


Frustrated? “You have no idea,” he said.

As President Bush plans to deploy more troops in Baghdad, U.S. soldiers who have been patrolling the capital for months describe a deadly and infuriating mission in which the enemy is elusive and success hard to find. Each day, convoys of Humvees and Bradley Fighting Vehicles leave Forward Operating Base Falcon in southern Baghdad with the goal of stopping violence between warring Iraqi religious sects, training the Iraqi army and police to take over the duty, and reporting back on the availability of basic services for Iraqi civilians.

But some soldiers in the 2nd Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, 1st Armored Division — interviewed over four days on base and on patrols — say they have grown increasingly disillusioned about their ability to quell the violence and their reason for fighting. The battalion of more than 750 people arrived in Baghdad from Kuwait in March, and since then, six soldiers have been killed and 21 wounded.

It sucks. Honestly, it just feels like we’re driving around waiting to get blown up. That’s the most honest answer I could give you,” said Spec. Tim Ivey, 28, of San Antonio, a muscular former backup fullback for Baylor University. “You lose a couple friends and it gets hard.” It’s too bad that soldier feels that way. His sacrifice is appreciated. But, his fears are mostly unfounded.

As All Things Conservative reported today- In July, so far 36 American soldiers have paid the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and for our country. But, to put this in perspective…

You have about a .002% chance of getting blown up if you are a soldier serving in Itaq today.

Someone needs to inform Spec. Tim Ivey and especially the Washington Post that they are completely off with their bogus reports.

Iraqi Soldiers are now taking more responsibility for their country and paying more of a price.

And, Iraqi Freedom may be the best fought war in American history.

Comparing fatality figures for American Wars relative to the size of the US population you see that the Iraq War is like no other!

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