Storms Whack St. Louis- 467,000 Without Electricity

The mother of all midwest storms blasted St. Louis on Wednesday night.

This storm photo posted by a viewer at KMOV TV is awesome but the winds last night that whacked St. Louis were devastating. Half a million without electricity and HOT!

More than half a million in the area lose power in the worst storm in Ameren Union Electric’s history:

Ameren companies have restored more than 160,000 customers of more than 500,000 customers affected by the devastating July 19 storm. The storm hit around 7 p.m. last night, with about 400,000 customers remaining without service as of 4 p.m., today (Thursday, July 20).

More than 1,800 contractors and employees are working to restore power. These workers are not only from across Missouri and Illinois, but also from Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee to help restore power.

With temperatures nearing 100 degrees and humidity at 56%it is miserable!

Here is a cellphone video from the Cardinal’s game last night. It was just crazy! But, even more crazy is that after the rain delay they resumed play!

Governor Matt Blunt (Rep.) sent in the national guard to help evacuate the city dwellers from the sweltering heat.

(Personally, my home had no damage although my tupperware shed, the “wasp magnet”, lost its roof. However, my neighbors tree was downed. And, it is so hot!… It gives me much more respect for these men and women. I am ‘borrowing’ electricity right now. Hopefully mine will be back on soon.)

Update: (Friday AM) 200,000 have power back. 435,000 still without power in St. Louis.

Here is the curent power outage map from AmerenUE:

The yellow and orange areas are still without power.
As you can see the whole area is still suffering a day and a half after the violent storm.

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