Talent Up on McCaskill

This is good news from Rasmussen. McCaskill is just a typical liberal although she tries hard to hide it. It’s going to be hard for her to take this seat from the conservative Jim Talent as Republicans start exposing her for the liberal she is in this Red State senatorial election:

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of Missouri’s competitive race for the U.S. Senate, Republican Senator Jim Talent narrowly leads his Democratic challenger, State Auditor Claire McCaskill, 43% to 40% (see crosstabs).

A week before the current survey, Senator Talent announced his opposition to a ballot measure that would forbid the state government from imposing restrictions on stem cell research that is allowed federally. Talent’s sometimes fluctuating criticism of such research continues to spur controversy. McCaskill supports the ballot measure.

Our previous election poll in Missouri found McCaskill up by one percentage point. Every measure of this race suggests it is close.

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