Christians for Communism Continues Push for America's Defeat

The Anti-American National Council of Churches like the original communist front – The Federal Council of Churches, has always existed as a subversive political anti-American organization rather than the religious body it pretends to be. To this day it continues to push its far left agenda in hopes of immediate limitations on national sovereignty and international control of all armies and navies… pretty Far Left stuff!

This group is still as active as ever and is not shy about its hopes for America’s failure in Iraq. Like the Christian Peacemakers, this group is unable to see the suffering of the Iraqi people before the war and blames America for the terrorist activity there today. The NCC holds anti-war rallies now just like they did during Vietnam. Here is a segment from a NCC rally last month in Washington DC:

One participant, Dr. Rashad Zidan, who is from Iraq and the founder of the Women and Knowledge Society and Souad Al-Jazairy, was overcome with sorrow as McCullough described the pain and suffering of those who have had to grieve the loss of life that has resulted from the war in Iraq.

“A chorus of a thousand families bemoans lives cut short, of birthdays and anniversaries that never again will pass with joyous and festive celebration,” said McCullough. “These are not indistinguishable sounds coming from some ancient tower in Babel. They are the language of our common humanity, and of our capacity to truly love and care for and about the other, regardless of race, creed, or origin.”

Leanne Clausen, a former Christian Peacemaker who was replaced by Tom Fox whose body was found in Baghdad over the weekend, led the participants in a moment of silence in the Quaker tradition to honor his ministry and service. Fox and three other peacemakers were abducted in November.

The Far Left NCC also has yet to confront radical Islamists for their racist beliefs:

Pope John Paul II did much to improve Catholic-Jewish relations during his pontificate, and a senior Vatican cardinal was quick to condemn the Iranian president for his statements. But the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops still has not addressed the anti-Semitism of militant Islam. Neither has the National Council of Churches, which claims to represent 45 million believers in 100,000 congregations nationwide. NCC General Secretary Bob Edgar has denounced the Iranian leader for his “incomprehensible hatred.” Yet his organization works closely with left-wing groups such as, which are reliably anti-Israel. In numerous NCC statements about the “root causes” of Islamic terror–assumed to be economic and political–nowhere does the organization confront the racist illusions of the terrorists.

It is no surprise then that a group with no desire for global boundaries is supporting the illegal aliens in this country. Since its beginning the NCC and Federal Council of Churches has pushed for unlimited immigration. The NCC is currently saying that the pending immigration legislation would bring undue harm to legal immigrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees in this country. This is not so shocking considering its history.

If you would like to sign a petition to disband the National Council of Churches you may do so HERE. Stefania carried this and much more news in her post yesterday.

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