French Print New Cartoon – Muslims Outraged! – Chirac Sweats

Muslim Leaders lose court battle to stifle free speech in France,

The French weekly, Charlie-Hebdo, adds new fuel to “cartoon controversy” willing to go to where most US papers would not dare.

Charlie-Hebdo takes it up a notch…

The French Paper Charlie-Hebdo bears the headline “Mohammed stressed out by the fundamentalists” and a cartoon of the prophet in tears uttering the words “It’s hard to be loved by fools.” (AFP)


The French newspaper, Charlie-Hebdo printed the inflammatory Danish cartoons today after a win from free speech in French court. Ajazeera notes that the French weekly added a cartoon of its own:

The magazine, Charlie-Hebdo, cited freedom of expression as its reason for publishing the cartoons which came out in its Wednesday edition.

Jacques Chirac, the French president, condemned what he called the “overt provocations” which he said would only only enflame the situation.

“Anything that can hurt the convictions of someone else, in particular religious convictions, should be avoided,” a government spokesman quoted Chirac as saying.

French Islamic organisations had applied for an injunction to have the edition banned for inciting racial and religious hatred, but a court rejected the case on a technicality.

Cartoons sell like hotcakes in France!

The satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo, which today printed all 12 of the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed plus a new front-page caricature of its own, raised its print run after selling out at many locations, management sources said. Its normal print run is 100,000 copies, and it plans another 160,000 copies in a second printing. (AFX)

Several of the staff of the French weekly have been placed under police protection:

The front page of the magazine carried a new cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed burying his face in his hands and saying: “It’s hard to be loved by fools.”

Inside pages carried the Danish cartoons and an editorial explaining the decision to reprint them.

“When extremists extract concessions from democracies on points of principle, either by blackmail or terror, democracies do not have long left,” Charlie-Hebdo editor Philippe Val wrote in the editorial.

Sources at Charlie-Hebdo said the weekly’s offices and some staff had been placed under police protection.

Several French and other European newspapers have reprinted the 12 cartoons first published by Jyllands-Posten, sparking protests that have turned violent in some countries.

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