The Abramoff Democrats

DNC Chair Howard Dean, January 8, 2006 “The Democrats are not involved in this.”
DNC Chair Howard Dean, January 29, 2006 “That’s A Big Problem, And Those Democrats Are In Trouble, And They Should Be In Trouble.”

The Democratic Senators continue to fail the “Dean Test” and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is just one of the Democratic Senators who is not living up to the smackdown Howard Dean gave “Wolfie” back on January 8.

“Chairman Dean set a new standard for Abramoff Democrats today and it’s clear that Sen. Reid did not make the cut. Dean specifically stated it was ‘a big problem’ if any Democrats wrote letters on behalf of Abramoff Indian tribes, which is exactly what Harry Reid and other Democrats did. Howard Dean has displayed a stunning level of hypocrisy on this issue, however it now appears that he may be interested in holding his fellow Democrats accountable.”


Brian Jones
RNC Communications Director
January 29, 2006

It’s not a good sign.

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean speaks at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2006. Democratic members of the Ohio House and Senate joined Dean to sign a national petition to Congress to restore honest leadership to government, which coincides with unveiling of Democrats’ lobbying reform package on Capitol Hill as Republicans line up their own legislative remedy. (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

From Democratic Chairman Howard Dean’s interview on FOX News Sunday:

Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “[I]f We Find That There Were Some Democrats Who Wrote Letters On Behalf Of Some Of The Indian Tribes That Abramoff Represented, Then What Do You Say, Sir?” (Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday,” 1/29/06)

DNC Chair Howard Dean: “That’s A Big Problem, And Those Democrats Are In Trouble, And They Should Be In Trouble, And Our Party, If The American People Will Put Us Back In Power In ’06, We Will Have On The President’s Desk Things That Outlaw All Those Kinds Of Behaviors.”

** Umm, Howard… It looks like you’ve got Trouble!

And, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is leading the pack: “Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid Of Nevada Sent A Letter To [Interior Secretary Gale] Norton On March 5, 2002 … The Next Day, The Coushattas [An Indian Tribe Represented By Abramoff] Issued A $5,000 Check To Reid’s Tax-Exempt Political Group, The Searchlight Leadership Fund.”

Along with Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) : “Harkin Wrote At Least Three Letters In 2003 Pressing The Government To Release Federal Money To Help The Sac & Fox Tribe In His State Cope With The Temporary Closing Of Its Casino Due To A Tribal Dispute, According To Interior Department Documents Obtained By The Associated Press And Records Provided By Harkin’s Office.”

The esteemed Senator Mary Landrieu, (D-La) joins them: “Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., Who Was Engaged In A Tight Re-Election Race In 2002, Sent Her Letter March 6, 2002. That Same Day, The Coushattas Sent $2,000 To Her Campaign And She Received $5,000 More By The End Of That Month. By Year’s End, The Total Had Grown To At Least $24,000.”

As does Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI): “[There Were] Half-Dozen Letters Written Or Signed By 14 Lawmakers On Behalf Of The Tribes. One Was Written Jan. 23, 2003 By [Democrat Sen.] … Debbie Stabenow … On The Saginaw’s Behalf.”

And, don’t forget Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI): “[There Were] Half-Dozen Letters Written Or Signed By 14 Lawmakers On Behalf Of The Tribes. One Was Written Jan. 23, 2003 By [Democrat Sen.] Carl Levin … On The Saginaw’s Behalf.”

This is what Howard Dean said three weeks ago to Wolf Blitzer:

I know the Republican National Committee would like to get the Democrats involved in this. They’re scared. They should be scared. They haven’t told the truth. They have misled the American people. And now it appears they’re stealing from Indian tribes. The Democrats are not involved in this.

It now looks like this wasn’t quite the smack down some thought it was.

Democrats Have Been Repeatedly Implicated In The Abramoff Investigation.

There is much more information at the GOP website.

Does this explain the rumors about new Senate Leadership?

Uncorrelated has a review of the Dean exchange with Chris Wallace and it is good! (via Sister Toldjah)

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