But, I thought the "Insurgents" were Sunni?

How completely odd? The “insurgents” blasted a hole in the Sunni offices today!

But, but,… I thought the insurgents were Sunnis upset with the Americans for occupying their land? How am I supposed to “process” this strange piece of new information? Don’t tell me that the “insurgents” are really just “terrorists”! Not after the love affair that you in the media have had in joining with and explaining “their cause”. Please not that! My denial cannot take it!

Maybe “their cause” is not “your cause”, after all?
And, could it be that these terrorists are not insurgents from within, but a bunch of goons from Al Qaida and other domestic and foreign thugs?
Nah! that would cause too many problems with your reporting. Then you might have to change your war plan and possibly root for the Americans instead of against them. That’s asking a bit too much at this stage of the game, I know.


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