Hurricane Katrina Barrels into Gulfport

Hurricane Katrina comes barreling its way into Gulfport, MS on Monday August 29th, 2005. (AP)

Wow!! Here is an amazing video clip from KSDK in St. Louis taken by two storm chasers at a Holiday Inn on the coast as Hurricane Katrina came blasting its way into Gulfport, Mississippi!

Watch the Video HERE

this video may not be available after September 5th

Allan Jones takes a break from trying to retrieve items from his second floor bedroom after his home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in Gulfport, Mississippi. (AFP) It looks like his second floor is now his first floor!

Now, after watching that unreal video you might be wondering how Mississippi is handling this disaster? Arthur Chrenkoff has the answer as he contrasts Mississippi which was hit hardest by Katrina, to New Orleans in their recovery efforts. Why is it that we are not hearing a peep out of Mississippi?

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