AP Blames Bush for Deaths!!!

The Democratic MSM is now coming right out and blaming Bush for the Katrina dead spinning and fabricating data to support their cause… The grotesque liberal MSM insinuates today that it was Bush and not the flood or hurricane that killed them all!

My Lord! Is anything sacred to the democratic MSM anymore?

The discovery of at least 44 bodies in an abandoned hospital in New Orleans raised new questions about the response to Hurricane Katrina on Tuesday as President George W. Bush took full responsibility for government failures in handling the disaster. Rescuers found the corpses at the Memorial Medical Center on Monday, the same day Bush toured the city. They raised the official death toll from the August 29 storm to more than 500* and officials said some may have died while waiting for help that did not arrive for several days after the hurricane.

If Bush were not in Crawford, Texas, vacationing all of the time and would have instead been at Memorial Medical Center, these people would not have died! It was all his fault! And, don’t blame the local or state officials or I’ll punch you!


That is utterly insane! First of all those victims in the nursing home reportedly drowned and the nursing home owners have been arrested! So, federal response had absolutely nothing to do with the nursing home deaths.

* Also, note that the 500 total (actually 659, 423 in Louisiana) includes all of the four states affected and also the people on life support when the power failed.

By saying “some may have died while waiting for help that did not arrive for several days after the hurricane” AP writer Lara Jakes Jordan is citing absolutely no proof and just biased speculation in trying to make the Bush Administration the “Killers”! This is just so sick! So very sick!

I am not sure what the responsibilities are for the state and local officials in Louisiana but I do know that after watching this fiasco, I want to apply! They obviously have nothing to be accountable for, according to the governor, mayor and democrat media!

Just yesterday, the Democratic stalling Governor Blanco, used the dead for political gain in her press conference.

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