"The Great Raid" – a Filipino Perspective

Alfon in the Philippines went to a sneak preview and sent his review of “The Great Raid”:

“i saw the sneak preview last sunday and I definetely buy the dvd.watching the preview give me more uderstanding why im free and why i’m here and i owe my freedom to all the brave men and women who fought for my country.(philippines)less not forget also to all the guerillas(filipino)they are brave and martyrs .i can never repay u my Freedom from the bottom of my heart Thank You i will never forget the sacrifice you made for me.”

Thanks, Alfon! It was great to hear your thoughts and feelings from across the waters on this historic rescue and World War II event. Sometimes in America it gets old to hear the constant drumbeat of the liberal democrat media blathering about how the world hates the U.S or how the U.S. is the cause of so much pain in the world (see Dick Durbin). That’s what makes your email even more exceptional. It is wonderful to hear another perspective. Thank you, again, Alfon.

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