Post Dispatch Slanders Bush

Today’s article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, “Strength of Al Qaida is Difficult to Assess” By Jon Sawyer, Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau Chief, shamelessly twists and slanders the President’s words to push the newspaper’s growing and desperate liberal agenda.

Paragraph Four:

As he campaigned last fall for re-election, President George W. Bush boasted that he had al-Qaida on the ropes.(1) Bin Laden was “isolated,” Bush said during the first presidential debate.(2) “Seventy-five percent of his people have been brought to justice.”(3)

(1)George Bush did not say “that he had Al Qaida on the ropes”. I challenge Mr. Sawyer to find this quote from the President.


(2)Bin Laden was “isolated” was true. The fact that the man has not poked his head out of a cave since his endorsement of John Kerry is proof of that. Even if he is able to direct any operations, his ability to do this has been greatly diminished.

(3) “Seventy-five percent of his people have been brought to justice.”– This is just a fabrication by Mr. Sawyer and the left. Anyone who would do a bit of research would know this. (As I researched this mis-quote I see that this is one of those lies repeated so often by the left that they accept it as fact today.) What Bush did say was:

We pursued Al Qaida wherever Al Qaida tries to hide. Seventy-five percent of known Al Qaida leaders have been brought to justice. The rest of them know we’re after them.

This was taken from the first presidential debate where John Kerry spoke of his “global test”.

Later in the debate Bush repeated his first point and mistakenly said that “we have 75% of his people” when he meant to say “leaders” as anyone who would read the transcript could see. For the left to repeat this is absurd when this was clearly a slip and not a talking point by the president throughout the campaign. The fact that we had captured so many of the known leadership of Al Qaida was a highlight that the Administration repeated throughout the campaign.

The PD continues:

“From Day One this administration has misunderstood the nature of the threat it faces,” said Ivo Daalder, a National Security Council staff member under former President Bill Clinton and now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

As if Bill Clinton had a clue? Don’t even try to compare his do nothing approach to fighting terrorism to what Bush has done.

This is the worst slander:

The war in Iraq reflects Bush’s view and that of his top aides that terrorism depends on the support of states like Iraq and Afghanistan and that by toppling those regimes terrorism will be stopped as well, Daalder said.

“But this is not a state-based threat,” he said. “It’s a network of independent actors, tied by an ideology of jihadism and tied by an Internet that provides them with information and training manuals and inspiration – and that allows them to act independently even of central organization, let alone states.”

This line is such a misrepresentation of the Bush Administration’s approach to global terrorism that it just reeks! To say that this is the only thing that the Bush Administration is doing not only paints the Bush Administration as some trigger happy warmongers who jump at declaring war on random Middle Eastern Governments (sick!), but that this is all that Bush has done.

Did this guy ever hear about the Bush Doctrine described in the presidents second inaugural address? Does he have any concept of the other actions and successes that the country has had over the past several years in our War on Terror? Has he witnessed Lebanon’s transition? Has he seen progress in Egypt? Has he noticed that Libya has given up their nuke program? Has he noticed the hundreds of arrests from our allies in Europe? (142 in Italy today!)

Then he quotes this dope, Robert Pape, the left’s answer to fighting terror… (move the bases off the peninsula. Lord, help them!)

The overwhelming majority of suicide terrorist acts are not expressions of blind hate but instead the manifestation of political objectives, most often the expulsion of foreign armies of occupation.

What an idiot! Another Leftist calling our armed forces occupiers!

Now, another leftist,Robert S. Leiken, is quoted, saying that we caused the terrorists to hate us:

The European jihadist groups today enjoy “what Marxist terrorists long sought but always lacked: a social base,” Leiken writes. “And its base is growing rapidly, thanks in part to the war in Iraq.”

Mohammed Bouyeri, the man who killed Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh last November, was a Dutch Muslim of Moroccan descent, Leiken wrote, a college-educated community organizer who said before van Gogh’s assassination that “the Netherlands is now our enemy because they participate in the occupation of Iraq.”

What this fool doesn’t tell you is that as Van Gogh was murdered he begged the Moroccan to stop, asked him to talk it over, pleaded for him to “understand”… just like the left would like for all of the rest of the country!

This article needed to be titled, “I Hate George Bush!” At least that would be honest!

Here is the HERE.

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