"Outposts of Tyranny" Join Hands

Iran and Belarus announced progress in their relations has reached a very high level.

Belarus is celebrating these relations with a planned week long Iranian festival.

Both Iran and Belarus were described earlier this year by US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, as two of the six “outposts of tyranny” in the world.

Iran also signed four articles of understanding with Togo this week. Togo just went through a violent election period that included numerous deaths to opposition supporters. The son of the recently deceased dictator was ruled the winner of a suspect election and took power despite accusations of voter fraud.

* Iran also announced today that it is restarting its nuclear activities in the near future.

Iran will restart activities at the Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility in the near future, Majlis Foreign Policy Committee Chairman Manuchehr Mottaki said here on Tuesday.

“We will resume work at the UCF to the stage of producing UF6 and thus demonstrate to the world our strong resolve to make use of Iran’s legal right to master the complete nuclear fuel cycle,” Mottaki told the Mehr News Agency.

He noted that Iran does not intend to halt the process of nuclear negotiations with the European Union but believes that if the Europeans make a positive proposal they could open a new chapter in Iran-EU ties.

* And, the Iranian leader told the Iraqi PM on his historic visit that the US troops in Iraq were harming his country.

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