Mugabe, Same Yesterday, Same Today

Here is a bit of history from African and American reader, Zimbo, on the ever-consistent President Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Zimbo also pointed out that this year black African immigrants will now exceed the number of Africans brought to America as slaves.

And, Zimbo tells how you can help out Africa today…


A quick history lesson first. 30 years ago, mugabe was the fair haired child of the British and American administrations, the UN, and even the World Council of Churches. Some of you reading this may have been old enough to chant along to the “Black Liberation” movement, and how evil the white Rhodesian government of Ian Smith was, repressing the black majority.

Well, while y’all were backing this prick, he was commiting democide against his own Shona people back then. Terrorism is what I grew up with. Mugabe’s ZANLA henchmen (the armed wing of ZANU) were hacking off body parts from live black humans, mutilating them alive, raping, beating, disembowling their livestock, tying up their village headmen and beating them to death with the butts of their “Freedom Fighter” AK-47 rifles, supplied by the North Koreans and Chinese, and backed up by the UN and bleeding heart do-gooders in America and Europe.

I could go on, but lets move ahead.

So here we are, and now you all seem so bloody surprised at what Mugabe “has become”.

He has been a terrorist since graduating Catholic mission school and being recognized by the Soviets first as a bright and talented young man they could mold into a leader of the “prolateriate” – and do their bidding.

Where was the outcry from y’all in the ’70’s, or in the ’80’s when he was murdering over 20,000 Ndebele in southern Zimbabwe, throwing the bodies of men, women and children down old mine shafts?

There is no solution here folks. What mugabe is doing now is normal for him, it was just delayed for whatever reasons he had from 1980 to 1997.

So, move on! The Brits washed their hands of Zimbabwe when they sold Rhodesia down the river at the Lancaster House Accords – they won’t step in again, it aint PC. And we, yes I am an American now – proudly, will NEVER step in, coz it aint PC neither.

So pack up and move on. All your bleating here is useless, and my people have been lied to by everyone, the most lied to people in the world live in Africa.

Want to do something? Embrace the black Africans immigrating to America, those poor souls fleeing the terror and fear and death.

This year, black African immgrants have now exceeded the number brought here on slave galleys.

Help them find employment, teach them English, find the groups that bring these souls over here and give them money.

THAT is what you can do!

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