Afghan FM Says "US Not Hated"

Try telling that to this bunch!

The MSM is going to have to try harder because…

Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah said on Wednesday violent anti-U.S. protests sparked by a now-discredited report that U.S. interrogators had desecrated the Koran did not reflect general anti-American sentiment.


Sixteen people died and more than 100 were injured in protests in Afghanistan last week after Newsweek magazine reported that military interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had flushed the Muslim holy book down the toilet.

Newsweek retracted the report on Monday.

“The people of Afghanistan understand the need for cooperation from the international community. The United States is playing a major role in it and they appreciate it.”

Evidently, there are some Afghanis left who still appreciate the sacrifices of the US to secure their freedom.

Germany,… however, is a different story!

From Davids Medienkritik:

George W. Bush enjoys a comfortable lead in another category: the ranking of politicians the Germans don’t like. 70 % of Germans don’t have a good opinion of the American president. He’s clearly ahead of Italy’s Silvio Belusconi (58 %), and even Ariel Scharon – who made poor Arafat’s life so miserable, to the chagrin of the German media – aroused negative feelings of only 38 % of Germans. And of course no chance for Bush to beat Vladimir Putin’s 33 %. Naturally, Jacques and Kofi are doing exceptionally well in this category as well: only 10 % have negative feelings towards Jacques Chiraq, and 6 % towards Kofi Annan (I guess the latter audiences consist mainly of the readership of “Davids Medienkritik”).

These results can make the German media and chancellor Gerhard Schroeder proud. Due to their relentless Bush bashing and anti-American rhetoric, Germany probably has become the most anti-American European country, in my opinion even beating France.

But thanks to Ben Paarman from Looking for pointing this out…

The French, it seems do have their own problems (from a European poll)…

THE French are rude, unhygienic and humourless according to a survey…by the FRENCH.

The unflattering poll confirms the deep-rooted prejudices against them across the rest of Europe.

The Germans see them as pretentious and frivolous, while the Dutch find them unreliable and too talkative.

The Spanish say they are unfriendly, vain and rude and the Swedes reckon they are immoral, disorganised and dirty.

And the insults continue – with the Portuguese branding them conceited and the Italians finding them arrogant and inward-looking.

Not quite as bad as the Greeks who say they are “stupid, egocentric bigmouths”. The British view is that President Jacques Chirac’s people are stubborn, chauvinistic and lack humour.

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