The Freeway Virgin

Patron Saint of Commuters

Maybe this is a calling to slow life down a bit…

Residents in Chicago are flocking to an underpass to see an image made of salt in the likeness the Virgin Mary as reported by AFP:


A crowd of believers braved a bitter wind to stand beneath the roaring freeway. Most stood in silence, awaiting their turn to touch and pray before the image.

Dressed in a white cap and coat, one woman knelt for several minutes before reaching out to touch the stain. With tears streaming down her face, she retreated to the other side of the underpass, where she clutched a rosary and a book of philosophy while she watched the ebb and flow of the devoted.

“This is the first time I’ve felt something so deep in my heart. There’s something in the air. Her energy is here,” Raven Leroux said.

“It’s a combination of incredible sadness that human beings have forgotten how to love God, then this joy by realizing that these stories are real,” the 57-year-old said as she tried to describe her feelings. “God will never leave us. He’ll always send some sign.”

Expensive Bread

The last sighting of Mary on a toasted cheese sandwich fetched the owner $28,000 on eBay.

There is also a Weeping Virgin of Las Vegas I did not know about.

And, there is a traveling Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima that has been traveling since 1947.

And, if you want to learn of more apparitions here is a site that lists a collection of weeping statues, weeping icons, miraculous images and a list of Catholic visionaries who are associated with Marian apparitions.

And… I have not heard this before, but, one of the Heroes of Flight 93 had a premonition of his own fate:

The widow of Flight 93 hero Thomas Burnett says her husband was a devout Catholic who had premonitions of the fate that met him and 44 others on the fateful day of September 11, 2001 — including a hunch his life would not be a long one and that his mission in life would somehow involve the White House.

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