Honeymoon? What Honeymoon?

This Associated Press article by BETH FOUHY, is such a joke:

Honeymoon Over for Dems, Schwarzenegger

California Democrats lashed out at Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger during their annual convention Saturday, vowing to block his administration’s agenda in an extraordinary reversal of good will toward the celebrity governor.


Schwarzenegger, whose push for controversial government reforms has enraged labor unions and other traditionally Democratic constituencies, came under withering attack as speaker after speaker chastised his leadership abilities.

“The governor has declared war on the state of California,” Assemblywoman Judy Chu said. “He declared war on us and I declare war on him.”

Since when have the democrats (or the MSM) done anything but obstruct and fire offensive personal accusations at any Republican? Arnold is no different. Even his moderate style has given him little leverage with the dems. At least now they are up front about it!

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