St. Louisan "Bucky" Bush in the News

The liberal Independent came out with “news” today about how William “Bucky” Bush of St. Louis has made a handsome profit from the Iraq War. Bush, who owns stock in ESSI, a chemical and biological cleanup firm based in St. Louis, sold some stock that had increased in value since the War in Iraq began:

The good fortune of Uncle Bucky as he is known within America’s ruling family, has been to hold a seat on the board of Engineered Support Systems Incorporated (ESSI), a St Louis-based company that has flourished mightily as a military contractor to the Pentagon…

Mr. Bush says he cashed in the options because they were about to expire, and not because he was unhappy with the company. He told the LA Times that he would have preferred the company was not involved in Iraq, “but unfortunately we live in a troubled world”.


The episode is another illustration of how the Iraq conflict, costing the US $5bn a month, is proving a bonanza for some. A prime example is Halliburton, the oil services group once chaired by Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, whose Iraq operations have been plagued by alleged contract overcharging and other issues.

Some Democrats complain that the Bushes and their associates have been given a virtual free pass on business affairs ­ unlike President Bill Clinton, who was hounded for years over his involvement in Whitewater, a modest Arkansas real estate venture, in which he and his wife Hillary actually lost money.

The democrats obviously don’t know the difference between legal and illegal but watch for them to equate the two business dealings in the future. Also, it should be noted that this “news” today is not so new. Back in January, 2003, it was reported that…

By the way, Dubya has an uncle, William H.T. “Bucky” Bush, who is on the board of a company that makes filtering and decontamination equipment used to protect people from chemical and biological attacks. Engineered Support Systems, the outfit is called. Their stock is jumping while most are slumping.

Oh, and what good is a liberal rant without mentioning Halliburton?

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