Cowboys and Indians

My Apologies to Native Americans

President Bush gave another spectacular address today to the citizens of Slovakia a staunch US ally in the War in Iraq:

I’m proud to stand in this great square, which has seen momentous events in the history of Slovakia and the history of freedom. Almost 17 years ago, thousands of Slovaks gathered peacefully in front of this theater. They came, not to welcome a visiting President, but to light candles, to sing hymns, to pray for an end to tyranny and the restoration of religious liberty. (Applause.)


From the hotel to our left, communist authorities watched thousands of candles shining in the darkness — and gave the order to extinguish them. The authorities succeeded in crushing that protest. But with their candles and prayers, the people of Bratislava lit a fire for freedom that day, a fire that quickly spread across the land. (Applause.) And within 20 months, the regime that drove Slovaks from this square would itself be driven from power. By claiming your own freedom, you inspired a revolution that liberated your nation and helped to transform a continent. (Applause.)

Since those days of peaceful protest, the Slovak people have made historic progress. You regained your sovereignty and independence. You built a successful democracy. You established a free economy. And last year, the former member of the Warsaw Pact became a member of NATO, and took its rightful place in the European Union. Every Slovak can be proud of these achievements. And the American people are proud to call you allies and friends and brothers in the cause of freedom. (Applause.)


Michelle Malkin reports on caucasion Ward Churchill advocating terror in a taped speech he gave in August 2003. Caucasion Churchill admitted his non-Native American lineage yesterday on his non-native trip to Hawaii as reported by Little Green Footballs.

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