A Few Lean Years

The Supreme Iranian Ruling Mullah (or, if you prefer, “Moo-lah”) Khamenei gave a pep talk of sorts to the Iranian engineers and researchers to get the country back on the right track… in celebration of the “Great 13th Century Scientist Tusi” . Boy, I guess it’s been a while! Of course, the cause of this lapse in Iranian scientific gains for the last 700 years was blamed on the West:

In a meeting with engineers and researchers in the field of industry and technology held to commemorate 13th century Iranian scientist Khajeh Nasir Tusi, the Supreme Leader stated that the great nation of Iran has a history of scientific and technological achievement to be proud of, adding that the Islamic Revolution helped Iranian engineers regain their self-confidence and inspired them to make efforts for scientific progress.

Ayatollah Khamenei blamed the Western colonialist strategy for Iran’s backward period in terms of science and technology during the Qajar and Pahlavi eras.


“From the middle of the Qajar era until the end of the Pahlavis rule, Iran passed through a retrograde period which demolished all its bright and magnificent traditions in science and civilization due to the colonialist goals of the Western empire,” the Supreme Leader said.

“For about one century, the governments only followed the Western model and prevented domestic technicians from developing any innovation, initiative, or self-confidence, and this helped Western countries dominate every national affair. In this period, Iranians used to follow Western methods instead of relying on their own initiatives to make progress,” he added.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted that the Islamic Revolution put an end to the retrograde period and helped Iranian engineers regain their self-confidence.

I guess the threat of torture or prison doesn’t hurt any, either.

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