Celebrating the Holiday with Blame

You can bet that Jesse Jackson had his blame speech rearing to go for this year’s King Holiday:

…at Dixon Grove Baptist Church in Jonesboro, south of King’s native Atlanta, Jackson assailed the war in Iraq and insisted the gap between rich and poor in America is widening despite King’s message of peace and equality.

“You can be out of slavery and out of segregation and have the right to vote and starve to death without access to capital and industry,” Jackson said.


Jackson, founder and president of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, said the war in Iraq is a quagmire of death and destruction with no end in sight.

Lord, I hope that the black community in this country will come up with some better leaders soon. If the current black leaders were running a company they would have been fired a long time ago. In industry you just can’t comtinue to fail without getting the ax or closing shop. But with leaders like Jesse, unfortunately, for the black community it will be even longer for them to turn things around after the years of ingrained victim thought. As the rest of the melting pot looks ahead and moves ahead sadly the black community blames. Time for new leadership.

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