UPDATE: Patriotic Elderly Woman Tearfully Recounts Being Physically Assaulted By Boston Antifa (VIDEO)

A grey-haired woman holding a large American flag was attacked by Antifa during the Boston Free Speech Rally.  The woman spoke out shortly after the attack, tearfully recounting the ordeal. The patriotic elderly woman told the cameraman that Black Lives Matter and Antifa members hit her and then stole her flag. The woman then explained how she doesn’t recognize her own country amid the rise of the Alt-Left.

Video posted by Fox News shows an Antifa terrorist grabbing the flag from the woman and then dragging her for about ten yards as she tries to hold on to her flag. Eventually the Antifa terrorist lets go of the flag and the woman tumbles to the ground as a man she was standing with a male companion catches up to her. The woman gets up and chases after the Antifa terrorist while her friend gathers up the flag.

Nobody with the Alt-Left protesters comes to the aid of the grey-haired woman being dragged across the Common.

The woman reaches a crowd of Antifa terrorists and starts to confront them. Her male companion and another man catch up and pull her back from the mob. The woman is then seen reacting emotionally as the men gently set her on the grass.

Powerful video. Kudos to the Fox cameraman for the video.

[email protected] witnesses the attack and came to the aide of the woman. Rebecca also captured video of the woman speaking out after the attack.

An older lady in her 60’s holding up American flag and saying God bless Donald Trump was pushed to the ground by a thug. I tried to help her up and I glared at the guy and he said “I dint do nuttin” & smirked. Pack of ugly skanky mean girls were taunting her saying “poor baby” & laughing.”


The video captures Rebecca complimenting the woman for her bravery. It also captures the fiery voice and defiant spirit of a Boston Patriot.


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