BOOM! Donald Trump Jr. Joins VIRAL #FireDepp Protest Following ‘Trump Assassination’ Joke

Despite apologizing for suggesting he would assassinate President Trump, leaders in the MAGA movement are calling for the washed up actor to be fired from the Harry Potter spin-off movie.

 The #FireDepp hashtag on Twitter has gone super VIRAL thanks to President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr!

The 39-year-old real estate executive set Twitter ablaze Friday evening when he tweeted out TGP’s article and said, “I’d think it would be hard for to keep him, let’s see: Goes VIRAL after ‘Trump Assassination’ Joke”

The #FireDepp hashtag was launched today by Independent Journalist Jack Posobiec in a widely seen Periscope.

The live stream prompted a slew of #FireDepp tweets directed at JK Rowling and Disney.

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