WOW! Michelle Fields Continues Lies – Megyn Kelly Gladly Gives Her a Platform to Spread Anti-Trump Hoax (VIDEO)

Horrible hoaxer Michelle Fields is still lying about this fantasy assault by Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

And, of course, Megyn Kelly is still giving her a microphone.

Tonight Michelle claimed, once again, that Corey admitted to the fantasy attack after the fantasy attack happened.
That was debunked days ago. Matt Doyle came clean on that.

Then she whined about a smear campaign against her.
Maybe because she’s lying?
Here’s the video of what really happened – NOTHING!
Corey walked past her and she never even flinched!

Michelle Fields tonight admitted that she did not want to file a criminal report.
Probably because nothing happened.

Let’s hope this goes to court… But it’s doubtful it will make it that far since nothing happened.

And isn’t it about time Corey Lewandowski sues this fraudster?

And Megyn Kelly perpetuates the smear – even though the video just played right in front of her nose!
Good Lord.

Here’s the lies from tonight’s show:

CASE CLOSED! FOX News shows Gateway Pundit Video of Michelle Fields #Grabgate Hoax

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