Candidates Speak Only in Somali at Minnesota DFL Caucus

A reporter at a DFL caucus for Minnesota’s House District 60B could not report on the candidates’ speeches to caucus attendees because the speeches were only given in Somali.

DFL Caucus Eric Roper Twitter

Eric Roper with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune posted a series of tweets from the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis about the caucus. English speakers were in short supply in the area now populated by Somali refugees.

“Several Hillary Clinton supporters in this crowd in the center, I learned through a multi-person interpreter”

“One more from Mohamud Noor’s speech (in Somali alone). He’s challenging Phyllis Kahn against Ilhan Omar”

“Ilhan Omar now addressing the room. No English so far in candidate speeches, so I can’t relay what has been said”

“Quite a scene here as Omar (left) and Noor (right) supporters break off”

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