ESPN Crank: Peyton Manning Nothing More than a “Hallowed White Icon” (VIDEO)

There was a time when it was understood that sports was off limits for politics.
Not any more. ESPN frequently includes guests and hosts who promote filthy racist memes or far left talking points.

On Monday far left Boston Globe(?) reporter Bob Ryan was asked to discuss the story regarding Peyton Manning’s alleged sexual “assault” (he reportedly flashed a woman) twenty years ago.

bob ryan white icon

For some reason ESPN was able to convert the allegations against Manning into an attack on white males.

This thing is disturbing on so many levels. It is not just a student prank we are talking about or juvenile indiscretion. We are talking about a repugnant act in question if indeed it was done as the woman said it was rather than the way Peyton said it was. None of us are naive enough not to understand that of course the university was not going to go too — or was going to go all the way in protecting the player at that time, nor should we be surprised that now that the black community is all upset because of the juxtaposition of the way we have gone after black athletes as opposed to this hallowed white icon. There are so many unanswered questions.

It’s all whitey’s fault.

The rampant racist talk against white males in public discourse is getting old – and will only lead to violence and more hate crimes against whitey.


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