SICK. Liberal Media Darling Fareed Zakaria Celebrates White People Dying in Middle America

Liberal media darling and author Fareed Zakaria has quite an impressive record smearing US conservatives and plagiarizing his material.
** In June 2014 CNN crank Fareed Zakaria compared the Shiite terrorist militia led by Muqtada al-Sadr to the Tea Party.

** In June 2011 CNN’s Fareed Zakaria compared conservatives to the Marxists of the 19th century.

** In August 2012 Fareed Zakaria was suspended for plagiarizing.

This weekend Zakaria celebrated white people dying in Middle America.
The opinion piece had a dual purpose. It was also a hit piece on Trump.
zakaria whites

Obviously, it’s still acceptable in the liberal media to viciously attack white people and celebrate their deaths. reported:

Citing a study that shows Middle American whites are dying in increasing numbers, like a twisted and bitter eugenicist, serial-plagiarist Fareed Zakaria doesn’t even attempt to contain his glee. By painting those who are supposedly dying as useless, drug-addicted ragers, he paints a picture of a weak, angry, and ultimately stupid ethnic group getting what it deserves.

If this were any other group, Zakaria would not be using the pages of the Washington Post for a victory dance. Instead, he would be launching an emotional blackmail campaign to cure this “epidemic” with hundreds of billions of federal dollars. Like most of the elite media, though, Zakaria despises Middle America, so he joyously assumes the study is accurate and bloodlessly screams “Told You So!”

The headline says it all: “America’s Self-Destructive Whites,” and naturally the opening paragraph contains the words “Donald” and “Trump.”

Why is Middle America killing itself? The fact itself is probably the most important social science finding in years. It is already reshaping American politics. The Post’s Jeff Guo notes that the people who make up this cohort are “largely responsible for Donald Trump’s lead in the race for the Republican nomination for president.”

What does this “epidemic” mean to Zakaria?

That it’s time for compassion?

Time for government action?

Time for understanding?

No. It means “more rage” from creepy Middle America:

The key question is why, and exploring it provides answers that suggest that the rage dominating U.S. politics will only get worse.

Read the rest here.

If Fareed Zakaria was writing about any other ethnic group with such disdain he would be fired immediately. But, because he’s writing about whitey he’s celebrated and promoted as thought provoking intellectual. The liberal media can go to hell.

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