Somebody Tell Hillary… ISIS Recruitment Video Featured Bill Clinton the “Fornicator” (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister

isis bill clinton

At the Democratic Party debate on Saturday night, Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that Donald Trump is being used in ISIS recruitment videos.

The media tried to shrug it off, even after the claim was proven false.

There is an ISIS recruitment video which features a prominent American politician, but it’s not Donald Trump. It’s Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton.

The Islamic State released a recruitment video in late November promising to expand their present caliphate.

The video was titled “No Respite”

In the video ISIS brags that they already control a land mass larger than Great Britain, eight times larger than Belgium and thirty times larger than Qatar.
isis great britain

In the video they call out “fornicator” Bill Clinton.
isis bill clinton

Red State reported:

As it turns out, there is a prominent American featured in an ISIS recruiting video and that person is Bill Clinton.

A new ISIS recruiting video, titled “No Respite” has been released.The video is interesting because it lays out in very plain terms how ISIS views itself. Anyone who views this an can still say that ISIS is not truly Islamic is either a liar or a blithering idiot. This is the video in full. It is a little over 4 minutes and worth watching.

Watch the video below:

For the record… Obama and Kerry also were shown in the video – NOT Trump.
obama no respite isis

Will the media admit this and report on it?

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  • Pigg Pie
  • KITT161

    “Those ISIS fellows get to have slave chicks, don’t they? Hell, I might join.”

  • OzarkAggie

    Worst video feed ever. Get a decent player.

  • krinks

    Ignoring the Allah/Islam part you can’t argue with the reasons they hate America.Immoral degenerate Presidents raping the Earth for corporate profit.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    I would be relieved if San Francisco was blown off the face of the earth.

  • India Maria

    Wow! Hope Lewandowski knows about this. Who produced this? Spread the word!

  • India Maria


  • showmerancher

    Great Video!

  • donh

    Once again Hillary blames terrorism on a video. Proof she was behind the Benghazi LIE.

  • itsatax

    The video is a useful summary of ISIS’ ideology and its strategy. Hopefully ppl who don’t understand ISIS will watch it. I’ll be passing it around. May need to explain the meaning and significance of “shirk”, Quraysh tribe, Dabiq and Sykes-Picot to my ignorant liberal friends, but it’ll be worth it.

  • Reta Mae Cherry

    A truth worth telling is a truth worth dying for. She and Bill are Muslim now. It’s okay for them to lie about everything to strengthen Islam. She is probably one of those that does not really believe what they plan to do to us. Rev 13. It is already been foretold, what they will do. Or if she knows, she don’t care. But they will be held accountable to a righteous judge, and to his Kingdom there shall be no end. Every knee shall bow to God the creator of all things. The one who gave his son to die for our sins, so that we may receive everlasting life. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • formwiz

    I love the smell of schaudenfreude in the morning.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I am telling ya folks, this is the democrat playbook these days –
    See the truth and then go tell everyone who will listen the exact opposite.
    This is what liberals call “critical thinking”.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Need a planned parenthood picture right underneath as an exclamation point.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Why would she pray for brains? That zombie had them for supper!

  • dana daddee

    I hope the muslim terror monkeys get you first.

  • hoistthatrag ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃᶫᶦˢᵗ

    Trump is beginning to look like our destiny. The damn planets are aligning.

  • Inspector Clouseau



    I hope Trump uses this because you know the scum in the media won’t.

  • SAR2012

    In 90+% of the specimens examined, if a ‘progressive’ is breathing, it is lying. In 99.9% of cases, it is hypocritical. The bacteria in the mouth of a plagued sewer rat is a higher form of life than any clinton or Øhole.

  • harriet

    Supporters of Hillary and Obama don;t care what they do…they are seduced by giveaways, immigration policies, and live by the adage,

    the end justify the means

  • Kay Kay

    My thoughts exactly. I think Trump should use Hillary’s words against her, and ask why we should let her in the White House, since it’s proven that there is an ISIS recruiting tape using her husbands fornication as a recruiting tool. Lies vs. Fact….bury Hillary in fact and call her out.