HORROR! Two Men Doused With Gas- Set on Fire in Baltimore (SHOCKING VIDEO)

So this just happened.
Will Obama mention this in his next press conference?

Two men were doused with gasoline and set on fire in Baltimore.
The suspect is black.
The media says one car ran out of gas so the four men parked the second car and walked to get gas. — That doesn’t make sense.

black gas attack

Bystanders stood around and watched, filmed the attack… and then posted it online!


Christopher Harrison, Jr. was charged with attempted first-degree murder.
christopher harrison

The Baltimore Sun reported on the attack.
Of course, they omitted certain facts about the attack – like the race of the suspect.

A man poured gasoline on two co-workers and set them on fire in White Marsh Friday night, Baltimore County police said.

Christopher Harrison Jr., 28, of the 900 block Top View Dr. in Edgewood has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment, police spokesman Cpl. Shawn Vinson said.

The victims, two men, were taken to a local hospital with major burn injuries, police said. Both were in critical condition, Vinson said Saturday afternoon.

The incident occurred along Route 40 near Allender Road, Vinson said.

He said he did not know where they worked together.

The cause of the dispute remained unclear, Vinson said.

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  • Patty

    well, he will do this tomorrow.

    Obama to deliver rare Oval Office address Sunday on terror threat


  • Patty

    Of course we pray for these two men. But little detail of what occur prior to this horrendous crime.

    Seems to me ISIS has inspired people on how to injure or kill people is some of the most horrendous ways.

  • ridgerunner

    Gasoline control!

  • Southern Hounds

    I can hardly wait.

  • 338Lapua

    this clown will address everything but islam.

  • Mike in Illinois

    “Dispute”? Really?
    Yeah, disagreements always end up in a person literally burning others with gasoline.
    In SYRIA.

  • yennikcm

    ……………..Ive got no words………..

  • therealguyfaux

    Close down gas stations.
    Justify it by saying it will cut down on carbon emissions, which IS, after all, the bigger more momentous issue.
    Under NO circumstances acknowledge ANY “terrorism” in the Lower 48 + AK & HI.
    A win all the way around for SJW’s.

  • forgetyoutooo

    More ISIS inspired homegrown terrorism. Thank Obama, Hillary, Kerry and the idiots that voted this terrorist loving trash into office.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Here a person has to sign for more than ten gallons of deisel at some stations. We alread have laws about placing gasoline into “approved” containers. Heck out in New Jersey, you cannot even pump your own gas! We are not as far away from gasoline control as some think! Add caffe standards and government has already controlled usage by permission slip to manufacturer (and even to user in the form of “emissions” inspections.

    People gotta wake up to the permission Slip Society factor.
    That which is not prohibited shall be mandated.

  • Terry Silliman

    Climate change caused this..

  • Patty
  • Cracker


  • Granny

    Time to outlaw gasoline!

  • Granny

    New Jersey has never allowed pump your own gas. I’ve always assumed it to be a jobs-saving measure rather than any particular safety issue.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    The Lord said that in the last days, there will be an increase in evil.

  • Buck Naked

    Oregon is the same…only two states where you can’t pump your own gas.

  • Buck Naked

    Obamas sons in their natural habitat…

  • D.M. Ryan

    “dispute”….Jeez Louise. It’s as if the reporters’ stylebook were the retooled stylebook for international diplomats…

    Is there any reason to wonder why Donald Trump’s gone so far simply by bluntness?

  • meangirl

    BLM’s Baltimore. Who needs cops?
    Baltimore is burning.

  • jainphx

    Now that there is funny!!!!

  • Suelinn


    Don’t you know anything? I have it on good authority, from the idiotic left that it is all Bush’s fault. All terrorism is his fault, even though it is Obama that has given them free reign to do as they liked knowing that the US was too principled (or something) to interfere in another counties politics and culture. After all, it might offend them and to the left being offended is worse than death. (Of course when conservatives are offended they are “whining”, so there is an exception to that.)

    They will be in denial right up to when the extremist Muslims begin throwing homosexuals off buildings…and then they will blame conservative Christians.They have been saying that Christians are worse than ISIS because Christians would do what ISIS is doing if they could get away with it…and Christians are here, not ISIS. A few got the wake up call last week, but it is doubtful it will last past past a few whiffs of political correctness pressure.

  • Remco Kimber

    “Of course, they [Baltimore Sun] omitted certain facts about the attack – like the race of the victims.”

    Well, if they weren’t black before the attack-by-fire, they sure are now.

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    Just peaceful protesters?

  • freeinaz

    I believe I may have located a close relative of theirs

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    Just a tussle

  • CountMontyC

    Liberals are already trying that with carbon/gas taxes, blocking drilling where they can and blocking the Keystone pipeline among other things

  • Jon in MD 22

    Avoid any large city, and leave them quickly if you live there.

  • Len Mullen

    Seems like a four month waiting period for gasoline purchases is in order. Should help with climate change as well. Seems to me I have seem people being burned alive somewhere…

  • Zigger

    well, we have officially reached africa level.

  • Patty

    one burning is the worst form of hell.

  • JPL17

    Hmmm, if I didn’t know better, I’d say this looks like an Obama-Holder-Lynch-Wright-Farrakhan-Sharpton-inspired race war.

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    We need flammable liquid control…stat.

  • tadhp91

    Man, he forgot stop, drop, and roll until it was way too late to prevent burns…

  • BLM in a blanket. How long before the Africans put on BBQ sauce before ignition?

  • JonJenn

    JV team.

  • They would have thought he needed salt and pepper if he did that.

  • Right wing

    What happened to the day when people saw others suffering and being hurt and stepped forward to help? Have we fallen to such a low point that filming and posting horrible, vicious attacks on our fellow man leaves us with no inclination to help? Thank heavens those brave Marines on the Paris train didn’t feel that way.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Unbelievable. Is this America?? Well, watching the vid, at least one of the men set on fire was a white guy obviously, but since they left off the race, I’m guessing the one dousing the gas must be black. Christopher Harrison, Jr., should DEFINITELY be charged with attempted murder and it might even turn out to be first-degree murder if the 2 don’t make it, which they might not. Race is irrelevant here, whatever color they happen to be, this is just plain wrong and barbaric.

  • JonJenn

    Probably not workplace violence.

  • Yeah, to Frieeed.

  • It’s outdoor cookplace violence.

  • Sniffy Pop


    This is off the Charts.

    Take this Savage to a Vet and have him put down like a sick farm animal.

    To think that someone would sit back and video this,not help and post it?

    You need an Ass Kicking!

  • Judy Mothers

    Just another miserable day in Boogiemore.

  • Lawrence

    Must have been trash pickup day, nothing to burn for heat so they use the second best source

  • Lawrence

    You can pump your own diesel in Oregon

  • RayOne

    The speech from the WhiteHouse must call this new event for the national emotional state.

  • Buck Naked

    Not trying to be a jerk or argue but where? Not at gas stations.

  • Patty

    November 30, 2015

    Michelle Obama speaks candidly on race at Tuskegee

    In a speech at Tuskegee University, an institute of
    higher learning in which white people are “not allowed on the bus,”
    First Domestic Partner Michelle Obama gave the school’s commencement
    address with instructions to the future agitators of America to – what
    else? Go forth and agitate.

    According to JewsNews her mission is an extension of that of Hussein Obama, to foment unrest and destabilize America.

    She described the daily persecution inflicted upon her fellow victims
    at the hands of the plantation owner class as including police
    discrimination, the “nagging worries that you’re going to get stopped or
    pulled over for absolutely no reason.”


    she is NOT helping on bit. she is just plain Michelle and her attitude is diluting this University with hate or even more hate.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    …and this means what to the rest of civilized America?

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    Darn that Climate Change!

  • darrell_b8

    Seems like there as a BLM chant that said something about ‘frying like bacon’…does this count?? Where are the NYT calls for ‘match control’ or background checks for lighters; or a “no BIC” zone (no flickin’ your BIC)? Looked like “they was cookin’ crackers’………..

  • Black people are already burnt, the man was just trying to spread some equality.

  • What?

    Like South Africa.

  • What?

    Necklacing is the practice of summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with gasoline, around a victim’s chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die, suffering severe burns in the process.

  • west1890

    what kind of a creature would do this……and what kind would film it and post it online? I swear-there are people who haven’t got a drop of humanity in them. This country has gone to Hell since Obama took office- and it’s intentional.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Who set who on fire?

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Must be half water from now on.

  • Rooby Doo

    We need an executive order.

  • OwlCreekObserver

    The Obama administration will cite this as proof of global warming!

  • Jim

    Not quite, in some parts of the dark continent, the bad guys put an automobile tire around the victims neck and set it on fire. Nelson Mandela was the one with the matches.

  • Rascal

    B-b-but I thought diversity was our strength…

  • LouAnnWatson

    Playing wild, the dying children
    From the gutter they spawn
    A life filled with indignation
    Pride and seeker pause

    Pig city, oil creation,
    Over sex-dose.
    The junk machine crawls…
    Missing is the laughter, from the death bus,
    While the eternal human war rages on

    The friendly face of the empire leader
    Conquest of style, ego hate
    Walk amongst the ancient dogs
    While the violence kills the declined state

    Warrior Soul – Four More Years

  • Mark

    Half Perrier.

  • Mark

    Ghetto trash are a lot closer to ISIS than they are to America.

  • Bubba Gump

    That is what happens when gas gets below a $1.70 a gallon don’t ya know. Bammy will demand $4.00 so we stop wasting gas. Never mind all the hydrocarbons this guy expelled into the air and causing all that “climate change”. Shouldn’t we also charge him with reckless and endangerment of the environment?

  • Jim

    Those were democrats all dressed up in their white robes and white pointy hats.
    The KKK was formed as, and still is, the terrorist arm of the democrat party.

  • MaryBlack
  • Bubba Gump

    The best we can uncover is this perp was a, well you know the rest of the story.

  • Tori

    The people who filmed this, and didn’t help should be prosecuted for attempted murder. My God, save us.

  • phaedrus


    If this Go Fund Me page i legit at least one of the victims is black

  • Malatrope

    No, you can’t. But I stood guard over the moron pumpsters there, after one tried to put gasoline into my Dodge Cummins diesel truck.

    Stupid policy. These days, I simply avoid buying fuel in Oregon. Their loss, not mine.

  • Malatrope

    Yes, we have. Long ago.

  • Malatrope

    It means we should be one step closer to demanding resettlement of our “problem populations” to their countries/continents of origin.

  • bill_a_bob

    they were picking up trash on the side of the road, this is only workplace violence. nothing to see here . . . i hope that wasnt assault gas.

  • Ted

    The Brotherhood awaits this Moolie.
    The Clover will return the favor I’ll bet.

  • Fred Hill
  • Guessed

    There were “black SLAVES” a couple DECADES ago? PLEASE stop watching MSNBC and.listening to Obama, they’ve got you a little confused…

  • Jeff Buehner

    A couple decades?? Did you get your ejamacation in a public school by any chance?

  • Guessed

    BTW, “decade” = 10 years. “Couple” = 2. Maybe you could give me a link to The Great Black Slave Burning of 1995? It was after Al Gore invented the Internet, so it should be out there if true…

  • Guessed

    “Terror Threat” = White Supremacist in Obamaland. Only thing that terrifies HIM, at any rate…

  • E. Newton

    Negroes set fire to their victims regularly. This is nothing unusual. They do it all the time. These negroes set two white men on fire. Is this even conceivable to you at any level? How much longer will this society continue to ignore what is right in front of them? Most of you reading this grew up here in this country, your parents did, your grandparents did. Do you even recognize this place anymore?

    Remember Jessica Chambers in Mississippi?

  • Guessed

    Alynskying is the practice of destroying the USA by forcing a Kenyan Muslim charlatan over our Federal government, and setting our foreign policy and cities on fire. The victim can take up to 8 years to die, suffering severe riots and jihad attacks in the process.

  • Guessed

    We’ve been declining for awhile, but we ratified it in November 2007…

  • Guessed

    Why are there still White people in Baltimore anyway? Pretty sure the TRUE racists want you dead, fully supported by the local “space to destroy” government and backed by the Kenyan ethnic cleanser in the White House…

  • Guessed

    Nero burned Christians as torches to light his gardens. Would you put something like that past our current Muslim ruler?

  • ZZZzzzz

    Race Wars are so yesterday, we have Muzzies to worry about.

  • Guessed

    Ok, continuing down your rabbit hole here, there were black SLAVES when Mandela was young? In America? Also, even if so, are you trying to make a case that it’s ok to burn someone NOW for having roughly the same skin color as a mean person from somewhere else “decades” ago who is in no way related to any alleged incident from the past? Just trying to feel your mindset here…

  • JusticeVegas

    Thanks to Obama and his affirmative action AG’s Eric Birdbrain & Loretta Mouthpiece, it’s open hunting season on law-abiding, white Christians. But you better not say a bad word about Muslims or sweet Loretta Brainfart will slam yo’ pasty face white ass in jail!!!

  • Pat Loudoun

    A Few years ago, everyone was afraid to say the n-word. Now, you don’t even have to. Everyone just simply knows.

    Great job, Barry.

  • AMD_Afficionado

    That reminds me of king obama’s rant about how automated kiosks and ATMs are stealing our jobs…

  • AMD_Afficionado

    Public school “taught” me that the KKK was founded by a bunch of sadistic guys who got their kicks terrorizing blacks.

    Reading about the savagery that the black community does today, like this article, I’m rather convinced that the truth of the KKK lies closer to “terrorized the blacks to keep them from unleashing this kind of savagery upon us” 🙁

  • AMD_Afficionado

    With all that territory being as red as can be, it’s astonishing to also see that their Legislature is democrat-dominated.

    Looking at that map, the red abuts the blue so I’m not surprised that the ghetto has its tendrils out that far.

    Maryland would be a state-level red state if not for that flagrantly unconstitutional SCOTUS ruling that the libs snuck in during the JFK aftermath (Sims) 🙁

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    This would not happen to our people, if Whites had a Country of our Own.

    White Homeland! Northwest Front!

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    You are wrong about a lot, except the building White rage.

  • Senator Armstrong

    I think you meant couple hundred years ago. Decade means 10 years dumbass.
    Also, never have whites done anything as gruesome as necklacing to blacks or to ANYONE.
    Only blacks have invented such savagery.

  • Senator Armstrong

    Maybe read some real history books instead of Common Core agitprop? When did white folks ever set blacks on fire? Never. And you hear about the lynching, but the truth is, never did white mobs lynch random blacks just for being black, it was only when they had committed some kind of crime, like rape.

  • David

    Damn Negro savages

  • Tyrannocankles rex

    Satan in the White House dares to speak on Sunday.

  • KBR

    I am unplugging my tv before that address. Got better things to do. If I want to see what bozo said, I am sure I will have ample opportunity, but NO RATINGS might send a message.

  • Helen L

    I am an Air Force vet. Don’t let people get to you. Whether we like it or not we signed up to protect all of our citizens of our country no matter what their race, social economic status, and or disabilities. Good luck with your military career sir and thank you for protecting us. I wish all people had access to the military training that we had in diversity and more important how we had to work together as a team to accomplish or mission.

  • Tym O’Byrne

    Every time i get gas in NJ on my motorcycle i pump my own gas, i guess those working at gas stations learned who not to f with long ago. Laws are made for suckers to obey, and you cant suck more than being a cager* imho.

    * Motorcycle Slang for a car driver : )

  • Uno Farto

    Nope, try again, Mandelas wife encouraged it upon her own people, not the evil whitey boogeyman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winnie_Madikizela-Mandela#Criminal_convictions_and_findings_of_criminal_behaviour

    “Her reputation was damaged by such rhetoric as that displayed in a speech she gave in Munsieville on 13 April 1986, where she endorsed the practice of necklacing
    (burning people alive using tyres and petrol) by saying: “[W]ith our
    boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.”[13]
    Further tarnishing her reputation were accusations by her bodyguard,
    Jerry Musivuzi Richardson, that she had ordered kidnapping and murder.”

  • Uno Farto

    A simple disagreement.

  • Uno Farto

    Thanks for doing your part and becoming a walking organ farm fam.

  • Tym O’Byrne

    Not an organ donor, and ive been riding since 1971, so, i got to enjoy a long life having fun. You? Your mother was right, you would just hurt yourself trying to balance those things called motorcycles…lol

  • 0hiojoe

    Disgusting behavior, no matter what your race. Just a damn savage to do such a thing.

  • Original Prankster

    I’m guessing your mom was a white prostitute

  • Libertati Aut Ad Mortem

    We need gasoline and fire control.

  • butter toast

    motorcyles are for middle aged hippies

  • OK4AYL

    What do you do in the Air Force? Are you a receptionist or something?

  • Americadies

    Obama Sons practicing?

  • JimWinchester

    Black on Black, so boring.

  • Americadies

    This was never done in America by whites to blacks It is a practice in Africa and the Jamacia. Try to educate yourself about true history not the blatant lies of the left.

  • Jimmy Marks

    Do they not teach Stop, Drop and Roll in grade school anymore?

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    Baltimore has proven that fossil fuels can cause Global Warming.

  • Americadies

    You sound as dumb as Jamal

  • Americadies

    Necklacing “sentences” were sometimes handed down against alleged criminals by “people’s courts” established in black townships as a means of enforcing their own judicial system. Necklacing was also used by the black community to punish its members who were perceived as collaborators with the apartheid government. These included black policemen, town councilors and others, as well as their relatives and associates. The practice was often carried out in the name of the African National Congress, although the ANC executive body condemned it.[5][6] In 1986 Winnie Mandela, then-wife of the imprisoned Nelson Mandela, stated “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country” which was widely seen as an implicit endorsement of necklacing,[7] which at the time caused the ANC to distance itself from her,[8] although she later took on a number of official positions within the party.[8] The number of deaths per month in South Africa related to political unrest as a whole from 1992 through 1995 ranged from 54 to 605 and averaged 244.[9] These figures are inclusive of massacres as well as deaths not attributed to necklacing.

    The first victim of necklacing, according to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, was a young girl, Maki Skosana, on 20 July 1985.[10]

  • Americadies

    Obama Son, maybe someone will kill him soon.

  • ginf

    congrats on your muhdik, clown

  • Dingus chopper

    Dang and people ask me why I don’t associate with certain people.

  • Enlightened White

    Civil rights has been a total failure. Time to bring back segregation.

  • Enlightened White

    The victims are white. This is black terrorism. Blacks should be segregated from Enlightened society.

  • Enlightened White

    The perps are black and the victims are white. Segregation now. Segregation tomorrow. Segregation forever.

  • Enlightened White

    Whites invented science, technology, medicine, and individual freedom. We shouldn’t share our beautiful culture with animals.

  • Enlightened White

    You’re a terrorist sympathizer gloating that whites were set on fire. You’re just another low IQ african animal. If not for whites, you’d be in a mud hut.


    I guess the big Black guy knew he was going to get his clock cleaned and decided to give himself an edge.

  • Enlightened White

    Time to stop paying taxes and watch all blacks starve to death.

  • Powered by UNicorn flatulence

    You know, uno farto, I am in constant need of flatulence to power my industries. if you could spare any or have any for sale, please let me know as the UN high commission on destroying the economy has mandated I power my efforts with other than fossil fuels

  • JimWinchester

    Sorry, but even more boring for Dems and the MSM.

  • JimWinchester

    Sad that you think that dick size (average) is important to you?

  • Oh my good L_rd!!! Cruz loved Mandela??!! I need to rethink the 2016 election!

  • Who set whom on fire

  • jay5775

    You’re a blithering halfwit. We kicked all of your asses before we will do it again you moron.

  • jay5775

    Oh STFU moron.

  • jay5775

    You might wanna do the world a favor and go jump off a cliff.

  • jay5775

    Woopty freakin doo moron. Besides I think your lying sack of shiite.


    We need to call a spade a spade, White men are the Alpha Predator on this planet bar none and it’s been that way since Jesus was a boy. The entire earth hates the White man’s Western Civilization because it puts things in perspective for the less civilized and intelligent species of humanity on the planet. There IS a reason why they ALWAYS LOSE but we’re about to give all that up and become the prey to the uncivilized and immoral. Evidently we as White men have accomplished God’s task of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world and now it’s our turn to suffer. Maybe, that depends on who gets in the White House in 2017.

  • JimWinchester

    Mandela was in AFRICA, his wife was known to have people set on fire with a diesel soaked tire around their body.

  • John Galt

    How much longer will we allow gasoline to get into the hands of violent criminals? When is enough, enough? After this, why is there a single gas station open anymore? Was this “assault-style” gasoline? Where is Diane Feinstein when you need her?

  • Creature ass nigga


  • Julia Harbeck

    the comments about this horrific offense make me want to cry. what is the world coming to when people can be so glib and cruel about such a horrible thing. I really think we are doomed, by all sides.

  • authemis

    looks like its time for them to get a little further out.

  • Americadies

    So what, no one tied a tire around his neck and set it on fire. His body was burned after he was dead.
    One terrible incident does not convict a nation or a race.

  • Americadies

    I still do not see a tire. Your attempt to convict America is failing. I am sure we all can find atrocities by blacks on whites, so what?

  • John Jeremiah Smith

    Nebraska in the 20’s? Who cares? That was then; this is now. It is NOW that blacks are targeting whites. NOW. 1920 is less than a footnote, and history is a story published by the winners. We’re not going to let the blacks be “winners” this time around, either. They can either behave like civilized people, or die.

  • rabiddog9

    I think we need a Zombie Apocalypse, NOT to kill black, white, yellow or brown people, rather to feast on the brains of all the idiotic commentators that respond to these media bait stories. Let them eat the reporters and editors of these stinking tabloids a s well.

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Perp has a long rap sheet including domestic violence, assaults, protective order violations… and this gem;

    Statute Code:CR.2.205
    Charge Description :Attempted First Degree Murder
    Offense Date From:08/08/2010
    Disposition: Nolle Prosequi

    He was released on the lesser charge of Assault-Second Degree after serving 3 months.

  • rabiddog9

    Yes but diddling yourself online for money is bad for you soul dear.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Yes, it was called “necklacing”. Mrs. Mandela used the technique against everybody she didn’t like.

  • GWB2000

    All i see is a couple of white guys who obviously got in the way of the black guy while he was trying to put gas in his car, pushing the black guy who lost control of the gas can and dropped it causing a spark that lit up the two man, white , death squad, foiling their plans to kill the black guy.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    When the blacks join up with the muzzies, then White people will have to deal with both. And you know the blacks WILL join them sooner or later, if for no other reason than to get the opportunity to kill white men and rape white women.

  • Yabba_Dabba

    One feral female comments “Look they on fire.” with as much emotion as a bacterium.

  • Red

    Lol that’s why the entirety of the African and South American continents were colonized and run by whites. Hispanics won’t side with blacks as a whole; they know better.

  • Henry

    You are a racist bigot! Every race on this earth came from Jesus you moron. We are as smart as we put our mind to. There is no such thing as a smarter race on this planet just smarter human beings that worked hard and studied to be that smart.


    Not true and a stupid sentiment. We gave you Jesus Buckwheat, what have you done with Him?

  • Popshop

    Yeah… white marsh is pretty far from Baltimore but thanks for trying to make the city look worse than it already is.

  • jimbo3298

    We need gasoline control laws enacted now!


    “Every race on this earth came from Jesus you moron.”

    He did not create mankind equally neither did He ask your opinion when it was done.

  • Look

    ‘man poured gasoline on two co-workers’

    well, that settles it then…..clear case of workplace violence.

  • MaryEJ

    Frustrating that we just witnessed 2 men being SET ON FIRE and most of the comments are about race. They were SET ON FIRE. Who cares what the race of the guy was who did it.. he needs to be destroyed. Period.

  • Bubba Gump

    Pretty much an open and shut case against this a$$ clown. Let him pay the price by the same method. It would send a strong message and do it in public just like the terrorists do. This country went to hell after they banned public executions.

  • Bubba Gump

    Pretty much an open and shut case against this a$$ clown. Let him pay the price by the same method. It would send a strong message and do it in public just like the terrorists do. This country went to hell after they banned public executions.

  • Schmoe

    Climate change made them do it…..


    If Obama had a son…

  • Circa53

    More info on RINO Fraud cruz will be coming out soon, and none of it good..Trump knows he’s a weasel.

  • ShantiGirl

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA ^5 I snorted.

  • ShantiGirl

    What happened in the last few decades that turned so many people into psychopaths?

  • yennikcm

    Is there anything, Barrys sons, won’t do?

  • John Jeremiah Smith

    And it’s so real. Funny how white people don’t like the idea of blacks throwing gasoline on them and setting them on fire. You’re a shill — we get that.

  • Nick


  • John Jeremiah Smith

    You said “I don’t anybody”.

    English a second language for ya, shill?

  • ember


    Rodriguez told 11 News that Harrison had an ongoing dispute with one of the victims.

    “They kept pushing him and pushing him, saying that they wanted to fight him,” Rodriguez said.

    had agreed to settle it. Nothing besides that was said, even leading up
    to the altercation. They both took their shirts off and appeared like
    they were going to fight,” Widener said.

    Sounds like Harrison is a chicken sh*t coward. And Rodriguez isn’t much better for blaming the victims. I doubt the guy with the 90% burns makes it. Be a miracle if the other guy makes it.

  • John Jeremiah Smith

    What is it, then, shill? Sensible people, in your opinion, should not ever have an innate distrust, dislike, or fear of people who throw gasoline on white people?

    Real world, real statistics, black-on-white crime is 20X that of white-on-black crime — FBI crime stats available on-line. Not a reason for caution, shill? Not a reason to distrust, shill?

    Peddle your nonsense as you see fit. Facts are facts, lies are lies, media connivance is media connivance.

  • bicentennialguy

    We need common sense gasoline control!

  • Mike Rowegreshian

    Most blacks simply do not like or really care about Whites, White culture or Western Civilization and values in general. For over 50 years the American Left has bathed blacks in the propaganda of resentment & hate for Whites – ALL Whites. Apparently White Libs think they will somehow be exempted from the violence – as ‘good Whites’ – You will not! The sooner you White libs get this through your ethnomasochistic skulls – the better off you’ll be, or just continue sacrificing YOUR children to the Gods of multicultural suicide. Lead, follow or get the fukk out of the way.

  • maudieNmandeville

    Black culture.

  • Mike Rowegreshian

    …an oxymoron.

  • E. Newton

    “For over 50 years the American Left has bathed blacks in the propaganda of resentment & hate for Whites – ALL Whites.”

    You got it.

  • Mike Rowegreshian

    White People are waking up, especially this generation. They have seen the proof & figured out that they have no future in the Left’s vision of America.

  • dlink

    What race are the victims? Does it say anywhere?

  • Kenneth G Maiden

    Just so funny and TRUE!

  • Kenneth G Maiden


  • Nate

    Gas control now?

  • The original man


  • JoaquinSpandex™

    I was there on business about 10 years ago, and had no idea I wasn’t allowed. So I did, and you’d have thought I screamed “fire!” , so many people came running towards me yelling.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    Let me guess… it’s whitey’s fault, “white privilege’s fault”, “capitalism’s fault”, “Trump’s fault”, “Republicans’ fault”, and every other r’tard excuse the left spews out.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I agree with your sentiment but it is time you face the real answer to this question –
    Where on this planet, anywhere, any time, through all history, have black people assembled, self governed, and flourished in peace and prosperity?

    NO blaming whitey. NO excuses. Just answer that question honestly. THEN admit what that answer means. Mugabe went full on kill whitey – and how is that working out?

    Hat to tell ya this partner but telling the truth about things, admitting the truth about things isn’t racist and it doesn’t make on a bigot. It is time the so called “black community” take a serious look in the MIRROR for the failures witnessed all over this planet each and every day.

    Is it skin color causing any of it? Nope. But using skin color as an excuse sure is the ever present excuse though isn’t it? Maybe it is time for another path eh? Like oooohhhhhh Individual accountability and personal responsibility? Maybe that would help.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Spilling gas on high end paint jobs often found on bikes can be hazardous to ones health. 😉

  • Mike in Illinois

    Well, Democrats DO want endless supplies of menial service based work that doesn’t pay well so they can continue to inflate the economy so their minimum wage argument and welfare argument holds for twenty elections.

  • Mike in Illinois

    We need an executive replacement.

  • MintyFresh

    A quick hanging is what the perp deserves and even that’s too good for him.

  • Malatrope

    They’re really quite fanatic about it. Says something about lib states.

  • tham

    Almost all major urban newspapers and media outlets refrain from identifying a criminal’s race if he/she is black. This is now a national policy that I imagine was crafted jointly by media administrators. It’s pretty much a waste of time though as the location of the crime and usually the absurd names give it away. They aren’t fooling us.

  • tham

    Sadly, islam has made inroads in the black population over the last five decades. Prisons are fertile conversion grounds here and in England. Then there’s Nation of Islam, etc.

  • Circa53

    Calypso Louie say’s whatever he wants and AG lynch won’t arrest him or any other brotha..

  • Malatrope

    Wow, you don’t get out much, do you? Google up “streetfighter” and see who rides them. Or go to Youtube and find out how the kids all over the world try to one-up each other doing insane things on motorcycles.

    You couldn’t be more wrong.

  • tham

    Wow. Then again, we have overflowing prisons. Our society is not healthy.

  • tham

    Since it was black on white, shouldn’t it be investigated as a possible hate crime? It would be if it were white on black crime.

  • tham

    He’s 82 now so get ready for the media event of his funeral complete with slobbering politicians and entertainers.

  • Rick-Rolled

    Don’t want those checks garnished for those child support payments!

  • Rick-Rolled

    Workplace violence?

  • JustJeff

    Our equals, our poor, benighted, oppressed black brothers…

  • SF soldier

    I wonder if they will label this monster a racist?

  • Doc Jtroy

    But Jesus wasn’t even white?

  • Doc Jtroy

    Whoa! I wonder what the argument was about?

  • Dingus chopper

    Fried chicken

  • John Jeremiah Smith

    You are just a shill. In 30 years of Internet usage, I’ve seen a thousand of you.

  • John Jeremiah Smith

    Of course not. Shills cannot be offended. They specialize in it.

  • wjgo

    Crispy or Original KFC?

  • bob e

    suspect .. he black & he proud .. eff all you black mofo’s !!

  • splink

    Lord have mercy on those poor victims.
    Seems like some human species are devolving into animals.

  • Buck Naked

    haha….yup, that’s the truth too. They’re nazi’s about their gas pumping.

  • boink

    This kind of crime: Wrong to assume drugs were involved?

  • Storm

    Adam Not Jesus….sigh.

  • Darkheart11

    How very jihadi of the boy!

  • Jessegi

    Nice place….

  • homerlaughlin

    LMAO, that’s like ewww but so funny!

  • cadgbd

    that’s because merikan blacks are part of the muslim brotherhood

  • spro23

    that’s when USA was 90% white

  • spro23

    USA was 90% white during our grandparents’ age. the more ‘diverse’ it has become, it has steadily degraded into a violent brown and black 3rd world hellhole

  • spro23

    they will chase down the very last white person in the last white country. they are animals and parasites

  • OverTheEdge789


  • Epoche

    Its interesting to watch though. What the hell do all these other groups have in common though. What happens when they find out that the Jews are really in charge and not the white man?

  • E. Newton

    I”m fascinated by the number of people who seem to make, or try to make jokes about this. I’m not trained in medicine, but I do know that burns are the most incredibly difficult injuries to repair and live through. This was not an accident, as far as we know. I can’t find any reason to contribute stupid snark to this story.

    I wonder if the internet existed in 1917, there would be people making smart remarks about mustard gas attacks. I’m absolutely certain that wouldn’t have happened. Because those people were different than these people.

  • E. Newton

    The explanation for what you are seeing is actually just as simple as that. People are not interchangeable. A Pakistani is not an Englishmen. A Somali is not a Japanese person. A Nigerian is not an Irishmen.

    Negroes are not white Europeans. You can put them in gleaming schools, give them EBT cards and affirmative action. They are not and will never exhibit, as a group, white European characteristics.

  • mickey cahill

    anybody know if all these people are black?

  • 0hiojoe

    Of course it should, but it won’t. This type of headline does not fit the agenda.

  • vomit “O”

    Obama admin will likely end up having his JUSTus department charge these two men with a Hate Crime for enciting the innocent Black Victim to violence.


    Don’t sweat the small stuff Her Buckwheat, one “Jew” is in charge just like always and just like forever. You seem to think you got a dog in this American fight and if you do Jesus Christ is the Man, ask him if I’m lying.

  • Dingus chopper

    It does not take alot to set off these dindus . They feel offended then go stupid. If you friend one of these people or just think its cool to be around them ,It’s on u .

  • ZZZzzzz

    CONFIRMED: Arsonist Harrison a big black MOFO….looks like he got a little blowback singe from the gas looking at the pic of the [email protected] butthurt butt ugly face. The 2 burned are white, surrounded by useless heartless pathetic Obama sons on the phone rather than helping the 2.

  • ZZZzzzz

    There a Genocide of White Farmers for decades now in Zimbabwe (better off as Rhodesia), and I remember reading a story the government had only $246, while bigot racist Mugabe millionaire.

    There’s a Genocide going on of White Farmers, productive, feeding so many Africans in South Africa too. They virtually wiped out all whites with ethnic cleansing, only a few remain. No one cares. Except some blacks, who end up in mass graves and trying to help. The majority of the blacks just squat on the farms, do nothing. There’s starvation.

    These white farms are so beautiful, some over a century in the making. So sad. And Obama shakes hands and bows to this killer Mugabe…this vid is from almost 10 yrs ago when they were under duress, now they just murder them all, even babies and 80 year olds.



  • therevv

    I didn’t hear anything about this until I came to this site this morning. Can you imagine the response if the press had the balls to report this story on a national level? Oh wait, they were white. They obviously deserved it. I was an amateur and professional fighter years ago. I trained and fought against people of every nationality and there were never any issues. But in the past few years after being inundated by stories like this,I find myself experiencing an anger and hatred that even scares me.

  • RayOne

    The admin will be memorialized as one of the most decisive and stupid in the history of western civilization, in a democratic country.

  • Darkheart11

    I would prefer the guy get stopped by a .45 ACP.

  • You are one stupid, racist picaninny. Uneducated POS.

  • Ignorant, uneducated picaninny POS.

  • Epoche

    racist bigot filth trash yo moma

  • Why do you dumfucs always describe yourselves in your posts? We know what you are. And I bet yo moma doesn’t approve you including her in your juvenile rants.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Last time I chose that subject to read about I saw some sentiment that they had made some mistakes and are asking for white farmers to return….and that it is being rebuffed. Why would any return after having everything they built basically stolen and even some killed in the stealing process?

    Mugabe is a tyrant, openly enriching himself at the expense of, at the death of, the breadbasket of Africa. I don’t see a return to that stature – not even after mugabe is gone. Too much damage has been done now. Mother Nature is already reclaiming ground once worked to farm. And the ‘population” just sets around wondering why they are starving like Ethiopians in the 80s and 90s.

  • [email protected]

    If it was the other way around there would be no end to discussions and anti-White propaganda for weeks and weeks to make sure it’s well remembered. Time to put an END to it! White lives MATTERS! Without it there is no civilisation. An eye for an eye; let him feel it too.

  • SupportMcCarthyism

    Kennesaw, GA will always be a testament that liberals will “always” despise because of the gun laws they have on the books. Compare their crime rate to Chicago, NYC or L.A. any day.

  • Jerry

    You should really look beyond your European history books before you make such an ignorant statement.

    ” Where on this planet, anywhere, any time, through all history, have
    black people assembled, self governed, and flourished in peace and
    prosperity? “

  • Mike in Illinois

    I notice you do not list them. You do not answer the question. Instead, you make a personal attack on ME and claim me to be lacking in historical knowledge. You claim ignorance, yet do not inform, and all the way across the attempted strike you couch the race card.

    Saul is laughing hard because you failed miserably in your attempt to emulate.

    Jerry, answer the question straightforwardly – as it was asked straightforwardly.

    Or just run and hide as you admit to everyone you have no answer to it.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    You can’t take an 80 I.Q. race like the negros and turn them into Brain Surgeons, bucko. Haiti, Zimbabwe, Kenya, all the black Countries are mired in stupidity because they are stupid.
    Remember, 80 I.Q. was considered “retarded” till the negros proved to average at that level. Now its “Special Ed”. Genetics, it’s the future.


  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Answer the question, Jerry.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA

    Greece, Rome, Etruscan, and on and on. Further going back 40,000 years have you seen the caves of Les Cauques? The Solutrean blade points?

    Meanwhile negros were looking at which goat to hump.

  • butter toast

    > Google up “streetfighter” and see who rides them.

    all google shows is pictures of poofters

  • Malatrope

    Well, you have to ignore those…we’re talking about motorcycles, not flaming weirdos.

  • butter toast

    make up your mind fruity hippie

  • Bitchasstrick

    This is sad

  • MintyFresh