GOP Consultant Rick Wilson: Republicans Have to “Put a Bullet” in Trump’s Head – Ann Coulter Is Taking Anal (Updated)

rick wilson trump bullet
GOP Consultant Rick Wilson says GOP establishment needs to “put a bullet” in Trump’s head.

Wilson has also hurled insults at Trump supporters the past few months. reported:

On Tuesday evening, establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson said the GOP establishment donor class must find a way to “put a bullet” in GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Wilson conceded that “Trump is still a very powerful force right now” because he appeals to part of the of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his “nativist” message. Wilson insisted that the donor class “can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, ‘oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.’”

“They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson said. “And that’s a fact.”

Republican establishment figures who have underestimated Trump since he entered the race are reportedly looking to raise millions to try to derail Trump and knock him out of the race. Wilson added that the Republican establishment must figure out a way to find a candidate who can successfully “post up” against Hillary Clinton because “neither Donald Trump or Ben Carson is ready to go up against the Clinton machine. Wilson claimed that Trump and Carson are “obviously not ready for primetime.”…

…During a September CNN interview, Wilson told Erin Burnett that Trump could “eat a live baby on television” and Trump’s supporters “would think it’s the greatest thing in America.” He has also demeaned Trump’s supporters as “low-information” rubes and has likened them to “post-rational” conspiracy theorists.

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, Wilson said Trump’s message “doesn’t have to make sense” for his supporters to back him and compared Trump to someone who is a conspiracy theorist like “your cranky uncle at Thanksgiving” who always has a theory about the Bilderbergers or the World Bank, or the IMF, or the Trilateral Commission.”

Today Rick Wilson attacked Ann Coulter for supporting Donald Trump.
He took it to a new low.
coulter rick wilson

UPDATE: The original statement by consultant Rick Wilson were made earlier this year.

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  • Patty

    can we all say the guy really hates Trump, nasty profanity, hateful words, disgusting and this will do the party in. Oh, excuse me, they have already done that. Some of the most childish and ignorant people in both parties.

    and use the dirtiest tactics humanly possible to take out, excuse me not literally, the front runner.

  • LouAnnWatson

    sorry, if anyone deserves the bullet, it’s the butcher of benghazi

  • pb2

    Trump has the establishment/elite on both sides panicking. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

  • getthemlibsout

    after the 2016 elections, this troll turd will be working for the dems

  • Locutor

    His comment to Ann was back in August, but he’s been nothing but vile since then.

  • Brett

    How about somebody putting a bullet in Rick Wilson’s head? Who pays this LOSER to spew his jackwagon BS?

  • They are in total meltdown over Trump !

  • getthemlibsout

    don’t be stingy….give her 2 or 3 or 4…..

  • getthemlibsout

    probably ms lindsey!

  • succotash

    These idiots are worse than the classless left,the more they hate him the more I like him.

  • Patty

    why don’t they talk about ISIS in this way? Humm.

  • Sniffy Pop

    Desperation is the theme.

    Both Party’s are shaking in their boots

    Why is he not in jail?

  • ..and on that happy note – I’d like to wish all here at the Gateway Pundit a Merry Christmas and happy and safe holiday to you and yours…

  • Sniffy Pop


    They are scared to death the Donald has hit the pusle of the real American

  • Lichen Craig

    He is a consultant, not a candidate. It isn’t his job to be talking about ISIS. His job is to advise the GOP and its candidates about what will help them win. The problem is, he is a moron.

  • Mary N

    Rick you will be taken out like a dog so give it up pig

  • Lichen Craig

    He’s mean-spirited enough to sound like a liberal. LOL

  • haypa2

    Looks like he is telling candidates to diss their voters. That’s a winner.

  • Lichen Craig

    Reply to the MEME: I’d say you lack the information to be talking the complete picture. That meme is a very simplistic statement, and really means nothing.

  • The Establishment is being completely honest.

    They want to give it to you in the butt. If you want it in the butt, vote for Bush.

  • SanjS

    ISIS can’t destroy those roaches, but Trump can when he cuts off the money spigot

  • Guest

    I think these guys are really signaling what they hope happens.

  • Guest

    Rick works with Rubio’s Super PAC.

  • Hillary’s Lies Matter

    A man like Trump running for president is horrible, but the woman running for the same office, who is a serial liar, corrupt, and morally bankrupt, is just fine. These establishment fools are in for a serious world of hurt for the next 8 years.

  • Guest

    Rubio’s Super PAC, for one. He coordinates Trump attacks with Cheri Jacobus, who works for GOPAC, among other clients.

  • Hillary’s Lies Matter

    That, my friend, is exactly why they are panicked. On Fox yesterday morning, the rino idiot Rove. Was still trying to tell us that Jebby could still pull it out.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Establishment rinos ARE liberal.

  • Hillary’s Lies Matter

    If they take out Trump, do they really believe we will vote for some establishment character? They’ll lose because we will not go and vote for another establishment rino who is just as bad as Hillary.

  • Phoenix_Damaged

    What kind of desperation is this?!?
    Has the establishment GOP really become the state-side political arm of ISIS?

  • Mike in Illinois

    Maybe a ghost high capacity thirty round clip automatic magazine would be proper.

  • Cowardly Lion

    “They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson said. “And that’s a fact.”

    The GOP establishment sounds more like democrats every day. I hope the secret worthless service is gonna go after this moron for threatening the Donald. He can claim it was a figure of speech all he wants, his hate tells me he meant it as a literal threat.

    Oh, I think Ann can sue you for libeling her, Mr. Potatoe Head. Wow, this guy has got some fantasies about Ann, but too bad for his loser beta-male complex, he’ll never get someone like Ann.

  • Guest

    He hates Trump as a person and his imagery is repeatedly violent against him, like ‘draw blood’ in this piece.

  • Michael

    Jim, the Breitbart article was from Oct., and the tweet was from Aug. There is nothing new here, certainly nothing that happened “today.”

  • JacksonPearson

    This character’s comments sums up why the Washington establishment must be broken up.

  • Mad Hatter

    Yes they are. He’s the second RINO talking about shooting Trump in the head.

  • Guest

    Doesn’t have to be new to be newsworthy, especially given that Kasich’s guy just called for a head shot, and people are upset over ‘schlong’ while Wilson’s anal comments didn’t merit a notice from many.

  • Guest

    Wilson is billionaire donor Jim Jordan’s ad guy, who’s backing Rubio.
    Apparently, he also worked for the Bushes.

  • Cowardly Lion

    As Rowdy Roddy Piper use to say “This guy couldn’t get a date if he had a hundred dollar bill on his forehead”.

  • HockeyShark

    Who cares what this closeted twink says?

  • PedroPachanga

    Wilson is a filthy cretin, isn’t he..? But it’s the GOP that pays that guy; who else would it be? Maybe the democrats…

  • cylde

    Most of the people that have their shorts in a knot have never met Trump never read his book, never watched the apprentice. The thing that drives them crazy is he ignores their advice and is succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. Rove is the most famous of that crowd and he is not very. They can make millions if their candidate wins and have a career advising but Trump is disqualifying them.

  • Jerry Shelton

    Trump says “schlonged” and MSM goes bat dung crazy! This guy says put a bullet in Trump, and the MSM gun control puppets say nothing.
    I could use use the term double standard, however I think that implies a “standard”

  • Total vermin, this guy… probably a liberal plant. Stick that conspiracy up your trap door.

  • Cowardly Lion
  • Jeff Buehner

    Who is this vulgar, delusional prick and what moron would hire him as a consultant?

  • Mileaway

    We wouldn’t need to put a bullet in Trump’s head if you’d put one in Obama’s first!

  • Guest

    Nice attempt at word play, but fail. He didn’t say it was breaking news. Information isn’t always reported the moment it occurs. Your determination on what and when something is newsworthy is subjective. Why parse it? Uncomfortable with GOPe consultants being called out for death threats and hateful comments?

  • Thomas Weiss

    Why do I have the feeling Mr Wilson better learn to duck…..

  • Dom

    I’ll not forget how the GOP is reacting to Mr Trump’s popularity; they weren’t this tough on obama!

    The GOP meltdown is proof that the establishments have been milking us for too long.

    The GOP’s attitude towards Mr Trump is essentially the same attitude towards the Americans who support him….

    There could be trouble….

  • showmerancher

    The GOP establishment must have put this out as a talking point. Kasich’s campaign chairman in Illinois said the same thing. It sounds like they are trying to put ideas in the head of some drugged up wacko. These folks appear to have some SERIOUS mental problems. Hopefully the Secret Service is on this and Trump’s own security folks and his Secret Service detail are aware of it.

  • Bubba Gump

    Time for the Secret Service to do some investigations. Better take out the core because that is where the GOPe is rotten. What better way than a full on Secret Service investigation and slam a few of these pukes with some time in Crossbar Motel.

  • Bubba Gump

    Because the GOPe is ran by Rancid Pe1nus?

  • Enuffallredy

    Same typical generic comments below, but this is getting dangerous and unacceptable as now we see the progression of assassination remarks being made and accepted with no outrage or charges filed. Let’s flip scenarios with obozo and see how hysterical the media gets.

    If Trump goes down by bullet its on!!!!

  • Karma’s Janitor

    This is a terroristic threat in some states, an arrest able offense.
    Nothing new to high profile personalities.
    This schmuck needs a warning sent to him.
    I’m thinking he will receive some, when someone posts his home address.

  • custom by crunch

    Seems like The Secrete Service should be having a little sit down with these boys.

  • Jeffrey Rausch

    This man’s hateful and filthy obscenities are one thing, but incitement to violence now?. There are people out there who would not understand him to speaking metaphorically, if he were. This man’s irresponsible lack of judgement is dangerous; he is worse than one yelling “fire!” in a theatre, for giggles. His words are unfit for consumption.

  • Larry Probert

    We have been sold down the river so many times by the Republican Establishment I can’t count, and it just continues. They are afraid for their power base if Trump wins. I do pray he can beat Clinton if it comes to it. I am afraid of a civil war in this country if the Dems win this election and they come after more of our rights and give more power to our enemies. Particularly our gun rights. Many in Americans will fight if they try to take our guns and it will be the left against the right in the streets. At a time when our country is under attack by illegal aliens trying to influence our government and make demands they have no right to, and the Muslim Community encroaching on our way of life and making their demands, infiltrating slowly and making changes in our schools and institutions, we have a battle with half of our country who can’t seem to see the dangers in front of them and the danger to our freedoms coming from the left. Very sad. And Angry.

  • jwbaumann

    It’s so pathetic when seen in the context of the MSM giggling and fondling themselves every time a leftist says “tea-bagger”.

  • S. Hall

    They may be scared to death about a Trump Presidency but how dare they talk about putting a bullet in his head. Are they looking for copy cats to do the job so they can blame it on a cartoon or a video.

  • S. Hall

    Rick Wilson’s job should be in the laundry of a maximum security prison. Inciting people to kill a presidential candidate is a major crime.

  • S. Hall

    And why do they want to take Trump out? because they can’t buy him. Trump 2016.

  • cliffleaper/Laura

    He’s precisely why voters are moving on. He’s GOP establishment all the way – and he’s crass, ill-informed, cranky, corrupt and painfully useless to our nation.
    Watching the GOP & the Dems fall all over each other, frantic to keep the dulled masses asleep so they can continue to be cowards & erode our rights daily… Is enlightening.
    One team; not two. How much clearer could it be? No Red. No Blue. It’s one team in cahoots.
    And their one team that’s pounding Trump? Not my team. And most assuredly not yours.

  • gsp9993

    The GOP establishment is looikng for Lee Harvery Oswald.

  • cliffleaper/Laura

    Kasich, if I recall correctly.


    My first question is why isn’t Rick Wilson in jail for terroristic threats? Second Gollum doesn’t get it.

  • gsp9993

    Yep this guy is far more in the gutter than Trump. He’s got them in a position they deserve for ignoring America’s voice for far too long.

  • gsp9993

    They all read from the same talking points


    I hope they die on fire watching their dreams die before then. I want them empty of hope and opportunity just like they want for us. Welcome to the social compact Ricky: we bitter clinger a call that honor or for the unwashed like you it’s often described as the “Law of Reciprocity”…

    How’s it feel to get curb stomped by us savages you son of a worm?


    Merry Cristmas to you too bro!

  • S. Hall

    Anytime someone makes a death threat against a candidate for the Presidency it should be NEWS. The culprit should be charged with a crime. First thing that should happen is that he should be fired from his job or the blame for this goes straight to the Republican Party.

  • S, Hall

    Michael — The American voters have a right and a responsibility to vote for the candidate of their choice. No one has the right to take that vote from us. I don’t care if the jerk made the comment in October. He made the comment and this is against the law.

  • S. Hall

    Must be hard for Wilson to sell Rubio unless the threatens to take out all the opposition by any means necessary.

  • Patty

    Raise millions to put a bullet in Trump?
    That is no just fighting words but you can get yourself locked up for that.

    Trump has billions and he would never say he wants to put a bullet into anyone’s head. You see, that is against the law. Trump knows a thing or two about laws.Those comments will get you lock up. And I hope this moron will be. This Wilson guy has literally scrape the bottom of the barrel.

    Because of the “strain” (make big bucks for doing nothing) the GOP has been under for the past 7 years, I do believe many od these so called powerful people need to have their head examine. The comments made by this Wilson fellow will only enhance those who support Trump’s candidacy. As I see it, this has been a problem with the GOP “establishment and that is, there incompetency to serve the people of America. Americans are angry and they have seen nothing being done that is beneficial in any way towards the American people. The GOP is self-serving and have been for way too long and that is why Americans are leaving the party and actually see in Trump what the American people have been craving, honest talk, sincerity, a real reason to believe in someone who is not a politician. So, to this Wilson character I hope you are arrested for the death Treats and you will lose whatever job you have in the Public eye because this nation is much better off without the likes of you.

    Btw, comments by Wilson were made in Oct.
    GOP Establishment’s Rick Wilson: Donor Class Must ‘Put a Bullet in Donald Trump’

  • Patty
  • yennikcm

    yes, it is….

  • saturn

    GOP fills a well needed gap. Stop supporting the GOP.

  • RD44

    Rick Wilson is a dirt bag. I feel better if he got his butt kicked.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    The first time there is an attempted murder on Trump, you just know his poll numbers will rise even higher!

  • Andrew Interrupted

    Rick Wilson certainly does work for the uni-party, given that all his criticisms about the media going easy on Trump actually apply to Hillary. Had her sacred vuh-jay-jay not been up for election, she’d be on trial for violating dozens of federal laws surrounding her email scandal.

    She better not turn out to be a guy–or she’s schlonged!

  • iWildwood

    Forget the sit down! Just arrest them!

  • iWildwood

    Part of that beauty is how fully exposed they are becoming, making it quite clear that the GOP, just like the DNC, is not the least bit concerned about the needs of WTP! (We The People).

  • Andrew Interrupted

    You’ve heard of “suicide by cop”? Maybe Rick Wilson
    is trying to commit “suicide by American”?

  • iWildwood

    Seems to me he already does work for those Dems who attempt to pass themselves off as Republican Conservatives.

  • iWildwood


  • Andrew Interrupted

    Donald is a very high assassination risk. He’s taking too many chances. He needs to nominate a ‘mini-me’ for VP for that reason. Someone who will maintain the exact course if the Rick Wilsons of the world get their wish.

  • iWildwood

    Seems more than a few of them not only need to be broken up but incarcerated and/or committed!

  • 3-2-1 Secret Service showed up lol

  • Andrew Interrupted

    Yeah, the “nativist” talking point is having no effect. People like it. I like it.

    I’m meeting plenty of minorities and foreign-borns who would like to see white people take back the western civilization they created. They know the west isn’t great because of the “magic dirt”. It’s (was) great because of the white people who made it. Minorities and foreign-borns want to live in a white country–run by white people. The same lesson that South Africa is now learning.

  • okie71

    By Ann Coulter

  • Mel

    Whoa, that is a bit harsh, but I certainly understand and agree with the deep anger. Let us all take our anger out at the polls!

  • Eeltwn2

    I bet the communists, marxists, socialists, islamists, democraizis, rinos just love this guy

  • Mel

    I agree, I cannot believe the FBI did not tell Rick Wilson to knock it off the first time. That man must have some great gig going to want to protect it so much by publicly encouraging and advocating someone shooting Trump. In the head, no doubt! That is what Rick Wilson said, TWICE. Where is the FBI in shutting this man down?

  • Andrew Interrupted

    OK, one burst on auto.

  • billypaintbrush

    This is what passes for a Republican consultant? Him, Steve Schmidt and Karl Rove are just a bunch of mercenary weasels. Their polling appears to be only on K Street.

  • CrushAllDems

    This slug is as disgusting as the Democrats…

  • Tym O’Byrne

    Oh brother, Trump is no conservative, his real support is from the middle, not the left or right. The political class in this country needs to be the ones who are deported first. The first wall that needs to be built is around the DC metro area, cage them like the rats they are.

  • It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between GOPe and LibDems. I’m not leaving my party, my party is leaving me.

  • Gnome Sane

    The thought of the donor class throwing their money down the crapper is truly heartbreaking. And they’re supposed to be smart? Would be funny if Trump became an Independent once he’s elected as a Repub. Goodbye Repubs.

  • Vernon Yost

    I do believe that Trump has brought out the evil that has embraced both parties. Even Rev. Franklin Graham turned Independent

  • John Baker

    What a dolt. The majority of conservatives are still backing other candidates. Once they drop out or form an alliance with Trump, the demographic will shift and Trump’s lead will increase dramatically.

  • paulgilpin

    well said.

  • glenn47

    He sounds like he is channeling Harry Reid and his filthy rhetoric. He needs to shut up and leave. Who exactly is paying him and we will find the reason for his outbursts.

  • Gnome Sane

    It’s a Trump/Cruz race, everyone else should pack it in.

  • India Maria

    Stick a fork in ‘im….Sounds done………It is hilarious, “not ready for the Hillary machine….?” Hell, even B. Hussein, a two-bit Acorn activist, a 2 year Senator with ZERO accomplishments, with only a sharp crease in his pants, handily beat the “Hillary machine” in 2008

  • Ralph

    I think Rick was asking if Trump paid Ann more for anal than he was paying Rick for anal. Just making sure he was getting a good deal.

  • Dian_Cecht

    Put a bullet in his head? really? Why? So all Hell can break loose and Obama can finally have his martial law to become the US Mugabe? Is that the plan, Rick?

  • Mac in Texas

    Remember the dnc and rnc/gop have the same goals the same objectives one in the same no difference.

  • OK4AYL

    Since when is telling the truth considered HATE?

  • Pigg Pie

    Just make sure you’re a registered Republican and vote for Trump in the primaries.

    What these RINOs are attempting is to get you to drop out of party so your primary vote doesn’t count in electing Trump our next POTUS

  • 0hiojoe

    The government elite fear Donald Trump, if elected he will ruin their “free stuff party” that has been going on for far to long. ricky wilson should be in jail for his threatening rhetoric.

  • paul

    I find it interesting that both parties are attempting to get rid of Trump….Which means that he’s doing something right…

  • Trialdog

    Nailed it.

  • wtd

    Inciting to murder is a crime. Clearly, these vocal members of the GoPe aren’t terribly concerned with the consequences of their boisterous public incitement – particularly should Trump ascent to the oval office. This behavior only helps to expose and, in the near future, resolve concerns about unequal political influence.

  • HARP2

    Well Rick…people know where you live
    Maybe you should call your family and see if they’re safe….(for now).

  • wtd

    Based on current administration funding and actions- Congressional approval not withstanding – why would they? Whether Congress had a voice or not, they helped fund, arm and expand ISIS

  • Obvious that the DC crowd think their privileged carrots. Sooooo need to clean out that cesspool.

  • Dingus chopper

    The ann coulter anal thing is really out of line as is the trump comment. He must be a back door in the closet type . What a creep

  • Servo1969

    We have no time for this! Trump used the word “schlong!”

  • Servo1969

    If he had said this about Obama during his campaign blood would have run in the streets.

  • Original Prankster

    Time for a new party – the GOP can suck @$$

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    My concern is President Trump or Cruz will be so resented by both parties in congress they will unify against him. Bad for the country for sure but probably better than President Hilarious Rotten.

  • FedUpWithWelfareStates

    This NASTY Man, obsessed with ANAL Fixations, needs a visit from the Secret Service.

    Once convicted & sent to prison for threatening to kill someone under Secret Service protection, I am sure he will finally get his ANAL Fixations satisfied in prison…

  • guessed

    Well, with Crazy Bennie and Lady Macbeth the only competiton, we were wondering how the GOP-E was going to throw THIS one.
    I guess we have our answer…

  • guessed

    This is Obama’s secret service we’re talking about here. If they can look up from their whores and booze long enough to arrest ANYONE, it’d be Trump…

  • Original Prankster

    Jihad Paul Ryan proved that

  • Sideshowjoe

    So this jerk is a GOP consultant? Who in the world does the consult? Who in their right mind would take his advice? Disgusting.

  • Josh Gilman

    That’s not real….but it’s funny.

  • Josh Gilman

    Is that why nothing has changed for the better? Even with republicans holding the reigns? There IS NO difference.

  • Josh Gilman

    THIS. It’s the same thing when Dems are supposed to be for everyone; ‘the little guy’ but then deride and mock the blue collar folks any chance they get. Disgusting.

  • Josh Gilman

    Not without some considerable cheating and race-baiting. And because the elite wanted him there.

  • Donna

    rickie is a pig.

  • Don Keller

    This Rick Wilson guy is a real piece of trash…I’m looking forward to the gutting of the GOP…the “establishment” losers have crapped on their base one too many times.

  • Goober_Pyle

    What a disgusting pig. Anyone have his email?

  • honestynow

    I am hoping that we the people will be kicking out the traitors we elected to the House and Senate last time (to clean house and stop 0 and his agenda) in 2016 as well (those up for re-election). Usher in a new breed who are pro-American!

  • Don Keller

    Rove is still holding out for Romney to win the last election…

  • GWB2000

    Why is this guy so intent on taking the voters majority (By a LOT) pick?

  • DontLie2Me

    And because this scum calls himself republican, the left will be quick to point out the “War on Women” concerning his comment on Ann Coulter. That comment should land him in court on a defamation charge.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the same corporations work for both political parties. a result of letting them confiscate your income.

  • Goober_Pyle

    The left won’t say squat. They hate Ann Coulter.

  • Guest

    They were questions, not strawman, “son”. You spent 3 comments & > 250 words critiquing one word, “today”. Jim put the story up late last night and used the word today at the bottom, right next to a screenshot showing August. That’s not an attempt to mislead and it’s unimportant. Funny – you just said it’s “old news” then “not news”. Can’t be old news if it’s not news. A simple search at GP’s search function would have shown you this info has not been reported here before. Clearly thousands disagree with your analysis that this information is useless. Its relevance is clear.

  • Rumpelstiltskin

    This is why I hate

  • Guest

    He’s on Twitter.

  • Mike Crognale

    This is beyond the pale. That SOB needs to be disowned by the Republican party. There is NO EXCUSE for that kind of rhetoric.

  • savage24

    Rick Wilson should shave his face and walk backwards. What an ass.

  • Goober_Pyle

    I refused to expose my brain to the idiocy of Twitter.

  • Southernsoul

    Where’s the libtards screaming, Hate Speach, Hate Speach ? Guess it’s ok when they see it as Republican on Republican.

    I’m not a Trump supporter. A year ago the guy was a democrat. But I do have to admire the way he has thrown the real public voice into the faces of the establishment.

  • Daniel Wood

    These idiots are so stupid. Trump is not the problem, people like Ryan are the problem. Trump is just the result of their corruption.

  • Redacted

    During a September CNN interview, Wilson told Erin Burnett that Trump
    could “eat a live baby on television” and Trump’s supporters “would
    think it’s the greatest thing in America.”

    That sounds like a great way to get democrats to vote for Trump.

  • Kelly Laraia

    Very crude language from Wilson for sure. Mr. Trump has used crude language on occasion.

    The putting a bullet to Trump comment was reckless and not acceptable as political rhetoric.

  • Haveaspine

    If this piece of terrorist dung said that about Obumma he would have been arrested.

  • Guest

    No, a year ago he wasn’t a Dem. That’s a false talking point propagated by GOPe consultant Wilson and his ilk. Trump was a R in the 80’s attended the R convention, and returned to the party years ago. In 2007, he praised Palin as re-energizing the Repub party. He endorsed both GOP nominees in 2008 & 2012, and he and his family donated to their campaigns. In 2011, he defended the Tea Party, and currently has Tea Party supporters and advisors. See his 2011 book, “Time to Get Tough”. He called out Obama and the media for not vetting him and the problem of illegal immigration years ago. Btw, your guy Cruz calls Trump his friend, “bold, brash, and speaking the truth”. To the rest, right on.

  • Appalachite

    Flush the Neocons out.

  • ee1774

    This happened in October.
    Why does the opening sentence read: “On Tuesday evening….”………?

  • Texas_Freedom

    Hmmmmm, that sounds like a threat that could become legal action. Don’t be surprised . . . .

  • dmallett

    Trump’s poll numbers just took another jump. Thanks Wilson, you are a great GOP consultant….for Trump. Wilson and his ilk are not afraid Trump will lose, they are terrified that he will win. Wilson and his ilk are going to get schlonged.

  • 2lambs4USA

    I hope I get to have a run in with Wilson one day. He is no Republican, more like an idiot who says stupid things to get media attention.

  • Obama Sandwich

    If y’all would quit quoting this guy and having him on TV – he’d go away.

  • Guest

    The opening sentence doesn’t. The first line of the quote from the linked article does.

  • Michael

    Fair enough. But are you going to defend Jim if someone comes here and calls him a liar? Why? They would have the right of it. He claimed this happened “today.” That is false.

    This isn’t about what’s in the article, this isn’t about whether something in the article was legal or illegal, this is about how the article is passed off as a current event. If you try to push a false premise (that this happened today), you give your opponents an angle to attack the claim by bringing in doubt (i.e. Why would he lie about when it happened? What else are they lying about?).

    This is journalism 101. I’m only looking out for Jim and the integrity of But, hey, if you want to keep giving democrats ammo instead of admitting that posting this article and claiming it happened “today” was a mistake, be my guest.

  • JReaS

    Why would we want him to go away? It’s important that we never forget there are people like this out there.

  • Guest

    CNN and other outlets should stop giving Wilson a platform after these attacks. He’s used violent threats against Trump more than once, his Coulter attack was sick and unprofessional, and he’s used violent language against others historically. He worked for Bush 41’s campaign, Cheney’s Defense Dept, the RNC, and now billionaire Jim Jordan uses Wilson for Rubio’s super PAC. (Please note how 3 of the consultants who aggressively go after Trump; Mair, Jacobus, and Wilson; all hail from the RNC.).

  • JReaS

    That wasn’t crude language. That was a physical death threat. There’s a difference.

  • JReaS

    This guy is a Republican consultant? That explains a lot.

  • Kelly Laraia

    Agree, as I indicated in the second sentence.

  • hal

    Trump is clearly getting under the thin skinned RINOS, and I couldn’t be more pleased! I agree that the GOP is dead, or dying, and we Conservatives had better hurry up and form a new party. I would immediately exclude all RINOS that now serve in Congress, and many of the RINO governors from the new party. What say you ?

  • drattastic

    Evil little sh*t. We’re about to shove Trump right down your throats,choke on him a*sholes.

    Also it sounded to me as if this chump is threatening a Presidential candidate’s life, shouldn’t the Secret Service be looking into him heavily?

  • RainbowStew-N-A-SilverSpoon

    The consulting class are nervous, huh?

  • ee1774

    OK………my point: This story is almost 2 months old. Old news.
    HOWEVER……………I’m puzzled as to why I haven’t heard/read this story until now.
    I’m into the news/politics…..probably too much…..
    Don’t recall seeing this story reported anywhere…..and surprised Trump wasn’t all over it.

  • Nate

    Who is that tard and why does anyone care what he has to say?

  • OldSailor

    To you and yours as well Teddi.

  • big bird

    Rick Wilson looks like the type of creepy old man that would get caught by his wife coming home early, dressing up in his wife’s nighty’s

  • Wingman ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Jebby couldn’t even pull his head out of his ass.

  • Guest

    Correction: multi millionaire John Jordan. The Rubio PAC ad is not Jordan’s and Wilson’s first collaboration.

  • Nora Dekovich

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • Rooby Doo

    For Wilson and many, many others just like him, the issue is money. He has a VERY lucrative job where he basically does nothing but think tank work and is handsomely paid. Because of this, his personal bottom line is that he wants the republicans to win, but he’d rather they lose if winning could in any way jeopardize his position.

  • Kubla Khan ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You had better be VERY careful with those words Mr. Wilson. Do you have strong security sir? .. You had better get yourself some pronto .. Furthermore, Mr. Wilson had better pray that nothing like that ever happens to Mr. Trump, or there will be a lot of blood in the streets, Mr. Wilson’s will be some of that blood.

  • Mary_Linda

    Yes but this GOP affiliate is particularly vulgar, particularly grotesque and disgusting. His liberal-slant obsession belies his childish associations. A child-man with no clothes on.

  • Dianna Gittelman

    How about jail time for the threat????

  • Guest

    They are. In fact, Katie Packer Gage, another GOPe consultant who worked for Romney with Carly, and has served as a Carly surrogate in anti-Trump pieces, is trying to help consultant Wilson fend off criticism on Twitter this morning.

  • Guest

    Trump 2016. Put GOPe consultants in the unemployment line.

  • President Mr. Trump

    Ann is a Christian and would not support sodomy in the first place. This is rank slander.

  • Enuffallredy

    And Facebook! Bunch of narcissists and ego maniacs.



  • chuck_in_st_paul

    the GOPe is terrified of The Donald. I love the smell of desperation in the morning!

  • chuck_in_st_paul

    with pictures of nude five year olds

  • Roxy7

    Rick Wilson is one of the establishment consultants who advised the GOP that supporting amnesty was a good idea since GOP voters had no where to go. Turns out that the anti amnesty candidate is the one doing the best in the race. Wilson and other establishment consultants will soon be in the unemployment line.

  • LudicrousSextus

    Amusing stuff. Let somebody mouth off a ‘threat’ like that regarding a *liberal* candidate, and we’d be reading a ‘Secret Service detains……’ headline…

  • John Galt

    $100 says Rick Wilson is a complete pussy.

  • FMK

    Wilson needs a ass kicking, what a jerk. How much did establishment pay him?

  • Guest

    *Multimillionaire John Jordan

  • Guest

    Yes you did. “These articles are old news…They’re (sic) usefulness is gone.” The only thing he referred to as today was the Coulter post, and the date showed it wasn’t. You’re the one having a fit about this getting attn. It’s very strange. If you were concerned abt Jim, there’s a tip button.

  • ZZZzzzz

    Un freaken believable. Wow. Just Wow. The GOP Establishment is def going rabid and frothing at the mouth now. I love that these establishment goons can’t get anywhere with the electorate with their money and Jebs ridiculous commercials against Trump. This azzhole Wilson should be arrested for making a threat of putting a bullet in Trump’s head. It’s not funny.

  • Cheyenne

    Ha, Ha, Ha! These Rino’s are imploding and they never had a plan of what to do when they got Trumped!

  • Southern Hounds

    Rick who?

  • ME Forbes

    Just asking: is what Rick Wilson threatened to Mr. Trump and/or to Ms. Coulter actionable? Why isn’t the Secret Service already knocking on Wilson’s door?

  • T Strole

    Are you kidding me, this Rick guy saying such vile thing about Ann C. This guy should be horse whipped.
    So now the come back is look what Trump said about the hill-da-beast, Trump said nothing this vile that only a demorat would say, he said she got dicked by her own party to lose to the biggest loser, and he said something about her going to the John, I do not like that but tell me how that is even close in comparison. This Rick guy is no .Conservative or even a mid right republican, he is just another low class demoRat. Riding Trumps coat tails for air time he never gets. If he was anywhere close to me I would break his nose for insulting this woman, bad part is, it is going to get nastier. I pray us on the right do not fall into their trap, everyone knows they will say vile things be we on right MUST be above it

  • Darkheart11

    rick, aren’t you getting paid enough for renting your butt out to all and sundry lefties? Or are you afraid of some possible competition?

  • splink

    Wilson has a filthy mouth, this isn’t the first time.
    He seems to be very familiar with the term “taking anal”
    Reince Preibus, throw the BUM OUT !

  • Backpacker1

    So Rick Wilson is holding himself up as a shining example of someone who is “ready for primetime”.
    And he calls “the base” RUBES?

    Mr Wilson and the rest of the GOPe are seriously self deluded.

  • toad

    That boy needs to be off the air, arrested for inciting violence.

  • Right wing

    You would think the GOP would quickly distance itself from someone spouting such hateful, disgusting comments. And that is why I am distancing myself from the GOP!

  • T Strole

    Here is my thoughts; Mr. Trump is going to drop out and hand his supporters over to Cruz which should lock him in. I think Trump got in the race to prove a point it does not take a lot of money to win if you say some things that keep u in the 24/7 news cycle and he for sure has said many things to
    keep him up on top. I personally do not see him giving up his play time to run the country he would rather build another highrise. This is just a game for him to conquer the shiny is going to wear off and he will get bored with it.

  • Andrew P.

    This guy may be a Republican hack, but – like most Repubicans in the guvmint — he’s no conservative. Someone should explain to this vile moron, that this is exactly the reason why we the people would rather vote for Trump than go with the “establishment.” So in the spirit of the “Holiday Season”: Argo Fu*k Yourself, Wilson.

  • tham

    You are officially delusional

  • Jim Censullo

    imagine if he said that about obama, where would he be by now

  • Circa53

    Youre on Drugs,,

  • tham

    Pedophile is not out of the question for guys like this. There are protected networks among the elite.

  • tham

    If Trump gets in he may help with a new common sense party. I’m really starting to hate the GOP now.

  • tham

    Trump does need to call for legal action against this type of language. This isn’t funny. If you post something like this about ovomit they will come for you

  • Guest

    Lol, people aren’t things. They come with individual will, thoughts, and priorities. Voters can’t be “handed over”. Trump’s sacrificed too much already to be planning to drop. And I for one will vote for Trump, but not Cruz.

  • Guest

    Ha. In looking at Katie’s Twitter, cofounder of WWP Strategies. See WWP Strategies on Twitter – promotes Rubio, just as Rick Wilson does for Rubio’s SuperPAC. Know who’s pushing and why. BTW, Rubio’s latest donor, Singer, has a co venture with…George Soros. Globalist uniparty establishment.

  • Mike

    The GOP has been infiltrated and occupied by traitors.
    Trump needs to run as an indy if the GOP finds a way to boot him.

  • tham

    In my memory at least it is unprecedented to witness a political party trying to destroy a popular front runner. The question is why? Are any of Trump’s positions really so outrageous? Most are similar to the pary platform. Is it just his immigration position? His desire for fair trade? Or is it something deeper and darker. Are they afraid of investigation and exposure for things we do not know about?

  • tham

    Time works against that. It’s a real challenge to get in all fifty ballots as an indie. Not saying trump couldn’t do it but if they steal the nomination at convention time it would be almost an insurmountable task

  • southernsue

    trump knows where all the skeletons are buried

    also he is going after the money trough called hedge funds

    i pray he wins this election

    trump 2016!

  • Ann Coulter, after his ‘…getting paid extra for anal…’ remark responded with a great new hashtag in her own inimitable style; #RickWilsonIsAGirlInAPinkPartyDress

  • Mark

    Stay classy Democraps. Oh and go get schlonged.

  • Wayne Ville

    This POS is no republican. He rather looks like the squirrel that I stuffed into a locker in jr. high school.

  • tofubamboo

    What a creepy thing for this dolt to say. Sounds like a liberal jerk.

  • T Strole

    I stand corrected, I should have said endorsed Cruz. The thing is, I bet he has spent very little money but for travel. I just thinks once he sees he has to be on the job 4 years, the shiney ball will lose its appeal

  • T Strole

    Hahaha could be lol

  • Dirk Pitt

    The device with which to measure just how far out of touch this guy is with conservative thinking has yet to be invented.
    Ladies and Gentleman, Elvis has left the building …. and he took the Republican Party with him. RIP!

  • S. Hall

    It would seem that Rick Wilson’s trying to recruit someone to carry out the hit. He needs to destroy the man who stands up for the American people and takes no pack money from the Fat Cats. Good is EVIL and EVIL is Good. What a strange time to be alive.

  • S. Hall

    I am praying for a 75% turnout that should cook the Uniparty’s goose nicely. 2 million illegals vs 75 million Americans.

  • s hall

    Maybe I’m being Pollyanna-ish l but I believe if Trump gets in they will jump through hoops to work with him. The most important thing to these political animals is being elected. And Obama will be out of office. THE KING IS DEAD LONG LIVE THE KING.

  • Andrew Interrupted

    If that happens, Mr. Wilson will need to get his affairs in order–quickly.

  • SouthChicago

    Trump owes no favors to anyone.
    Career politicians hate that.

  • SpfldJimbo1

    Actually… he needs his ass kicked.

  • Richard V

    I don’t know why he’s not arrested for terroristic threats this not freedom of speech it’s a threat. Who can talk like this on the streets no one?

  • pgroup

    It is a serious civil rights crime to use violence to disrupt the election process. This comment qualifies as a crime. Why is he walking the street?

  • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Rick Wilson has the website The Red State and a talk show too. He makes money advising Establishment Candidates, well he use to, now I would think he is the kiss of death to any political career.

  • Cheryl ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    This is his country too. Trump can see what is happening and has the knowledge to fix it. Accept it , he is in it to win.

  • Deplorable bill_a_bob

    Is Wilson looking to level the playing field and renegotiate his contract with Rove? I’m having a hard time keeping up with this troll….

  • morecotwo

    Come on Loretta. This is a direct threat. AND he’s a GOP’r.

  • splink

    He also doesn’t want to take a pay cut or have to downsize his living arrangements.

  • splink

    Rush said that Trump has, so far, spent 333,000.
    Jeb Bush has spent 10 million to get to 3%.

  • splink

    Since Trump now has secret service protection, at the very least they should be questioning Wilson.

  • Guest

    Trump’s already said he’d serve as President for the country without his salary. His children would run his companies. He’s doing it for love of country.

  • Obomination

    “Trump is still a very powerful force right now” because he appeals to part of the of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his “nativist” message.

    Or maybe we just despise the others.

  • TrajanOptimus

    UGH.. Too much Bear!!

    Kidding.. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  • TrajanOptimus

    Isn’t inciting violence against the law… This turd needs to be arrested.