Americans Boycott Sam’s Club After CEO’s Racist Comments About White Males

A boycott is being organized against Sam’s Club after racist, sexist comments by its far left CEO.
sams racist ceo
Sam’s Club racist CEO — Rosalind Brewer

Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer outraged customers after she admitted to openly discriminating against white males in an interview.

Brewer openly admitted to institutionalized racism at Sam’s Club during an interview with Yahoo.

Mad World News reported:

Rosalind Brewer presides over one of the largest wholesale clubs in America, and apparently, she’s a raging liberal, according to Yahoo! Finance. She recently did an interview with CNN and revealed that to her, the color of one’s skin is more important than their contribution to the company, and her number one priority is ensuring her corporate team is diverse, rather than the most efficient it can be.

“It has to start with top leadership,” Brewer said. “My executive team is very diverse and I make that a priority. I demand it within my team.”

On top of ensuring that minorities get priority in the hiring process at Sam’s, she also said that she favors female employees and encourages Sam’s Club partners to do the same. The controversial remark she made is below, and you’ll see why people are so upset after you read it.

Just today we met with a supplier and the entire other side of the table was all Caucasian males. That was interesting. I decided not to talk about it directly with [the supplier’s] folks in the room because there were actually no female, like, levels down. So I’m going to place a call to him.

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  • Had Enough

    Count me in.

  • Kira Argounova

    I closed my account ( opened in 1999 ) the minute I discovered this. I’m sick and tired of all this anti white sentiment being tossed around these days as though it’s fashionable. FU Sam’s club

  • LouAnnWatson

    bet she’s a lesbian activist as well , which will never be indicated in the media. who hires these people and how do they get to these positions? pure racist garbage. i’ll never have another sam’s club membership ever again. period, and you can count on it…and the media still wonder what trump’s attraction is.

  • paul

    It’s against the law, except in this case….If she was white, FIRED!!….She’ll get a raise for those comments!!

  • Southernsoul

    This country will be far better off when this BS about race is given up. There is no more racist group of people in this country than blacks. And the racism they see everywhere is their own doing. Try taking a little responsibility for yourselves. No one owes you anything.

  • LouAnnWatson

    problem is white guilt leftists elevate them to positions they never actually earn…she said it herself in her comments. this has been going on for years. there’s a huge reset coming in this country and it’s not going to be pretty, mostly for people just like her.

  • nodhimmi

    Someone’s going out of business and she deserves it!

  • ohio granny

    She’s not only a racist but a bigot as well. Glad I haven’t had a Sam’s Club for several years. Now I know for sure I won’t be joining Sam’s Club again. As a matter of fact I try to never shop at WalMart either.

  • Donna

    I do not do business with racist liberals.

  • Paul N Ransom

    WOW I thought only WHITE REPUBLICANS were racist?????? I’m sure they must have wrote this article wrong———– RIGHT?? Time to call SAM’S CLUB and explain why they can drop my membership!!!!!

  • Donna

    Sam’s club is going to go TU

  • 4x4Murica

    I will probably never shop there again after reading this. Hope she gets fired.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Let’s see, other CEOs are forced to step down over politically charge comments. Mozilla comes to mind. SO ummmm, Bye Bye Biatcchhhh.
    EQUALITY, right?

    Folks, diversity is the opposite of unity. There can never be unity when diversity is forced as a matter of quota. That is what this lady is all about. She is racist and sexist

    out and obvious – so obvious that she doesn’t even see it, much less have a problem with it.

    Sam’s club, walmart, investors, I suggest you stand up to this nonsense right of the bat and make a crystal clear example of what her pure racism and sexism gets in return. The folks are fed up and if you play one set of rules and another set of rules, you might just find that your business model takes a yuuuggge hit as people abandon you entirely.

  • Pa Bell

    I wonder why the higher ups in Bentonville and the Walton family are putting up with this. Perhaps this woman has them in a position where they are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. The libtard power trip is a strange thing indeed!!!

  • Mike in Illinois

    Sadly, you point directly at character is your statements and today’s youth will read “people just like her” to mean black people instead of thinking about what you actually said in order to understand that her racist bent, her sexist bigotry, is what you pointed directly at!

    I stand with you and your comment LouAnn – because it is acurrate from start to finish. Great comment LouAnn!

  • Jim

    Sam’s Club is a subsidiary of Wal-Mart. Put pressure on them too.

  • yennikcm

    she would support, White Genocide….

  • Mike in Illinois

    For some time now it has been cheaper to hire these pathetic losers, these dishonorable dividers, than it is to stave off shakedowns from Jesse, Al and a whole host of others. It occurs to me that those she has so obviously already harmed should assemble and sue Sams Club the way some firefighters and students and even policemen have been doing. It is time to turn their shakedowns right back upon them and make this kind of racism and sexism cost the company BIG – right alongside leaving items on their shelves we otherwise would have purchased.

    We have to fight back. On ALL fronts.

  • gsp9993

    Affirmative Action just killed Sam Walton

  • gsp9993

    no one should,.

  • Kim Smith

    If a white person had said what she said but about blacks, they would have been fired. If a white male had said it, he probobly would have also been sued or arrested for some liberal hate crime. i am so sick of the double standard and i told my husband that we are never shopping there or at Walmart until there is a public apology. Sams club is owned by Walmart.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I have been buying less from wal mart and more from my local dollar general store (at least workers are folks I know and its good they have a job). But I will tell you this – the lefties control almost all of the big businesses, wait, I thought lefties were so against the rich evil big businesses? Yeah, uh huh.

    That is why they are able to withstand boycott efforts, they have us from almost every direction and get our money no matter what because of the monopoly.

    Sam Walton would not have approved.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Killed his legacy for sure. I thought deviating from USA made would do so but it lasted. I am left to wonder if anyone cares about anything anymore.

  • Mike in Illinois

    That’s why.

  • Scott

    I’ll be stopping by my Sam’s Club tomorrow to personally hand them my card and close my account. So tired of this crap.

  • darrell_b8

    I just cut up my ‘SAM’S Card’ and I’m off to COSCO……JOIN ME!! in the words of Bertha Lewis, SEIU leftist agitator, and radical……….”WALMART SUCKS”………

  • Patty

    Let’s get her fired!

    I support that. BTW, this is not just racist of her but it is COMMUNISM too.

  • sbark

    anyone closing their account should print this story out and present it at the same time

  • Brady

    Damn, the closest Cosco is 135 miles away , but I am through with Sam’s. I can order most everything I buy there from Amazon and get it with free shipping.

  • OwlCreekObserver

    Walmart corporate announced last week that they support her one hundred percent.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Affirmative action CEO.


    Just like her hero Obama.

  • Joe W

    FU Sam’s and Walmart. No more $$ for you.

  • Redacted

    Turnabout is fair play. I wouldn’t hire that hateful African voodoo witch, if given the opportunity. Go ahead, call me a racist, like it even means anything anymore.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    The CEO of Xerox is a black woman who turned managers at all levels throughout the company into affirmative action bean counters who get financially rewarded with bonuses for retaining and promoting black people (despite performance) and pushing white people OUT of the company.

  • E. Newton

    Do not ever, under any circumstance set foot in a Sam’s Club until this woman is fired. If she gets a severance package, never set foot in a Sam’s Club, ever.

  • morecotwo

    Sam’s Club is Wal-Mart BTW.

  • Dale

    Walmart and Sam’s Club are run by black racists selling products made in Communist China. No thanks.

  • J

    Ummmmm. Obviously you haven’t checked out the leanings of Costco! Just as liberal, racist, and communist as Sam’s club! Do your homework!

  • showmerancher

    I haven’t shopped at Sam’s Club in 15 years, and rarely go to Wal-Mart; however I was going to go there tomorrow to pick up a few last minute items. Oh well, cash will have to substitute this time. I wasn’t exactly ecstatic about having to deal with the crowds there, and with the quality of their products having gone down and their prices having gone up, they really aren’t that good of a deal anyway. I won’t miss them.

  • mickey cahill

    gee no so-called civil rights leader condemns this?

  • Gram

    I hope she can spell. EEOC… The white males she discriminated against can.

  • WKRP

    If you have no tolerance for racism, close your account with Sam’s Club or send an e-mail stating you will not buy there until the racist, Brewer, has been fired.

  • flyover

    I will be selling my stock tomorrow morning at 8:30 Central.

  • Patty

    I knew there was a reason I have never shop there, now, this just further solidifies the fact and I never will.

  • BillyBob Bob

    Don’t fire her for making the comments; wait for the poor sales results due to the boycott.

  • showmerancher

    I really don’t care who she hires, and I’m sure she doesn’t really care where I shop. Scratching Sam’s and Wal-Mart from my shopping venues is no big deal.

  • … as the corporate name self-mutates to: “Sambo’s Club.”

  • India Maria

    I’m in.

  • Fifty Ville

    That’s why you can’t put a liberal in charge of anything, from Sam’s Club up to the White House.

  • Mark

    It is long overdue. I do think we are reaching a tipping point. Just look at the delusional blather coming from the White Hut.

  • gsp9993

    This racist witch has got to go

  • Raptor Jesus

    The head of Costco is a flaming liberal as well.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Good for you!

  • Patty

    just had to post! We need more of this, so much.
    This is Christmas! Read more on site below

    btw, the store is PetSmart!

  • HARP2


  • wtd

    In response, not one penny of my Christmas spending was shopped through Walmart/Sams Club this year. Not one penny.

  • James

    Only trash shops at Sam’s Club or Walmart. The people who shopped their in the first place are too stupid to care about this.

  • James

    Only trash shops at Sam’s Club or Walmart. The people who shopped there in the first place are too stupid to care about this.


  • ridgerunner

    Corporations are profit focused and are not social incubators for racist experimentation. Fire her for cause.

  • Sam’s biggest competitor, COSTCO, is also a huge “progressive” collectivist organization. What’s a regular Sam’s Club shopper to do? Helpful ideas appreciated.

  • Indiana Mike

    So we’ve gone from racist Black women saying: We’re not going to let the White boys win”. to “We’re not going to let the White boys exist”.

  • Indiana Mike

    Much more likely White men will be fired for being White. And Male.

  • ridgerunner

    Can’t have it both ways – if you refuse to assimilate into America, then you can’t be a “Big Corporation” CEO.

    Social justice philosophy is not compatible with free market principles. I hate the continual drone of racism.

  • Klaus Flauten

    Costco is owned by a raging liberal too. Neither one is all that good.

  • ridgerunner

    Ditch them both. Mom and Pop American businesses are far better than the benefits of Sam/Costco.

  • SaraB55

    Adios, Walmart. I won’t spend another dime there. Not one single dime.

  • ridgerunner

    The benefits of Walmart et al. are not sufficient for me to tolerate their social experimentation.

    Frequent Mom and Pop operations and maybe American will start drifting back into sanity.

  • SaraB55

    And I’m shifting my business to competitors, 100 percent.

  • ridgerunner

    Getting to dangerous to shop there anyway. Let all the blacks knock each other out.

  • SaraB55

    And Walmart.

  • ridgerunner

    You sound like a proud American! What were we doing shopping with folks that would loot the second the lights went out anyway. How could you have been that stupid (me too) – didn’t your parent raise you better than that?!

  • Pa Bell

    If corporate gives her the thumbs up, I’d say the woman has them where she wants them. Not a very good showing for the world’s largest retailer, wouldn’t you say???

  • Francisco D’Arconia

    Shouldn’t we be picketing Sam’s Club and Walmart? If this had been said by a white CEO about blacks they’d sure as hell be picketing.

  • Anne

    Costco is even worse.

  • teapartydoc

    I’ll be buying my gas elsewhere.

  • AntiquityNow

    I have been stunned to learn of the full extent of Leftist control of the corporations over the past few years. Consumers should be much more conscientious about where they shop these days. Huge profits are funneled into Leftist causes instead of increasing workers’ wages. It’s like we are living in a reverse twilight zone!

  • Goose

    how did Sam Walton’s creation get like this?

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Picketing is a method you can do. I have to work so my time is more important. So I’ll just go somewhere else to buy stuff. There are plenty of small family owned businesses near me, I’d rather use them.

  • Amjean

    Its time to boycott, pay a little
    bit more, try to purchase American made (if you
    can find it) and support the local businesses in
    your home town. When one goes to the big box
    stores one tends to spend too much money on
    things you don’t need. Pay a little bit more for
    the things you actually need; don’t buy a bunch
    of junk.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    It is hard to believe a CEO of a business where image is important would say something that stupid.

  • Bobcat

    All the big players are either already thoroughly progressive or well on their way. The college lefties are matriculating to corporate America just like the pukes moving out of the leftie havens in California and Connecticutt and taking their progressive attitudes with them thus messing up their destinations. I’m going Galt.

  • getthemlibsout

    my sam’s club membership actually expires this time of year…..i’ve decided NOT to renew

  • kentercat

    Ironically, I switched to Sams from Costco when I found out that the execs at Costco lobbied for Obamacare. I try not to think about the Washington Post when my Amazon Prime comes due each year. My Sams card expired a few months ago and I keep thinking it’s not worth renewing it. Now I KNOW it’s not worth renewing.

  • ridgerunner

    After Donald Trump shuts down China, Sam’s and Walmart will collapse anyway.


    I don’t shop there anyway. If I did I would surely boycott…go where I am appreciated…and not a racist CEO!!

    Ignorance and racism at the highest levels…

    Let’s make some angry phone calls folks!!

  • Goober_Pyle


  • nodhimmi

    Maybe they like how she handles things. I’d cut her loose if I were one of them with no regrets.

  • Neo

    “all Caucasian males”

    Does she know what a Caucasian male is anyway ?

    Just ask a Russian if he/she is a Caucasian.

  • Goober_Pyle

    There are a bunch of creepy women in Burkas at my SAMS. Already was thinking about not renewing. Now I’m definitely not.

  • ridgerunner

    SAMS is a racist name. Maybe she should change the name from SAMS to ACHMEDS or LEROYS.

  • Tyrantsbleedtoo

    That ugly bigot can kiss my white………..

  • Bonanzadrvr

    Racism pays…as long as the so-called victims are awarded quotas for jobs, school seats, appointments, government contracts, military slots, college scholarships and more, it will never end. Get it?

  • fedupMan

    PC is the weapon to divide USA and its working big time.


    I just went to the SCLUB site to ‘give’ some feedback.
    I got a message telling me an error occurred while submitting….I am wondering if the site is getting jammed with ‘feed back’ …I can only hope so….It asked me to try again later…I certaintly will…

    I encourage everyone to do the same…


    Umm…in her case…no, no it isn’t.
    I am SURE she has said these ‘types’ of things before…it just didn’t make it into the public earshot…and when it come sto that, there is always a first and sometimes, a last time…Sam’s is losing ‘white’ $$ as I write this..

  • Bonanzadrver

    Blacks legally shaking down whites since 1961. How long do we have to put up with government sponsored racism? How long does affirmative action last? At what point do whites have to stop paying for wrongs from generations ago? I know the answer…forever…thank your do-gooder politicians. According to Wiki, the first use of “affirmative action” was in executive orders signed by President Kennedy encouraging minority representation in government hiring.

  • Wayne Ville

    I agree and I just purchased several supplies from online sources that I normally get from Sams. When they fire that racist I will return as their customer.

  • Bonanzadrver

    Whites are expected to “no longer” be the majority race in the country in about 40 years. Will affirmative action end then? Take a good guess…the government will never ever end using race as a means to pay off certain voting blocks. The democrat party has perfected paying off blacks for decades so that they are a nearly monolithic voting block for democrats. The DNC expects to do the same for Hispanics and now Muslims. We will never see the end of this racists, stupid, wrong-headed policy concocted by politicians and perpetuated by stupid judges. Blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims will never give up the “hypens” because it is how the government tracks them and awards them special favors.

  • objective123

    This CEO is the dummiest person I have ever seen. U don’t attack your consumers. Black folks don’t buy at Sam’s.

  • SineWaveII

    Boycott sam’s club’s parent Wal Mart too.

  • pb2

    Is there a conservative-friendly alternative?


    Wow! What a great feel happy story! I got a lump in my throat!
    I shop at Pet Smart too. Do you know what city, state this store was in?
    BTW – thanks for linking!

  • SineWaveII

    That may not even be true anymore. Of the three major groups in America only “whites” have shown an increase in the birth rate in the last two years. The era of “white” decline may already be ending.

  • Budgeter

    White “Hut”. Good one.

  • So let me get this straight. She said on camera, in front of the whole world, Which includes shareholders and board members that the SUCCESS, PROFITABILITY AND EFFICIENCY of Sam’s Club is SECOND to her racist sexist social experimentation. Becuase that’s what I see and hear, and I’m not surprised seeing as a Sam’s Club just shuttered near me, yet a second Costco just opened.

  • rgbintx

    So, she is a racist misandrist. And her higher-ups support her in this. Looks like I get to boycott them both. And I shall.

    This isn’t one of those “well, I didn’t patronize them anyway” things. I shopped at Wally-world pretty often, and at Sam’s when it came time to stock up on bulk items. No longer. Not until Walmart issues a sincere apology and that harpy is fired.

  • rgbintx

    I don’t mind so much if they just shut up, keep it to themselves and do business. That isn’t the case this time.

  • rgbintx

    They have already been approached regarding this. They supported the Sam’s CEO in her racist, misandrist bigotry. So, that means that I’ll boycott them both.

  • rgbintx

    We used to shop there when we lived in the Atlanta area. But there’s not one anywhere close to us now. Too bad.

  • On a positive note, there is no way for the endless spending of non existent money to continue, expect colapse and blowback in a monumental way. It may not happen for years but it will happen and my advice is to prepare for that and set aside for just like when Joseph told the Pharoah that thier was seven years of famine coming all the signs for us are there that 2008 was a band aid on a very infected possibly fatal wound. It will be ugly but the end result will be all these failed left wing millstone can finally be discarded if rational minds rise up and take over.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    This crap isn’t going to just “go away”, it needs to be killed off.

  • rgbintx

    If you happen to be on the East Coast, you might try BJ’s Wholesale. Too bad they haven’t expanded nationwide. We used to shop there when we were in the Atlanta area.

  • Tex Taylor

    I’ll assume that would have included that old, white founder going by the name of Sam? The abject stupidity of multiculturalism has taken more than a few down.

  • Mark

    I can’t claim the phrase as mine.

  • Dr Why

    I had always just gone to Walmart for everything. It was so easy. But no more.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    I will no longer be shopping at any Walmart owned businesses.

  • Charles Randall

    f yeah.

  • Lerak Mahendu

    Will she be forced out like Brendan Eich of Mozilla? His “crime” was supporting California’s Prop. 8 with a $1000 donation. Has white guilt become so reflexive that the casual racism of this woman will have no downside?

  • Micha_Elyi

    Talk is cheap.

    I’ll be more impressed when I see you white men picketing Sam’s Club.

  • Tim Roof

    Sorry to be so stupid sometimes; White Hut?

  • Tim Roof

    I guess you mean White House, but Hut? Sorry again, not getting it.

  • Tim Roof

    We got no time to picket–too busy working all day, every day, to pay for freeloading leftists. No, cutting up the member card will do it, as long as people tell them why.

  • DirtyDave

    I do have to make a living. Pickets are easily dismissed and forgotten. I just won’t spend money there. That is permanent, leaves a mark and there is nothing anyone can do about it other than watch my business go somewhere else.

  • Mark

    The White House.

  • arlowoodenhead

    The problem is they define racism differently so they can’t be guilty of it. Only white people can be racist because only white people benefit from it. The fact that blacks benefit from Ms Brewers racism is ignored.

  • bo ure

    I can see her having a problem with going to work and at her level and seeing all white men, but c’mon, She is not thankful for having achieved it, both on racial and sexual terms, so now she’s intent on blowing it. The Sam’s club in my area is ALL minorities. Change takes time, she’s part of that change and apparently impatient. This make the decision of renewing membership easy. I’ll miss visiting with all those lovely minorities there and people who don’t speak English, truly nice people, who for some reason fail at Sam’s in reaching her level and giving her some racial company.

  • JonSnow✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Ever heard of a trash fish? She is one. And all like her…

  • Circa53

    Just wait until the National Association of White People ( NAWP ) Hears about this..

  • Ron Stanford

    A couple of percentage points makes a huge difference in sales.

  • gary lacey

    Sam’s Club, you have a problem, you need to be all over this like white on rice!

  • LeonardThompson

    This so funny how members of the Caucasian community are so up in arms about this when other members of the community from Hispanics, Asian, African American members have to deal with these same issues on a daily basis, and as far as the comments about the white hut is concerned that just shows a person’s disrespect for the president that we all voted for I bet these same individuals will vote for Donald Trump granted that today’s white community didn’t have slaves but today people still benefit from that legacy of the past just like other still bear the scars of it even more currently in our nation’s past when the GI came home from WW2 the white soldiers were given loans to buy homes and the GI bill to go to school where as others were denied these benefits and the various Jim crow laws of the time created and vast division in our country and a caste system like why is it that Americans of European decent think call themselves American but call other ethnicities by a hyphenated version such asian American or African American ? White men have committed some of the most horrific crimes in human history and slaughtered and killed millions and destroyed whole cultures and do ecosystems but want act like they are the victims give me a break !!!! So go ahead and continue to call the president all the derogatory names that you can think of and tear up your Sam’s Club member ship and act all mortified but until you walk a mile in anyone of my brothers and sisters shoes give it a rest because no one wants to hear it ! GOOD DAY EXCELSIOR !!!!!

  • Auralae

    Your argument falls flat on it’s face the second you back up institutionalized racism *of any race*. It’s only wrong if it’s wrong for everyone. The very existence of this “well it’s our turn now” attitude flies directly in the face of the argument that it was evil and WRONG in previous generations.

  • TheGipper

    70% of Sam’s Club’s customers are white. Let’s see how they like it as the word spreads about what their top management feels about seeing a bunch of white people across the table. Wouldn’t want to freak the staff out seeing a line of white people waiting to check out, would we?

  • PharmDoc61

    The racists have been emboldened by Obama and Holder – they won’t be happy until they destroy the entire country.

  • PharmDoc61

    Affirmative action – happened at the highest level in our country and will be our demise.

  • FickleFinger

    If the President and Attorney General of the United States were themselves not black, Sam’s Club would be facing prosecution for violating a multitude of federal laws against racial discrimination. As it is, Caucasian Americans cannot turn to a racist, black government leadership for legal help. Let’s see how Sam’s Club, and its parent, Wal-Mart, like a complete boycott of their businesses by Caucasian Americans.

  • cstaples

    I agree that alot of the racism seems to be brought about by African Americans, not Caucasians. How many times do we here the outrage from an African American being shot or murdered? We don’t see Caucasians causing riots or such destruction when many many Caucasians have been shot or murdered at the hands of African Americans. I think a lot of African Americans feel in titled to be able to do these distructive things. Why?? Why Is It Such An Issue About What Color You ARE OR ARE Not? ? We just all need to be thankful we are alive period. Enjoy life the best we can while we can.

  • glenn47

    Proving she is not administrative material and why she is still there is amazing. If a white woman made that statement, all hell would break loose.

  • John Baker

    Affirmative Action at work.

  • John Baker

    It is nothing more than the usual reverse discrimination against white heterosexual males. And what is comical is that Affirmative Action employees wonder why there is so much disdain against them.

    If you’ve worked in the corporate world long enough, you can spot an AA employee from a mile away.

  • foolmesilly

    Stock price has dropped off about 15-20 %. When it takes another nosedive, maybe talent, ability, integrity and experience will be considered. Ya think?

  • Vernon Yost

    Now I know why Walmart wants to spin off Sams Club

  • darrell_b8

    There you go folks; FIFTY YEARS of ‘Affirmative Action’; Minority preferences; minority small business set asides; and the list goes ON and ON and ON……….MASSIVE government transfers of wealth to the ‘minority community’ in exchange for DEMOCRAT votes; American cities in RUIN because the ‘minority’ community discovered that with political power comes MONEY; and YOU are the ones who pay……….if you pay attention to the media, you’d think the country was MAJORITY BLACK……….every where you look its about BLACK people; how needy they are; how abused they are; and it’s all the white man’s fault.
    I sent my SAM’S card back to Walmart; I opened one at COSCO; let them hire 99% blacks; sell only merchandise invented by black people and manufactured and sold only by black people; SAM’S can save millions by down sizing to a storage locker………..phuck ’em

  • Pa Bell

    There’s obviously political, racial, and gender components in the mix here. When there’s democrats around, it’s impossible not to. Besides spending other people’s money, it’s what they do best………cause trouble!!!

  • V.Lombardi

    I first saw it in the early 80s, and it shocked me. It has hurt or ruined the careers of millions of people. It has caused some large operations to fail. Many billions of dollars have been squandered. Most low and mid level managers will jump at the chance to get ahead by sacrificing their own principles.

  • bob e

    the problem is black people ..

  • 0hiojoe

    Still waiting for a reply to the letter that I wrote to Sam’s Club on this subject.

  • DontLie2Me

    Yep most people on this board have to work hard so that people that don’t work can afford the things we can’t afford.

  • Disneyed

    Oh, don’t worry people, it’s OK and will be given a pass. She was just exercising her rights.
    Get back at the man, at the establishment. No problem. Nothing to see here….let’s just move along….

  • ohio granny

    Moving along to anywhere but Sam’s Club. Also taking another look at Walmart. Already don’t shop Walmart much. May be less now.

  • ohio granny

    Some people are just too dumb to learn like this CEO.

  • ohio granny

    Every company has some of them. Never held to the same standard as white workers.

  • ohio granny

    An angry racist male. Go figure.

  • OK4AYL


  • ohio granny

    Nah she will probably get a raise.

  • It is against federal law to discriminate, based on race, ethnic origin, religion in hiring. Now, is Obamas justice department going to uphold the law, or play golf? Yep, you guessed it.

  • OK4AYL

    Tell that to all of the WHITE players begging to get in the NFL and NBA but cannot because they currently hire the BEST for their respective positions…….oops! Those racist WHITE owners!

  • ohio granny

    Amazing that these people are so dumb and so into the democRAT playbook they don’t realize that the democRATs only use them as slaves to stay in power. The democRATs don’t care about the lives of their slaves as long as they continue to vote democRAT.

  • dave0987✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Sad, but not at all surprising considering several of WalMart top people are big libs, and WalMart voted heavily for the communist demon Muslim Hussein Obama.

  • jt

    Membership in the trash!

  • 0hiojoe

    We like Meijers much better.

  • Oahunole

    Glad I stopped going to SC years ago and enjoy Costco’s! Typical black hypocrite! Also, promoted way over her capabilities (as usual). SC needs to fire this POS immediately! They **** up everything they touch, its amazing.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Yea good point.
    Reverse discrimination is more rampant than anyone will admit too.
    Segregation has been coming back as blacks exercise their own authority.

  • ✓Rex Manning

    This country sure would be a better place without all these crybaby blacks. 13% of the country thinks they are owed 100% of the jobs.

    This woman will be gone by March 1st, guaranteed.

  • T Strole

    The job is to hard for her, so she knows that her comments should get her fired. She knows this and once she is fired she will file lawsuit and make them settle out of court. But if Sam’s was smart they would convene a board meeting and have a vote of No Confidence. This should clear the way for them not to pay a dime but the going away package agreed to from start. Yes she will be rich for no other reason other then she is black. I would add she and her kind are the reason blacks are not promoted or even hired, companies are afraid of the lawsuits if they try and fire them because they can not do the job they said they could. BLACKS KEEP BLACKS DOWN

  • NoLibZone

    Here is how you fix this. Email or write the Board of Directors and tell them you quit their club. Soon enough when profits drop, they will act.

  • nofreelunch

    Sam Walton is spinning in his grave. Political correctness has replaced competence as the driving force in WalMart management culture. With her race and gender based philosophy, Rosalind Brewer is incompetent at the store level, much less CEO.

  • NoLibZone

    Hiring because of skin color is wrong. You lower standards and expectations when someone is hired with less qualifications just to check off the minority check box.

  • David

    We can’t, we’re out working

  • Realist

    My card expires in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to state it loud and clear as to how and why I am NOT renewing my Sams card the next time I go there after it expires.

    I will be very loud and clear so that all present may be made aware of the racist in charge libcult CEO so they will be made aware so that they can make their own informed decision.

  • ✓Rex Manning

    Yea, if youre so stupid that you need to leave 2 comments showing you dont get it, you qualify for the HNIC position in The White Hut, moron.

  • ✓Rex Manning

    We cant. We have jobs. Who do you think makes the money in this country? Go have another Kool, another hit off that blunt and bite the hand that feeds you. It wont be available to you much longer.

  • jimbo3298

    Whatever happened to judging people by the content of their character?

  • Jeff Buehner

    At least Costco doesn’t have a “no whites need apply” policy

  • As the CEO of a major company, it’s one thing to feel this way, it’s another very dumb thing to SAY it.

  • Jeff Buehner

    Costco doesn’t discriminate against white males when hiring. I don’t care what the owner’s politics are. It’s discrimination that can’t be allowed

  • Underestimated

    Well…I was contemplating a membership there but this is one white male that won’t be spending money at Sam’s. I wonder what the old white man that started that place would think of this today…

  • MrSmarty

    There’s a certain group or type of “blacks” who aren’t seeking equality, they want to take over. Not all of them are like this but it seems that some of those who want to take over the country have achieved positions of power, using the legal system. Down inside their rotten and evil minds are visions of “putting whitey in his place” and, if necessary with bloodshed. Few if any of these people are capable of doing anything effectively short of running their mouths but, make no mistake, they are dangerous. If by magic they could achieve their goals then they would band together in tribes and start killing each other like they have done for thousands of years. You can blame white liberal “progressives” for the whole problem – beyond a doubt.

  • Haveaspine

    She is the epitome of a racist!

  • Tim jones

    sam’s club accepts EBT cards so they don’t need white people anymore – only their money.

  • pajamakat

    Hmmm. Should be quite interesting if this is how future physician and surgeons will be selected – no experience needed.

  • Joe LeAmerica

    If you actually read real news sources….. you’d see nobody cares about this hyped up BS. No. Not even a little. Morons with nothing to do but stroke their twisted little view of a world that escapes them as they sit staring at a monitor.

  • I wish I had an account to stop immediately. I already do not shop at Wal-Mart and will definitely never set foot in a Sam’s Club.


    So this is a clear EEOC violation and Sam’s Club will hopefully be sued out of existence for this.

    Trump 2016!!!

  • jaimo

    Ah, Obama voter? Am I right? Turd

  • jaimo

    They already are.

  • will_ford

    stupid scrunt

  • bobdog19006

    Nah. Let’s just stage a demonstration in front of the store and beat up the black customers that come out or something. Lots of swearing and aggressive talk. Stop traffic.

    There are formal rules for this kind of thing. For reference, google “Chicago Michigan Avenue demonstrations”.

  • 2lambs4USA

    And we will be impressed when you and the rest of your black friends are picketing in front of Planned Parenthood and stop calling each other the “N” word a thousand times a day. Watch any video on Worldstar and listen for yourself.

  • gsp9993

    UGLY inside and out. Sam has to be turning in his grave.

  • begroeg

    WOW. Look at the neck on that dude.

  • begroeg

    They are to busy working.

  • A week ago I declared that Sam’s Club is adios due to their racist CEO — and Costco would get a reprieve.

    And that’s exactly what I’ve done. Last Wednesday, I went to tmy local Sam’s Club, cancelled my membership [I asked the Sam’s Club customer service gal if they needed or wanted a reason. She said, “No. Not really.”], got a pro-rated refund of my membership fees which was nearly a full refund as I renew every October, took the refund over to my local Costco, and I paid for a renewed membership there with the Sam’s Club refund.

    Took me about 30 minutes — including the driving time. Well worth the minimal effort.

  • K. E.

    She just set herself up for a class action lawsuit against Sam’s Club. All white males who applied for jobs and did not get hired at Sam’s Club, corporate or otherwise, can take this quote from and file a discrimination lawsuit. EEOC should be all over this, right?

  • guessed

    They still do that, they just want your character to contain “Blackness”. See “Black Lives Matter” for a fuller description of the desired character traits, or just be White and alone in any major city for a first-hand view…

  • guessed

    Why not ask her is Shaun King is a Caucasian male? Or, for that matter, if Bruce Gender is ANY sort of male…

  • guessed

    …and later, to “Sambo’z Klub”. You need the Ebonic spelling to REALLY capture the flava…

  • guessed

    “Racism pays…as long as the so-called victims are awarded quotas for jobs, school seats, appointments, government contracts, military slots, college scholarships and more, it will never end”

    …And Presidencies, don’t forget THEM! Keep in mind too, that whenever a political race is won by a Black, it is then considered a “Black Seat” and not open for a White to run for any more…


    Cry us a river. The minorities, especially the black community has squandered tons of opportunities ‘to rise above’ the only people rising above is the fellow black (democrat) leaders, and once in a position of political authority where they could be a force of good, have also squandered opportunities and in 50 years have done little to ‘help working blacks’, however they’ve done a lot to enrich themselves….

    Cry us a river. Blacks TODAY are more afraid of other blacks then they are of the white guy or the white cop…this is fact…even the revered Jessie Jackson confirms this…

    Dirty little secret of the black liberal community….Blacks today, especially young men are brought up in single family homes….and too many by ignorant undereducated ghetto mamas…who have figured out the more baby they have, the more Government $$$ they get….cherry on the cake would be getting pregnant by a dude that has a job so baby mama can git her some extra cash in the form of child support…she need that hair weave and some clubbing nights too..

    These young men are doomed from the start and it’s not because of whitey…or mexicans…or any others..

    New trend is some ‘accidents’ happening to baby. …so baby mama can play on ppl sympathies and put up a ‘go fund me’ on Face book….’to help pay’ for baby medical or funerals…or maybe a Car and some extras.

    Cry us a river. There are tons of videos out there where all anyone sees is once a group of more than 2 blacks are gathered, all hell breaks loose. There are videos where blacks are fighting blacks like it’s a street fight party…black girls on the block or at school fighting with hair weave flying everywhere…acting like savages, beating each other up or running each other over. Knock out game…young black gang bangers killing each other…over what?

    The world see this and blacks cry out respect us! When people see they don’t even respect their elders, their pastors or each other…

    African. Blacks hyphenate this. You need to look at African History. See the Black leaders there. Dictator Edi Amin who slaughtered hundreds of thousands of blacks…The Sudan, Kenya, Somilia, Sierra Leon and others with dictators who treat blacks worse than garbage. Even blacks treat each other badly in these countries.

    Blacks in the United States should be glad they live here they don’t know good the have it compared to President Obama’s Kenyan ‘family’ back in Kenya…what has he done for them lately? Since his presidency? I hear other blacks disrespect Obama they think he is a fraud a phony.

    It’s been 50 years. Blacks in America need to fix their own communities before they put down any other communities…you know it and everyone else knows it, even the fellow decent conservative blacks know it. They keep telling their brothers and sistas to get off the Democrat Government Plantation but they don’t want to listen…that’s on them then isn’t it?

  • sandi clisham

    No more $45.00 a year membership for me

  • guessed

    “No one owes you anything.

    “But, but, but – uh – someone who looked a little like YOU was once mean to someone who looked a little like ME, and, um, four hundred years of slavery were, eh, Confederate flags, YOU RACISSS!”-Any Obama voter.
    To some extent it’s understandable, if not excusable. After all, they HAVE been taught this crap in public schools and heard it from the President on down. They don’t spend a lot of time on anything ELSE these days other then divisive identity politics. Just as any White kid in any school what happens when a “Black Lives Matter” discussion comes up, and watch the White teachers cower in the corner when it does…
    They took over the schools years ago. Paying off REAL well for them now. Much easier to control a stupid population, nicht wahr?

  • yennikcm

    looks like a dude.

  • pgroup

    I had no idea a female was allowed to use that phrase. 🙂

  • Donna

    Time sams racist club got a taste of White Economic muscle. Boycott time

  • Jinro

    “If you actually read real news sources”

    Like ?

    Did it ever occur to you that when the ceo of a major American Co. publicly makes racist comments and admits to illegal hiring practices, and it isn’t reported. Then, just maybe your news sources, are not so real after all?

  • pgroup

    Shareholders need to put these people out to pasture with a lawsuit against management. But I bet she has a solid gold parachute.

  • pgroup

    As I recall, the history is that he started Wal-Mart for the express purpose of serving the lower rungs of the economic ladder. Such as the white trash rung, the black rung, the trailer park rung, etc.

    I could be wrong but that’s what I remember.

  • pgroup
  • Jinro

    No such thing as reverse discrimination.
    Only whites can discriminate.
    Seriously, they learn this in college.

  • Jinro

    Rosalind will soon be head of some government dept.

  • yennikcm


  • daddio

    the proggies are using people like this as a weapon against white society (in the name of fairness). But never doubt for a moment that it is deliberate.

  • daddio

    White people don’t have the time to riot. Too busy working to feed their families. Besides, if some idiot manages to get himself killed by the police, most of us think he deserved it.


    McDonalds is still digging out from under the rubble of the company left by their recent minority hire and fire as CEO. I guess this explains the sudden popularity of the place with Black folk. I wondered where they all came from.

  • splink

    Well deserved ! It’s past time we give back some of the crap sandwich we have been forced to eat for 50+ years.

  • livedwell

    Good. If more people would boycott these liberal idiots (including celebrs) they’d soon shut up.

  • j nolan

    My card, along with my wife’s,expired on 12/17.Costco here we come

    Trump/Cruz 2016

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Well thanks for telling white people that we make you uncomfortable. I’ll avoid Sam’s and Walmart until you get over your hangups.

  • Mike in Illinois

    I may be wrong but I thought his goal was to serve the underserved BY promoting Made In America.

    Then, it was bitten by the tax code – too much success – and so the only way to grow was to play the tax code game. This entailed not only opening up foreign products but also entering grocery so as to entertain EBT. Once that happened, it was usurped absolutely. Dead Duck.

  • Mike in Illinois

    That is a place where “diversity” functions as a way to divide and conquer. I bet there are a lot of people invested who do not even know they are. Aren’t 401Ks just wonderful?

  • Mike

    And they call white folks racist! Geez!

  • FlamingLimousineLiberal

    It’s only racist if white men say things like this. Everyone knows that.

  • Donna

    OH gawd I use it all the time & it cracks my husband up. I had 3 brothers so I am used to it.

  • crewchief68

    *Update* Lodged a complaint (ref #151221-0054**) with Sam’s Club Membership office and Synchrony Bank-Sam’s Club Credit Card Mastercard representatives, Costco, though a Liberal Culture, will be my new Box Store.
    Rather than being inclusive, Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer chooses to be exclusive. The “Chickens have come home to roost” so says the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The Honest way for Sam’s Club to display job opportunities is to post, ‘White Males need not apply.’ BTW, I’m cancelling my Sam’s Club Membership and Sam’s Club Synchrony Bank Credit Card, where I have spent thousands of dollars.