Uh-Oh… 14,000 Illegal Immigrants in Sweden DISAPPEAR WITHOUT A TRACE

Guest post by Aleister

immigrants Sweden

Bernie Sanders thinks America should be more like Sweden. Does his thinking include thousands of illegal immigrants who suddenly go missing?

Truth Revolt reported:

Sweden: 14,000 Illegal Immigrants Disappear Without Trace

Of the 21,748 people who have been given deportation orders by Sweden’s Migration Agency last month – the largest number in history, by the way – 14,140 are registered by police as “departed” or “wanted,” the Swedish website The Local reports.

“We simply don’t know where they are,” said Patrik Engström, the head of the national border police.

It is unknown how many of the missing are still in the country or may have left for elsewhere in Europe. The rest of the illegals are either in refugee centers, in custody, or living in separate accommodations they have arranged for themselves, awaiting deportation.

The Swedish government has previously announced it wants to step up efforts to ensure that people without the legal right to stay in Sweden exit the country. But police say most of its resources are currently devoted to carrying out ID checks after Sweden stepped up border controls.

“It’s a huge task and it is completely dependent on the police being allocated resources,” said Engström.

This could never happen in the United States. Right?


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  • Kenmar

    They are not “Illegal Immigrants”…. there is no such thing…. they are trespassers, invaders, squatters… they are not immigrants.

  • Grimwinder

    Two words. Soylent Green. Knew we couldn’t trust those evil Swedes.

  • Archimedes Point

    They obviously are not interested in “Integration”. Maybe they should look for them in the many Jihadist training camps that western governments keep secret from their catatonic populations.

  • Yaspar

    Canni-tonic. Subdued by smoking Cannabis indica, the most brain-deadening drug ever devised. Legal in CO, WA, CA, AK, and soon the entire USA. Demand sativa!!

  • Cowardly Lion

    How’s that European Union working for you idiots now? Mmm hmm, give up your sovereignty and security and culture for some idealistic dream and now you have forced open borders on you letting in savages you don’t even want around you, enabled by politicians that no longer represent you.

  • truthteller13

    “Uh-Oh… 14,000 Illegal Immigrants in Sweden DISAPPEAR WITHOUT A TRACE”

    This is exactly what the traitor b hussein Øbamadinejad JR and his dhimmicrat party quislings are trying to do here.

  • Right-wing Realist

    Nothing to worry about here, folks. I’m sure these poor oppressed minorities are just culturally enriching little Swedish children.

  • Your point is a good one. An “Immigrant” is not the same thing as an illegal alien or a refugee or a tourist. But our betters in the media don’t care. “Immigrant” polls well. Just like “Homeless” polls better than hobo or bum. It’s all about the manipulation… Orwell must just be spinning in his grave.

  • THIS!! ^^^ The fraud of “Medical marijuana” in a nutshell!

  • Deliciousfriedchickenisha

    Looks like you Euro-PEONS fell for that “diversity and tolerance” con game that your liberal fascist rulers have played on you. It’s too bad that intolerant Muslims will eventually overtake Europe because you have surrendered to them by being passive and way too tolerant of them. You have absolutely no way to fight the invasion or protect yourselves from the invaders because your fascist governments have disarmed you (you allowed that to happen without a fight also)…and your ‘leaders’ sure as ]-[ell won’t save you….that would be considered “offensive” and “racist”.

    Goodbye, Europe..

    Signed…”evil American white male who is a racist and a gun nut”

  • Circa53

    How many have “disappeared” here in the U.S. of A….

  • cylde

    The problem was created by their government and now their government claims it can not solve it. In fact the government thinks it is wonderful. Suicidal swedes should just kill them selves rather than take the whole country with them. The same goes for suicidal socialist Americans.

  • Jeeperz Creeperz

    Could never happen in the United States? It’s already happened millions of times! Why do you think our crooked pols keep talking about bringing illegal aliens “out of the shadows”. No one knows how many illegal aliens have invaded the US, where most of them are or what countries they’re from. It’s anyone’s guess. Tell me that’s not a recipe for disaster! And Barry and his minions want to import more unvetted, unverified illegal alien ME “refugees”? That’s insane!!!

  • Rick-Rolled

    Probably slithered into some of the already established communities like Malmo for example.
    Or sneaked into Norway or Finland.

  • barbara

    All those who have been given deportation orders… their names should be entered into a EU database so that when they are found, no matter what country they are in, they are IMMEDIATELY detained and then deported.



  • Mark

    Disappeared? Hardly, just follow the trail of garbage and blood.


    0bama is going to let 50,00 disappear in the USA before he leaves office.

  • Evolution of Devolution

    Soros isnt a real Jew. Yes he is Jewish by birth, but hes a globalist first. And thinking of him in THAT context, what he is doing is right to plan. Soros cares no more for Jews than he does any other religious sect. He sees these religious zealots as tool to be manipulated to achieve his goal of globalism.


    The world wishes Muslims in general would just REALLY disappear.


    Soros looks like one of the singing California Raisins grandpa.


    Soros looks like one of the singing California Raisins grandpa.


    “14,000 Illegal Immigrants in Sweden DISAPPEAR WITHOUT A TRACE”

    Well then, someone should send them some replacements to make up for the one’s they lost.


    Maybe they went to France to join in on the “fun.”

  • squawneye

    Your estimate is far too conservative.

  • squawneye

    I bet a pepper spray business in Sweden would do really well about now.

  • cameralisa

    Yeah well Bernie thinks terrorism is the result of “climate change” what an idiot


    Maybe Europe should just give up and move to Syria……it should be vacant pretty soon.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    If only our Politicians had complete control of every aspect of our lives.
    Then they could keep us safe!


  • Darkheart11

    Talk about butterfingers!

  • Darkheart11

    Pig fat coated bullets?

  • beeno

    Obama’s extended family went missing?

  • Federalist

    Trump owns the debate on this issue.
    It’s amusing to see all of the trolls trash Trump and claim he can’t win. He entered the race 6 months ago…went straight to the top and stayed there with a dominant lead…and, after spending only 2-3 million $$ (compared to JEB!s $120 million), Trump has also succeeded in mauling the mainstream media to a pulp while compelling them to give him all of the free front-page press he could dream of…
    AND, on top of all of that, he has done more to dislodge and dishevel the GOP establishment and their chosen candidates than the entire Tea Party movement has done in 8 years.
    AND, he’s taken critical issues which were being ignored and neglected…and pushed them out front and center.
    AND, he’s single handedly put a stake through the heart of political correctness…which is really leftist mind control.
    AND, he has done all of this, spending almost no money, with almost no campaign organization…and made it all look easy like a walk in the park.
    So go ahead with your trashtalk, trolls. History will never mention you, but Trump will never be forgotten…win or lose..

  • dieter

    Sweden is populated by blind Leftists that elect Leftist dictators to rule them…Sweden has become a muslim terrorist training camp.

  • Sanders

    Yep, it’s a fraud alright…right up until the time you or a family member benefits from it. But don’t mind me, keep taking your big pharma “medications” hand over fist until the FDA figures out they’re killing you slowly.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    So *that’s* the special ingredient in all those Butter Cookies!

  • TX-BOB

    and Rape.

  • jerry2286

    These people are not escaping war and radical Islam, they are bringing it with them. I truly believe we will see terrorist attacks every couple of months in Europe for the foreseeable future.


  • 94c2500

    Europe will soon experience a “Refugeehad.”

  • DarkQuark

    If I recall correctly we fought a war long ago to NOT be like Europe.

  • Sanders

    In other news, 14,000 refugees just showed up for placement in the US looking to live next door to YOU.

  • soapyjeansy

    Importing thousands of refugees with foreign culture is a sure way to lose your country without a shot being fired.


    It will become more popular than soccer.

    Terrorism, the new European pastime.


    14,000 new democrat voters.

  • squawneye

    Unlikely the average Swede is armed with a gun, less so Swedish women. They are progressive don;t you know.


    Maybe Sweden’s hookers are keeping them contained.

  • squawneye

    He has a point. Soros, Obama et al are certainly terrorizing the people with the climate change nonsense.

  • Cahal the Mad™

    14,000 jihadists. Sweden is the ISIS capital of Europe.

  • squawneye

    I bet soccer hooliganism is gonna take a turn for the worse eh.

  • 94c2500

    Obama’s “Climate Caliphate.”

  • Darkheart11

    Pig fat coated knives? Come on these guys used to be Vikings who were known to be pretty good with edged weapons.


    Beheadings in the stands will become common place.

  • Deliciousfriedchickenisha

    Politically correct agendas of “Diversity” and “tolerance” are enforced only in white nations, and they are enforced by the ‘leaders’ of white nations. It’s time for the citizens of white nations to lose the ‘white guilt’, and hold accountable the ‘leaders’ who are allowing this orchestrated invasion to happen.

  • Michael Evans

    Trump: “Kick them in the balls, then ask questions”

  • acers2

    Just how does someone lose 14,000 people wearing bags over their heads. And carrying butcher knives and a bag of stones. And let’s not forget the goats that tag along for pleasure of Mohammed. Hang tough, Sweden. When Mr. Trump becomes President, he will be sure to send you a whole bunch of muzzzieeee’s to replace the ones you’ve lost.

  • 0hiojoe

    obungle knows just where they are!

  • squawneye

    That is the muzzie hooligans goooooooooooooallllll!

  • squawneye

    Maybe they should come up with a pig based personal lubrication product and let it be known they use that every day.

  • Effenexes

    If i were a betting man, I would lay odds that they all boarded a ship bound for Greenland whereby they will be shuttled through Canada for illegal entry into the United States. All paid for by Obama’s tax paying American citizens. Sound far fetched? Well, so is the Obama administration where anything far fetched is possible.

  • squawneye

    yet if you lose a receipt you claim on your taxes they can get you for that.

  • citizenkarma

    “Disappear” is an interesting word when used in reference to 14,000 of anything.

  • I too am an American white racist gun nut and I endorse this post.

  • Well, half the world anyway.

  • Border patrol already caught Syrians at the Mexican border. Those are the stupid ones. Imagine how many with half a brain must have slipped through?

  • That

    Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary until infestation ceases.

  • FM505

    “It’s a huge task and it is completely dependent on the police being allocated resources.” said Patrik Engström, the head of the national border police.

    What happened to the resources you were allocated prior to this amazing discovery…? Those resources did not include accountability…?

  • george orwell

    Europe deserves what it CHOSE to happen. A vampire can’t come into your house until you INVITE him in.

  • TexasTeaFinder

    That exercise (losing our Country) is almost complete …

  • BigIronRam

    That it’s even considered acceptable is blatant evidence your country is already lost. No shots were fired, they took over the media and the schools decades ago. Now we actually elect our enemies. The fact the government arms itself against us is all you need to know.

  • raptor45

    Europe has no one to blame but its leaders. They are the monsters behind this atrocity.

  • BigIronRam

    Trump is the last candidate with an ounce of Americanism in him. The rest are leftist garbage.

  • BigIronRam

    Really funny, I went through one of our constitution free zone “border checkpoints” just yesterday. Didn’t even make me stop and state that I’m a U.S. citizen, whatever that means these days. All the agents were focused on I-10 vehicular traffic, NONE were even looking south towards the distant border.

  • OSR1

    Well I guess a world war is what the Globalists want.

  • Mary Stevens

    Let’s hope that they were not brought to the US by O Bummer.

  • Sam in Texas

    “14,000 Illegal Immigrants Disappear Without Trace”

    Shoot, we have way more than that who have “disappeared without a trace”.

  • Jack Gil

    In the U.S. the headline would read 14,000 illegal democrat voters secretly dispersed in key states.

  • Bubba Gump

    Did they misplace those refugees? Now how in the world will those poor souls just wanting a new home, place to live and a free check survive, not to mention a little Jihad on the side. What a bunch of idiots and we are close behind with our imbecile leaders.

  • vidgamenerd

    maybe this is what happened to them…..

  • Jonney Quest

    Establishment RINOs will vote for Hillary over Trump. Funny how the Party Affiliation only counts when its one of their own shills as a candidate

  • King Bloweme

    Osama Obama OH Traitor……….

  • Trump is no more narcissistic than the Muslim Marxist in office now the liberal idiots sheeple voted in to office. Liberal now correlates with Communist!

  • Mike Gilmer

    This happens every day in the USA. Illegal invaders are caught, turned over to ICE, ICE lets them go with a card for a hearing date, and they never show up again until they are arrested for a crime and then the cycle begins again.

  • Anthony Wayne

    PC talk. Just like Afro-Americans are not dual citizenship, nor did they come here from Africa themselves. I am not Irish-American, just American. Liberals love labels.

  • Flechette

    I read an article the other day where animal rights activists are alarmed due to the increase of horse sex abuse in Sweden. Why could that be?


  • Flechette

    It is one of the quickest ways to increase one’s power. Look at all the power grabbing FDR got away with.

  • Lone Patriot

    Here they come america!

  • Richard Right

    Fake id. Daytime jobs. Night time hanging out with the guys, watching ISIS on the computer, practicing making bombs, saving money to buy illegal guns. Oh my, I think I have terroristphobia.

  • jtom

    Want to stop it? Promote the meme that illegals are joining the KKK in large numbers and watch how fast the borders get shut.

  • SaveOurNation

    Yes sir, Armed we are citizens, disarmed we are subjects………..

  • franc1sc0

    Don’t worry, they will turn-up again once their smuggled arms shipments are fully distributed.

  • SaveOurNation

    Criminal invaders……… The label can be changed, but the truth cannot…..

  • Malatrope

    They probably disappeared to America on transportation courtesy of the US government.

  • Finncrisp

    There have also been 17 refugee centers that have been burned to the ground by angry neighbors or angry refugees since October. This is heating up – is it global warming, or ignorant policies creating “kinetic energy” in Sweden?

  • DrChimRichaldsOBGYN


  • Malatrope

    These notions about muslim repellant made from pig parts is amusing, and all, but we should realize that all of the strictions of the Koran are set aside for those engaged in Jihad in Dar al-Harb.

  • franc1sc0

    The shots won’t have to be fired until after the bloodless government take-over; then the “convert or die” purge will start.

  • Deliciousfriedchickenisha


  • AndrewInterrupted

    It’s called “Identity politics”.
    The hyphenated versus the non-hyphenated.

  • franc1sc0

    That “climate change nonsense” is putting hundreds of millions of dollars into Soros’ pet projects; so, in a sense, Bernie is right.

  • Patty

    ISIS has an idea where they might be. Easy pickins’ for recruitment. Just walk along side of these immigrants and tell them you have 3 meals and a cot.

    Come join the party.

  • what could possibly go wrong in bringing these people to the USA?

  • No One Important

    What “white gringo” is moving to a primarily black or brown country, hmmmm?Mexico? Most of Mexico has moved to California/USA. . . .Tell us, oh dufus, what primarily black or brown nation are “white gringos” moving to?

  • franc1sc0

    Thank you for admitting that all of this refugee/poor-immigrant nonsense is actually an attempt to colonize and take-over.

    And once it is complete, society can collapse, and all of the survivors can be happy that their new hunter-gatherer clan cultures are earth-friendly.

  • Richard Right

    You say that about 10,000 illegal aliens who ‘disappeared’

  • Richard Right

    You’re right, I overgeneralized. Probably no more than 500 watching ISIS videos. Waiting for a call.

  • Faithful

    Sweden is a socialist nation and that’s why it’s doomed to collapse under the weight of invaders and gay marriages. The difference here is that America was founded on the principles of freedom to exclude and bend the will of others to our own. God Bless the USA and send the foreigners away.

  • MudFlapShoes

    your grandkids will bow to allah, if you don’t pull your head out of your @ss.

    sharia by ballot.
    remember that.

  • franc1sc0

    They are colonists, waiting for the moment that they can throw off their “poor refugee” disguises and show the “natives” what the true purpose of their “visit” is.

  • King Bloweme

    Maybe we can put them in Hawaii, next to his mansion.

  • Libtards Lie

    OMG, Europe is even more fluked than we are. They have 14,000 missing in a country the size of Kansas. That’s a lot. Probably out raping the hell out of your women. Sweden, where rape jihad occurs daily. Maybe that minister can get up and cry some more for the camera’s.

  • franc1sc0

    Work and pay your taxes Sweden to house, feed, and serve the “refugees”. That makes you slaves to them and Islam permits raping slaves. BTW, try not to cry too much when they are raping you, it may annoy them, and lead to a beheading.

  • VillageViking

    Legal Immigration – Yes
    Illegal Invasion – No

  • ocean

    A country without borders cannot exist as a nation.

  • WalterByrd123

    Imagine the shoe being on the other foot, millions of ‘Westerners’ seeking aid in Islamic nations!!!
    You can buy a woman from ISIS for 10 dollars…if millions of Western refugees were infiltrating Islamic nations, slaves would become even cheaper!!!!!
    Islam, a demon-god religion

  • ocean

    14,000 Illegal Immigrants in Sweden
    disappear into Muslim terrorists Sleeper Cells.

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    Let’s not be stupid. Americans have fallen for the same lies, just with different populations.

  • ocean

    Close the borders and arrest ALL illegal aliens.
    That includes Muslim terrorists Sleeper Cells.

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    So you think Whites will go extinct, or what are you saying?

  • exlalady

    The so-called, “refugees” need to be relocated in a safe area, protected by UN troops and cared for humanely until they can return to their homes. Yes, some are families who need help but from simple observance, they are the distinct minority in these numbers. The vast majority are young, single males who, it has been revealed, are neither Syrian nor refugees. BTW, they are now at our southern border as it has been revealed that Obama is flying them in via UPS planes and transferring them to waiting Homeland Security buses for what? DISTRIBUTION!! Don’t believe it? GOOGLE it!! I’ve seen at least three Online articles complete with video within the last few days. Does anyone actually doubt that he would do it???

  • Dirk Steel

    Under Obama ee have lost 10 to 30 million in the United States.

  • TheVelvetKitten

    They can’t think that far ahead. they are living in the moment.

  • HarryObrian
  • Deliciousfriedchickenisha

    SOME Americans have. Obama and his leftist ilk are aiming for those who have not.
    AND they want Americans to be disarmed, just like the sleepy & sheepy Euro-PEONS were.

  • Illegal Aliens Not Immigrants

    “Sweden: 14,000 Illegal Immigrants Disappear Without Trace”

    What are they complaining about?…… that happens every single day on the US side of the US/Mexican border.

  • HarryObrian

    I think you should re-read the original post…

  • Dschwarpa

    For all of the pro immigration crowd out there that think that this out of control system is good and thinks of these “new” immigrants like the ones who originally settled America=>

    1. There were little or no welfare or other benefits available to European immigrants. If you did not work, you starved. Many documented cases of this.

    2. European (and other historical immigrant groups) did not desire to make America like their home countries, they fled here mainly to have freedom and embrace our culture, our laws and customs.

    3. Historical immigrants had to make the effort to learn English and American history well enough to pass a test and had to pledge their allegiance to the United States and give up their primary allegiances to their home countries.

    4. Historical immigrants did not make demands to be housed, clothed or fed. They were humble and were just grateful to be here despite many that lived in abhorrent conditions. .

    5. Communities took the lead to help these people integrate into their communities.

    6. The numbers being brought into the United States today far outnumber the waves that came in from Europe and are from countries that do not understand our culture or customs and in some cases do not respect them.

    7. Studies have consistently shown that 10% of Muslims tend to become radicalized. Almost 50% believe that Sharia law should be the Supreme law of the land. So for the 180,000 that we are to receive next year, that amounts to another 18,000 potential terrorists that law enforcement will have to devote resources to track and identify before they conduct an attack on American soil. In countries with significant Muslim populations, attacks on women including rape are up an average of 500% with Sweden being up over 3000% and is now the rape capital of the world. We already have over 1,000 ISIS related probes going on here already, we are losing the battle to the Mexican drug cartels and drug legalization. Just a few of the reasons that this is a bad idea. Democrats can only see future votes here and can’t see the coming unrest and chaos that their decisions will bring to our society for their kids and grandkids.
    8. Democrats and others that support this unfettered and uncontrolled immigration are committing treason and will be held fully accountable when the time comes.

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    True. According to Ann Corcoran, the government calls any White community a “pocket of resistance” that must be diversified with Africans, Arabs, mestizos, or anything other than White.

  • Dunn

    Amen to that. ..save our nation

  • petemobtv

    ME TOO!

  • Dschwarpa

    Perhaps the Swedes are taking things into their own hands? Nah….Wishful thinking though. Not enough shovels.

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    We don’t have politicians who represent us either. They’ve had the borders open for over fifty years, letting every third-world immigrant in sight in. Once Whites become a minority, America is finished.

  • Mark Lindsey

    Its time to fill the middle of the oceans with these illegal slugs. I guess not having an education or skill IS a problem.

  • LarryEF

    I think the day our nation starting losing our country was when news stations changed their formats and wanted to become more like Soap Operas to attract the stay at home welfare mother. We got the Today show, all the other good morning shows, and eventually ‘jump on the wagon’ shows like Oprah, the View, etc. Turner decided to create a more non-American leaning new gathering show called CNN and stocked it full of anti-American people and sentiment, then came the profile in courage network MSNBC. FOX came along in hopes of balancing this leftist feeding frenzy only to populate it with beauty pageant hosts to take your minds off real news. All of these shows have one thing in common, bury the viewer in mind numbing boredom. Aren’t you tired of this s**t by now? I am. There seems to be no news anymore, just hours and hours of anal exams, needless reflection, never ending gotchas, and constant arguing.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    Maybe outer space aliens abducted the illegal aliens. They are now a problem for the cosmos!

  • Deliciousfriedchickenisha

    Obama and his U.S. hating leftist ilk hope that Europe’s fate will be America’s fate. But there’s one catch…Americans are armed…Euro-PEONS are not.

    Maybe now some of you brain dead and clueless idiots out there understand the REAL reason why the left wants Americans to be disarmed.

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    None. You’re not allowed. They’re required by law to colonize you and push you to extinction. There will be no Whites circa 2050.

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    Also, no point in making fun of Europeans if your ancestors descended from there. They’re influenced by movies and TV from the USA, and were brainwashed by their governments as the young were here. This is why they think diversity can work.

    They’re told being born White is evil.

  • Bill Jefferson

    I’m sure they’ll be seeing these Moslem (pigpiss be upon them) death cultists again, soon enough.

    Eventually, the normal world will wake up and decide to eliminate the Moo (PBUT) death cult, but it seems a lot more people will have to die before that happens, thanks to leftist politicians.

  • ShantiGirl

    Get out the blood hounds and bring’em back, dead or alive.

  • Bill Jefferson

    Illegal-alien criminal invaders, just like Mexicans.

  • MK L

    They can’t be deported Back b/c Their countries will Not accept them do the iLLegal Immigrants went Underground, to be migrated to other countries to support the maggots.

  • 2 Aces

    Time to start shooting…with REAL bullets…THAT is one thing the invaders will understand..

  • Whump

    Just like in the US…. Go figure….

  • Aric Milan

    Please Sweden let us know your secret of “disappearing “illegal sqautters” we may need this “secret”,.

  • Yu So Wong

    Oh they will show up again all right at the mall or school or stadium of their choosing.

  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    I wonder how many illegal Mexicans etc. have vanished in America while they wait for their immigration hearings? I’ll bet we will never get those true figures published!

  • Whump

    We already know.

    The same way illegal aliens in the US “disappear” instead of appearing for legal proceedings or leaving as ordered.

  • Whump

    The INS says about 90%…

  • UtIdArWa

    Those who forget the past, are condemned to repeat it.

  • They call that, “Hope and Change”.

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    Must be that Global Warming made them evaporate.

  • ObviousTruths

    In the US Obama just gives illegals green cards…problem solved.

  • NWO Chaos For Control

    Ignoring treaties that require refugees be given safe areas in their own country – the international nimrods have released the palistinian model on the rest of the world


    Sweden has 14,000 enemy invaders in their midst…somewhere!

  • blackfeather

    maybe they are in mass graves.

  • Donna

    middle east violence coming to a neighborhood near you soon

    a barrak obama production

    dirceted by georgie soros

    staring your friendly violent 3rd world islamic arabs


    Open your mouths wide libby’s, a bodacious huge Trump pill is coming your way!

  • diane

    Maybe they are dead and buried….

  • Franco

    But police say most of its resources are currently devoted to carrying out ID checks after Sweden stepped up border controls.

    Sounds like a classic case of “Closing the barn door after the horses have gotten out”.

  • Cod Fish

    Progressive useful idiot alert..

  • diane

    Put them in Antarctica.

  • Sweden should be more like us and less like themselves.

  • Right-wing Realist

    Yes, white people are facing an extinction level event. Low birth rates and high amounts of immigration are contributing to that. Britons, Irish, Germans, White Americans, French are all going to be a minority in their own nations around 2050.

  • Moochodineroman

    Ro ro!

  • StevenNewsom

    Maybe they just said screw it, it’s too cold in Sweden, even with a Gold Platted Social Safety Net.

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    So how do we stop it?

  • diane

    We can hope this is true.

  • squawneye

    Yes. You are well on your way to becoming a Jedi Master. May the farce be with you.

  • gadsdenamn

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Europe you don’t understand these words at all, live in what you voted for!

  • lopagus1


  • usathoughts

    I too am an American white gun nut and I endorse your post.

  • lopagus1

    sign me up as well

  • whosyourdaddy

    don’t worry, they’re all out doing charity work and going to job interviews

  • no1unohere

    Call them what they are. Illegal aliens. They don’t belong there…or here, for that matter.


    GOOD, LEFTISTS need to pay for their TREASONOUS, FREEDOM HATING WAYS. Lets hope all 14000 are terrorists.

  • no1unohere

    Because they don’t want them. None of the high-brow Arab states wants them.

  • Thegoldman

    More like a standing muslim Army…

    Yes you will see them fight soon…

    But they won’t fight for their own country ! ! !




    There is no radical ISLAM, there is just ISLAM and it should be banned in all its forms.

  • Pa Bell

    A few years ago, I heard that 75K student visas were issued here in the USA for non-resident muslim students yet only a fraction of that showed up for school. The rest disappeared. I understand that this has happened for several years yet nobody is talking about it, especially the govt and the media. I’d say that we have a really big problem of our own over here. The govts and the media seem to be reporting the problem over there but our govt and media remain silent about this problem over here. Sounds like we are in for a big surprise over here. Lots of them, I’m sure!!!

  • Thegoldman

    There is the difference…

    TRUMP can win the election…

    The others have to BUY the presidency ! ! !

  • usathoughts

    Three excellent examples. Rome, South Africa, and the British Isles.

    Wholesale mixing of races never seems to work. Even within the Asian community integration is not allowed. It is also evident in Africa where tribes attempt to kill each other off. In America assimalation is of minor consideration for all ethnic groups. After a century we still have China towns. South of San Antonio, Texas not much different then being in Mexico.

  • EbolaJenkins

    Stop calling them immigrants. They are “colonists”.

  • Carolingian

    there is such a thing as financial jihad 90% of those who come here remain on government assistance. Essentially we become their slave.

  • konc2

    OH, don’t worry Sweden, they will show up again, Paris style, they will be back. How’ that liberal socialist utopia working out for all you Swedes about now.

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    Sounds kind of ludicrous until you factor in that almost all of the policing is devoted to checking ID’s now.

  • EJFrench

    Exactly! I have always hated the term illegal “immigrants”. If you come into a country without proper clearance, sneaking past whatever border control measures exist, you are most assuredly NOT AN IMMIGRANT! You are a criminal.

  • caligula

    probably just out for some surströmming or lutfisk. they’ll be back soon.

  • EJFrench

    For sure…Europe is toast…I’m 56 and I might even live to see the emergence of EurAbia in my lifetime. The ONLY THING standing in the way of the same thing happening to this country are those wonderful firearms in my gun cabinet, along with the millions of others just like me all across this great land.

  • Right-wing Realist


  • mallen717

    Socialist nations living their dream. Physician, heal thyself.

  • WeCanWinThisFight

    I think you were joking – but according to these new articles – it very well could be TRUE!!!!

    UPS Could Be Sneaking Refugees Into the U.S. in the Dead of Night**
    PA Sheriff’s Constable Marcus Kohan said he has seen at least two UPS jets landing at Harrisburg Airport with hundreds of refugees
    …30 busloads in one trip


    UPS jets landing “refugees” in the dead of the night in PA-Audio

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    Won’t matter without a homogeneous area to call our own. Darwin talked about this (forget what he called it). He said if two different races or species inhabit the same area, they will inevitably interbreed. So we need our own land.

  • Toondrawer*35

    Great Avatar !

  • Toondrawer*35

    U P S planes are a lot quicker.

  • They Did What

    Maybe we should call them “weeds”, to appease the PC intolerant elite that object to the term illegal immigrant. A weed is a plant considered undesirable in a particular situation, “a plant in the wrong place”.

  • Malatrope

    I was half-joking, and those stories you quote there were the reason.

  • WeCanWinThisFight

    And this from Youtube…

    Still Report #463 – UPS Refugee Flights Confirmed


  • Nicholas

    They shouldn’t be difficult to find. Just look for the guy named Mohammed.

  • truthseeker

    Play a “call to prayer” over a bullhorn and round em up when they come out the doors.

  • rs1123

    The Muslims in Europe don’t care about any other rule of man than their own Sharia law, and they’ll do what they wish to inflict it on a mostly unarmed people. “Hello, police department? There’s some men outside sawing heads off of Christians… oh, you can’t come over… that’s too bad, okay. Bye.”

  • Charles Corso

    If everyone had a tracing devise implanted under their skin, we could track everyone. Problem solved.

  • Chair

    Maybe they got their goodies and moved on to the next country to get a new set of goodies. Just a thought. I have no idea what they get once they contact the local government. Is there a link anyone can refer me to enlighten my ignorance of the migrant process?

  • That number, 14k, is just around a small division size militarily speaking……

    and we’ve had how many times that number come in to the States…..what could possibly go wrong by letting even more in….. rhetorical question of course, because time will tell.

  • ZeitTrash

    It’s astounding how nutless and passive Europeans are. Sure, America has issues but the way Europeans just lay down and take it, the wholesale destruction of their countries, their culture, and their own families must be some kind of new low in world history.

  • Patty

    57 Workers at Paris Airport are on Terror Watch List


    Learning about this in the aftermath of the terror attacks that took
    place earlier this month is pretty scary, but at least they caught the
    problem before anything could happen.

    How did these 57 workers slide by in the first place, though?

    Makes you wonder what’s going on in airports in America, doesn’t it?


  • Patty

    Angry Truck Driver vs Migrants at Calais (Eng subtitles)

    Watch and Get a Glimpse of What Our Leftist Politicians Want To Have Happen Here


    Here’s another trucker in Austria filming marauding mobs of migrants hijacking trucks and stealing the contents.
    more at

  • Tomas Cruz

    Obama likes to say, those “women and orphans” had places to go and people to see. They met with tailors for new masks, bomb makers for bomb vests, armorers for weapons and directions to their targets.

  • Tomas Cruz

    Obama likes to say, those “women and orphans” had places to go and people to see. They met with tailors for new masks, bomb makers for bomb vests, armorers for weapons and directions to their targets..

  • rs1123

    They are out casting absentee votes for Hillary Clinton.

  • Mangang Dlulo

    Re-kindle the ovens, and rid the world of these animals once and for all.

  • Mangang Dlulo

    Re-kindle the ovens, and rid the world of these animals once and for all.

  • Benny Franklin

    I hope we the people help them to start mysteriously disappearing in the US too. Our gov.t will not help us, but will help them to kill us. So if we have any self preservation instincts left. Our masses should get real and work harder at saving our country.

  • JoeKirkup


  • StandProudNow

    Mums!! Haven’t had surströmming for some time, and withdrawal is FIERCE!! Mmmmmm…. surströmming, tunnbrod, potatos, lok och en iskall nubbe!!

  • vink


  • dwstick

    Sweden also has one of the highest rates of rape in the world, second only to South Africa I believe. And the vast majority of the rapes are committed by Muslim ‘refugees’ lured to the country by its ‘come one, come all’ immigration policy. In the Muslim religion, it is expected for men to rape ‘infidel’ women.
    One out of every four Swedish women can expect to be raped sometime in their life if nothing is done to address the problem.
    I sure hope that’s not what Sanders wants for this country when he says we should be more like Sweden!

  • boink

    Let’s hope they all went swimming.

  • JerryFrey

    Behind Sweden’s warm welcome for refugees, a backlash is brewing

    “Freedom of religion does not mean that you are allowed to have mosques and a very aggressive form of Islam where you shout out your prayers,” said [22-year-old Dennis] Dioukarev, who is the youngest member of the Swedish parliament. “When people say that one culture can live side by side with another, it’s a lie.”


  • emersonushc13

    Where can that many mothers and cute children rush off to?

  • rob bennett

    Wonder if Sweden would share their secret with us.

  • rob bennett

    Do they get a deal on shipping rates?

  • Libtards Lie


  • TruthHurts

    Beam me up Scottie?

  • John

    14,000 migrants disappear? Well on the bright side Sweden can now take 14,000 MORE!

  • ThomasCollins1

    “14,000 Illegal Immigrants in Sweden DISAPPEAR WITHOUT A TRACE”

    Finally, a story with a happy ending.

  • Elmer

    Unfortunately when it comes to immigration everyone has an opinion and most of the time nothing good comes out of it unfortunately a lot of good people to come from other countries you didn’t deserve to be treated the way they are god bless you all black white Spanish Muslims Jewish no matter who you are where you come from

  • MudFlapShoes

    allah ,peanut butter sandwiches!!!!!


    this trick never works.

  • MudFlapShoes

    no thanks.

    but by 2030 this is what the UN has decided would be best for all of us.

    i read that in another story a few weeks back about terrorists, i mean illegal immigrants gone missin’

    hey, do you work for the UN?

  • Darkheart11

    First, drive herd, pack or whatever you call a bunch of pigs, head first into the next column of fake refugee swine.

    Then drive those pigs up and down the streets and watch the fake refugees RUN ahead of them.

  • Darkheart11


    But is is funny so speculate.

  • Darkheart11

    Better still that the local WOMEN there LOVE it and use it regularly.

  • squawneye

    That;s the idea, and when the word gets out….

  • JacksonPearson

    Yep, a sword followed by convert to Islam or else.

  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    Let’s just hope the missing 14,000 Muzzies fell into an active volcano. Otherwise, we better check the White House basement for them.

  • cadgbd

    doesn’t the government worry about a military coup? it don’t make sense

  • StalkingHorse

    They’ll fight for their own country – the Caliphate of al Eurabia.

  • StalkingHorse


  • StalkingHorse

    Trump’s ego is attached to actually building concrete things, from hotels and casinos and a wildly successful television show to a multi-billion dollar business empire. Obama’s giant ego is attached to nothing of substance – he’s built nothing but a realm of lies and deceit. The tragic (and astounding) thing is that he was ever elected… twice.

  • StalkingHorse

    Time for a gofundme for a white nation. Maybe Canada would sell us the Yukon; otherwise let’s try for Venezuela – they need the cash.

  • Charles Corso

    No. I just think it would be a great idea to implant every single person on the planet at birth. If you have nothing to hide it shouldn’t matter, they’re not tracking you.

  • ZZZzzzz

    14,000 missing?? Un. Freaken. Believable. Meanwhile, Bernie is getting an operation for a herniated brain. It shows.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Common sense says they are criminals but sadly they are only civil violators as a matter of law.

    Ask LAWMAKERS why it is that being here illegally is only a violation of civil law rather than a violation of criminal law. Make them own that pathetic failure.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Yup. It’s their set up to divide, their wedge to drive between Citizens.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Americans will not die in droves to liberate them again.

  • Mike in Illinois

    It’s their own choice to listen. They could try thinking for themselves.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Have there been any recent Obama Bus sightings?

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    I would have no problem running them over if they block my path! Or try and hop on my rig to jack me! I drove 18 wheelers right out of college. I know how to handle a big rig, and criminals! This video is insane! And Obama wants to bring them here. MY God!

  • glenn47

    If things are so bad at home, Why leave your women and children there? They are arriving with nice clothes, shoes and cell phones, not bad coming from country where people make a few hundred a year. The cost for transport over the water is around $1500 each, when arriving in Austria, they were paying for train tickets with $500 bills.
    Hungary accused Soros of paying for is invasion and he admitted it.
    The lies the media tells us endless, like the little boy that drowned from supposedly escaping, when actually, his family had been living in a safe part of Turkey for three years and dad was working as well as being a coyote. They were going North so the dad could get his teeth fixed for free.
    They have found only one in four are actually from Syria.
    And this is what they want to bring here.
    So far the have brought over zero Christians and the nine Christians they have had here for several months were deported.

  • glenn47

    And those same law breakers are now taking over small areas and running them.
    None should be citizens and no one should be able to jump the line. To become a true citizen legally, it takes several years.

  • glenn47

    We should,never be made to take in one invader until the rich Arab nations have taken some in. So far zero.
    Saudia Arbia has 100,000 24×24 AC tents all sitting there empty.

  • PharmDoc61

    Criminal aliens and should be treated as such.

  • MudFlapShoes

    who would own the chip in your body?

    you’ll be tracked.

    not only that, the chip will monitor your health and inform big brother of your daily alcohol or sugar/sodium intake and fine you accordingly.

    that and so much more.

    you will have things to hide that you used to assume were your personal freedoms.

    no thanks.

  • phreeman
  • 0ldgrunt
  • bridgetthebeautiful

    What about Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland?

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    Yes, just saying most of what they learned of diversity and multiculturalism came from the USA.

  • Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t part of the Boer War in the 1890s hinge on the fact that the British wanted slavery to end, but the Boers wanted it to continue.

    In time this provided the foundation for apartheid. Well, that odious legacy is still around, and days for Whites in South Africa aren’t as good as in the past. Mind you, given how things are, the only ones who have a better present than past are those with connections to the government. Not unlike the nomenclatura of the Moscow Politburo.

  • Mike in Illinois

    EUroweenies have been playin that game for far longer than the USA has been around so ya kinda have to ummm have that a wee bit backward. They just keep doing the same thing over and over with the notion that one of these times it will turn out different.

    This mindless invasion is but one example, gun control is another. Now, the two get to mix – and this time without Americans being willing to come fix it for them.

  • bridgetthebeautiful

    Actually, we wouldn’t be able to fix it for them. The most important thing in Weimerica is diversity. Wouldn’t be able to go back on our “greatest strength” and be hypocritical about Europe’s diversity.

  • Charles Corso

    The government or the corporation who built the chip owns it, you rent it for a small mandatory fee. So what are you hiding? Are you a terrorist?

  • MudFlapShoes

    okay chuck, you dumb sonofabitch.

    did you read the rest of what i wrote?

    why don’t you use the powers vested in you by the FBI or what ever intelligence group you serve to tell me, if i am a terrorist.

    address the rest of my reply please……

    you know chuck, i’ve read in your posts that you believe you were created by god.

    what god is that?

    and does this god know that you want to bow to this new god that has the same ability to monitor everything about you?

    not just where you are at.

  • Charles Corso

    You shouldn’t drink alcohol, anyway. And too much sugar will make you fat and the government will have to pay for your unproductivity and disease care. You don’t want to know how unhealthily you are treating you body? If you won’t make responsible decisions, someone else should. This is called progress and evolution, get out of the way!

  • Charles Corso

    God wants us to evolve into him.

  • MudFlapShoes

    that’s a beautiful concept , chuck.

    but one has emerged that will contest that vision of yours.

    you see, your god has been absent ,to put it nicely, thus giving a clear path for the real god.

    big government.

  • MudFlapShoes

    you are the enemy, chuck.

  • Charles Corso

    You can’t “opt-out”, dude! We will get that chip in you one way or another.

  • MudFlapShoes

    you won’t.

    i will be as they say in religious circles a martyr.

  • StalkingHorse

    I’ll take them! Time for that fishing boat I’ve always wanted!