SIXTH SYRIAN with Fake Passport Captured in Honduras on Way to US

Five Syrians with stolen Greek passports tried to enter the United States from Honduras.
five syrians honduras
The passports had been doctored to replace the photographs with those of the Syrians.

The Syrian men were held in Honduras after their arrival from Costa Rica. The men had traveled by air from Syria to Lebanon, then to Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and on to Honduras.

Now this…
A sixth Syrian man with a similar bogus passport was arrested in Honduras on Friday.
Reuters mentioned the sixth man’s arrest at the end of today’s video.

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  • keystonepipe

    Obama outsourcing security of the USA

  • Cowardly Lion

    Who feels safe in America under Obama? If you do, you are delusional. I’m starting to think the illegal aliens being allowed to flood through is just to mask these guys getting through as well.

  • 0hiojoe

    Why did these men go to all of the trouble of trying to sneak in when obungle will just accept them with open arms?


    We can all see where this is going … I pray the lives lost will be minimal. The mistake of 08 has dragged this country through a multitude of BLATANT LIES AND DECEPTION to the point of no return. RUSH LIMBAUGH is correct “OBAMA IS AN EXTREME DANGER TO AMERICA.” The worst president in this country’s history without question.

    President Trump sounds good to me.

  • Lorenzo A Vina

    Multiculturalism: Cultural enrichment through national suicide.
    Diversity: Failure to assimilate.
    Progressivism: Progress through insanity.
    Tolerance: Welcoming your enemies with open arms and unlimited welfare.
    Political correctness: Convincing fools of their righteousness through the absurd abuse of our language.
    Liberalism: The philosophy of self-loathing snivelling brats.

  • TAG

    If you have children or relatives in the US then you have skin in the game to protect them.

    There is a NumbersUSA(DOT)com action item to urge your (s)elected “officials” to send a bill (to halt this invasion) to Obama where he has claimed he will veto it.

    We need to make sure he does so there is a very public record of blood on his hands.

  • JRjr

    Most people don’t know what that index finger in the air means.

  • PiperScott1949

    With six you get egg roll…

  • 1911

    Hope and Change.

    Never remember O saying it was change for the better…

  • robert corbett

    How Pathetic has our US line of defense against illegal Syrians potential terrorists become?. The Hondurans are now doing a much better job of border control than Obama. I am ashamed how far we have fallen as a nation under this worthless excuse for a US president.

  • okie71

    half way to the free set of steak knives!

  • nodhimmi

    Look ma, all men! Muslim “refugee” men! blow it out your rear end King O!

  • The Redhawk

    I wonder if these are the “TOURISTS” that Obama describes as being No worse that TERRORISTS?? But then the more the Idiot Talk the more he acts like the Very same Radicalized Jihadist Terrorists as he was rdaicalized by his “father” Davis and jeremiah… It takes one to know the OTHERS

  • and all angry looking young men

  • SlothB77

    Just widows and orphans. Nothing to be afraid of.

  • Des Truth Teller

    Barack HUSSEIN Obama is intentionally seeding our country with Muslims and countless criminals, felons, gangs and TERRORISTS that he is treasonous lay allowing to flood in via the lethally and wildly out of control Mexican border!

    This will not end well!

  • iamsaved2

    We need more refugees! Especially Muslims.

  • Des Truth Teller

    This IS what’s happening!!!

  • patriotusa2

    Proof positive that ISIS is coming over with the “refugees,” exactly as they told us they would do. Chances are that many of them came over with South/Central America along with the Mexican crowd, complements of liberals. The two hundred or more thousand that Obama intends to let into this country will be more than enough to turn American into Israel.

  • Dr. Emil Schaffhausen III

    Resident Obama’s “Very Rigorous” Syrian Refugee Entrance Form

  • squire haggard

    All that wasted effort in getting false passports when all they needed was a sombrero and they could have strolled across the southern border….

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And that’s them showing their good side!

  • ordinary american

    And, we cannot expect the Rat Bastard RINO’s in both the Senate and House to lift one finger to stop this evil administration. I stand corrected…These Rat RINO’s will lift one finger at the rest of america….the middle finger.

  • mensa141

    Thank you Obama.

  • Auggydog

    Hussein needs to be impeached ASAP for failure to protect Americans,

  • Tomas Cruz

    Send them all to Connecticut, liberals love refugees. I’m sure they’ll be vetted as well as those train loads of orphans from Central America who turned to be box cars full of MS 13 gang members who are now terrorizing Americans from coast to coast. Luckily for Obama, the media ignores their rapes of children, girls and murders to give him cover…

  • Guest

    This is what the majority of American voters wanted…twice.

  • Lori Hasselback

    Not really. The majority of Americans either voted for somebody other than Obama or didn’t vote at all. The latter is the problem but understandable considering the other options in 2008 and 2012.

  • Mommyofthreeboys

    The Obama administration just said these guys were not linked to ISIS or terror. The men said “just refugees” when asked in Honduras. Who the heck believes that???? How did they get that kind of money to fly from syria to turkey to brazil, to argentina, to costa rica, and then to Honduras?? That is thousands of dollars!! Then they said the 8 caught on US border turned themselves in… it was a family with 4 kids. I am not believing that for a minute. This govt LIES to help their stupid narratives of LIES. I believe the US border patrol agent who spoke anonymously about it.

  • JJ

    All these Muslim rats have to do is ask their ally and protector in the White House for a passport and he will gladly oblige. Damn all you stupid Americans who voted twice for this incompetent thug. I could care less about you morons and you deserve what you get. But the sane Americans who voted against the thug do not deserve this.

  • Fulcrum

    This is all textbook Cloward-Piven strategy. It is purposeful.

  • jimmyk520000

    Went though all the various countries and little Honduras has better security then the United States and the rest of those major countries. Thank you.

  • Mark

    I wonder how many they could find at CAIR offices?

  • FreeMaine

    After obama lets these terrorists in, he wants us to feed, house and give them healthcare as well!…WTF!

  • Mark

    The Kenyan Kandidate has turned out an unmitigated disaster with the MSM’s pimping. This clown and half the Democrat politicians in office would be toast if these scumbags turned an unbiased eye on them.

  • ObviousTruths

    There are some of those 3 year old orphans Ovomit was talking about.

  • Mark

    I am told they even dispense with this and just ask “promise?” Then they give out a Democrat voter registration.

  • Mark

    And a Jihadi Chemistry Set with Clock!

  • Tommy Tunez

    End the madness. Trump for President. Hillary for Prisoner. Sanders for Dog Catcher.

  • Tommy Tunez

    End the madness. Trump for President. Hillary for Prisoner. Sanders for Dog Catcher.

  • Jack Ristoven

    Come on! It’s only six people. What could six out of a hundred thousand do? You’re just all mad because the media gave hard questions at the Republican debate. No story here. Please pay attention the the real tragedy which is the marginalization of disempowered minorities at the U of Missouri.

  • Jack Ristoven

    These must be the orphans Obama was blathering about.

  • nodhimmi

    if they were not caught, the first thing they would have done was 1.get drunk2. find any infidel woman3.rape her.. 3.wait for instructions4.act accordingly

  • nodhimmi

    I didn’t think these dudes HAD a good side!

  • oracle2world

    There are a few bumps in the road, but Muslims must think they are winning the race.

  • Julian Fries

    TERRORISM is politically correct code for “Jihad”

  • waltc4

    “America for Americans!” The politician who adopts that slogan or one like it will be the next president.

  • tdrag

    Looks like THE DONALD was right!!!!

  • tdrag

    Christmas is coming, stay out of the malls.

  • LouAnnWatson

    don’t forget the appointment with the government immigration lawyer to set them up with full benefits

  • LouAnnWatson

    wow, fear? and that is your advice? slow our economy down? do exactly what the terrorists want, change your behavior? fool

  • tdrag

    But,but, that would be rayciss!

  • tdrag

    It’s going to take someone braver than them.

  • Mark

    How could I forget that! How about cab fare to CAIR?

  • Sameasit Everwas

    Wonder how many are getting thru?

  • Well, isn’t this just bloody fine and dandy.

  • Rico Warner

    Have been through the Honduras – Costa Rica crossing a couple times 19 years ago doubt has changed much.

    The Honduras side is an open-air collection of five or six “windows” you stop at and pay your bribe to get to the next window. They *close* at 5pm and so does Costa Rica. That means you can *leave* one country but not be permitted to *enter* the other as it closed…and must spend night in no-man’s zone with several dozen others and no facilities…is outdoors on the dirt.

    Anyway, moral of the story is if they caught six it probably means six hundred got through. No computers, no InterPol. And money talks big! These guys did not bring enough cash is why they got caught! It got reported so in the future Syrians will know they need to bring more. My opinion.

    Having said all that, kudos to them for catching them…maybe they have changed and are on it these days? Would like to believe that.

  • Finncrisp

    Were they “orphans” looking for Mommy? Probably more investigation is needed…

  • Earl Turner

    It’s a good excuse to buy local.

  • Russ

    well well…. this sums it up

  • Bitter Clinger

    Anyone agree it’s time to stop calling Islam a “religion”?

  • Dr. Emil Schaffhausen III

    Moochelle should donate a few of her dresses to the refugees so they can use them to erect a giant tent city.

  • JWood-the-other

    It must be tough being a Syrian on vacation traveling on a stolen Greek passport. I suppose Disney World will have to wait for another time.

  • JWood-the-other

    Get this! The Hondurans are doing a better job protecting our borders than we are.

  • wabbott

    Two thoughts:

    1) These don’t look like “widows and orphans”. You know, the ones that the President chided Republicans for wanting to keep out.

    2) They say it takes 18-24 months to “vet” a proposed Syrian refuge. That sounds like millions of dollars spent. The question: why? Why should the tax dollars of hard-working Americans be spent for this? Have they not noticed that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE are much closer and share their faith?

  • Bob K

    as you know, they are NOT a religion. At least not in the classical sense. Islam is a political system that uses religion as a guise for world domination and submission. Muhammad is a murdering pedophile who married a six year old girl and is attributed to at least 800 beheading’s by his hands. Enough already with this religion of peace crap.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Of course. Yet Muslims are granted First Amendment protections that enable them to exploit our system to attack us within.

    Isn’t it time that changed?

  • Shocked_and_Amazed8591

    And how many got thru? They hold up six on stolen passports that Interpol was following and say, “We have this under control.” Does anyone believe this tripe? You never know what you don’t know until it bashes your head in. Just ask the french

  • DreadFool

    are you Syriass?

  • Shocked_and_Amazed8591

    Trump / Cruz 2016
    but then Trump / Carson isn’t bad either

  • War_Machine2

    They’re coming and our wonderful leftist government is doing very little to stop them. God bless America!

  • Bob K

    understood, and share your sentiment. Only thing I know to do right now is be prepared at a personal level. Be prepared for anything. Unfortunately, having ammo on hand is more important now than anytime in our recent history.

  • signtalker

    very scary, The thing I first noticed about the Syrian refugees walking across Europe was the strange demographic. Lots of young men of military age.

  • Bob K

    all those twenty something orphans, how heart breaking.

  • whynoborders

    Per organizer in chief, children until 26, at least for obamacare.

  • whynoborders

    Invest in precious metals: Pb and FMJ.

  • rpu28

    Was at the Tegucigalpa airport yesterday – the place was crawling with Interpol agents. Honduras certainly helped – it’s not the murderous hellhole people think – but someone knew the Syrians were coming. BTW, Honduras airport security is considerably more extensive than that of the TSA.

  • signtalker

    Men make up 72% of the refugees fleeing the Middle East

  • whynoborders

    As a note Mexico is one of the countries that has agreed to ‘resettle’ Syrians. It is time to be afraid, very afraid.

  • Stand Up

    A whole lot of widows and orphans there in those pictures 0bama.

  • whynoborders

    Have seen percentages as high as 77%, but a very ugly situation either way.

  • Jerry Chandler

    NEWS FLASH…………………………………………………………………………………..
    The state of Hawaii announced that the Greek passports issued to the Syrian terrorists are legitimate; however, due to privacy concerns they will not release additional data.

  • T.W.

    No more immigrants!

  • mikextx

    You may be correct on that,this is getting really serious,and this so called president is not taking this serious at all.

  • dave0987

    I’ve said it multiple times but it bears repeating: Obama and the Commiecrat party are in a race to the finish (of America) to see which group-Hispanics or Muslims, can overrun us first.

  • sstrek

    What a coincidence, they’re all of military age too…

  • BigIronRam

    Of course you’ve seen how many TSA have stopped? Me neither…

  • xiphos

    The best analogy I’ve read regarding the Syrians coming into the U.S.
    Here’s 10,000 gumballs, ony 10 of them are poison.
    Who wants a handfull?

  • JWood-the-other

    I’ve been through Toncontin many times over the last 40 years. They truly are very attentive when leaving but it’s mostly to make sure Hondurans that are delinquent on their taxes don’t get past. How did you like that approach over the hills to the runway? Pretty wild or what? Before they tore down the hill right at the approach end of the runway and lengthened the other end it was really dangerous. I watched C-130s take several passes before they felt comfortable to try a full stop back in the 70s.

  • dave

    Obama called the massacre at Fort Hood,TX “workplace violence”,so,Mr. president,what would you call the 9/11 horrific event,”pilot error”?

  • dave

    …if only Obama has the same enthusiasm for our homeless/disable vets.

  • Dolph C. Volker

    Please Congress override any VETO from Obama of letting any more terrorists into the USA. Close our borders like the rest of the sane nations that realize WWIII is at their doorsteps.

  • rpu28

    40+ landings there and it’s still an adventure. BTW, Rick Perry used to fly the Hercules into TGU.

  • Blutski

    God bless Vlad Putin. Obama is his female dog. All of a sudden we are bombing oil trucks just as Trump has been calling for. Obama has been exposed as a lying muslim collaberator. He’s been embarassed into doing some “real” bombing over there His cabinet is turning on him and congress has grown some nuts. Obama and Kerry and America are hated in Europe and Putin is the toast of gay Paree.

  • SF_10th_Grp

    I just checked for flights from Istanbul Turkey to Rio de Janiero to San Jose Costa Rica, to Tegucigalpa Honduras for 6 guys. Cost is $35,000. Now add another $5,000 for the flights from Syria to Beruit to Istanbul. Where are these ‘refugees’ getting $40,000 for air fare? Whose is paying for their meals & hotels?

    These are military aged men not widows & orphans. Can you say ISIS? Who are the stupid ones?

  • Ken

    There MUST be better control and screening. The interview process should contain a tough challenge part where questions are asked in sly and tricky ways to get these people to reveal thoughts and feelings. There would be remote cameras to record facial movement and remote sensors to detect sweat or more rapid breathing in response to questions. for increase in respiration.
    Off hand remarks can be made during the review to get a candid response. Ex. a person claims to be a Christian. Simple question, ‘you must be happy to have a chance to enjoy Christmas, Easter, the ability to worship at any church without fear?’ If true, the person should respond in a positive way. If the sensors pick up fear, deceit, etc the person would NOT be admitted immediately and subject to detention pending review.
    What about asking a question their willingness to be chipped and tagged with GPS trackers?
    These people should be HAPPY to agree to tough rules and conditions if it gets they get into the U.S.

  • YarplyTwelve

    Oh come on give them a break, they are just wanting to come here to visit their favorite Mullah. Mullah Barack Insane Obama. Killing Christians and bombing innocent people is all secondary.

  • Armour

    Since 0 b a ma has mentioned often he gets his information about what is happening in the world from the news like the rest of us… here’s a little something for you to read:
    “Paris (AFP) – Some of the suspects in the Paris attacks took advantage of Europe’s migrant crisis to “slip in” unnoticed, the French premier said Thursday”

  • melvin splash

    really really good!!!

  • gman

    more guests for the white house.

  • Wild_Bird

    Progressives/liberals/socialists/Marxists/DemocRats are like maggots, feasting on the carcass of the American republic.

  • Blutski

    LMFBO…. good one

  • If even ONE attack occurs from any of these foreign invaders Obama and the Democrats are forcing upon Americans, rather than protecting Americans per their Constitutional Mandate…it willbe time to remove all those who voted for this from office. A one way parachute drop into the heart of ISIS controlled territory, completely unarmed is FAIR GAME. GO AHEAD DEMOCRATS, YOU ARE RUINED…MAKE WE THE PEOPLES MILLENIUM YOU D’BAGS…GAME OVER.

  • Buster000

    Why are they being described as Syrians when they look anything but?

  • Buster000

    This all started with the mistake of 9/11 in 2001 not 2008. It’s only gonna get worse from here no matter which party politician you vote for, even Trump. If people really want this this madness to stop then they need to find real patriots and put them in office. I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen though.

  • JWood-the-other

    I used to meet the MilGroup monthly commissary run from the Canal Zone back in the 70s ,way before the new terminal was built. In those days you could just walk on to the ramp and hang around. One time the 737 from Belize over ran the runway when a thrust reverser failed to deploy. Only injury was the US Ambassador who was pushed off the wing by his body guard and broke his wrist. That night a couple of us went to the plane and the soldier guarding it let us go into the baggage compartment to retrieve 6 gallon jars of live oysters that a friend had ordered from Miami for his restaurant.

  • Nick11766

    It never ends. The refugees will eventually attack the US which is yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights by endless immigrants, banning books like “America Deceived III” and banning guns.
    Both parties are lawless.
    Last link of “America Deceived III” before it is completely banned:

    We need Trump.

  • Bill Bradbury

    The only thing TSA can stop is a kid going home with a mechanical arm toy from Disney World that they thought looked like a gun so they confiscated it and threw it away. Whew, close call, TSA saved us from Mickey Mouse’s Toy Factory! I feel so much safer now.

  • I love the music of System of a Down, they have predicted social movements as music writers and sci-fi always do but the mainstream media never catches on for some reason…. the song byob is a good example. Check out

  • Wow… here comes the backlash I warned about a year ago….

  • Learn about the US decline on…